Cake Table decorations for Wedding Reception

Cake Table decorations for Wedding Reception

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in every one’s life. So you would definitely want it to be very special. Perfection is exactly what you would desire, on your wedding.

An integral part of this occasion is the decoration of the cake table. You must have always wanted to have a very uniquely and beautifully decorated cake table on your most special day. So while getting the table decorated, one of the most important aspects that should be kept in mind is that, the decoration of the table should highlight the cake and never overpowers it.

On your wedding the cake becomes the center of focus. So naturally, you ought to have it decorated well. If your wedding observes any special theme, then it is advisable to deck your cake table accordingly, maintaining the theme. You can choose to decorate your cake table using a single décor or combine new innovations, this can range from simple to extensive ornamentation.

Floral Decoration

This is one of the most popular style of decoration used and preferred in most of the weddings. The cake is decorated with fresh flowers, if you wish the cake table can also be decked with flowers, keeping up the same tone. This will not only give your cake table an elegant look, but with the use of exotic flowers this will also enhance the grace of it.

Usage of affordable floral jewelry in decking the cake table

Another very innovative way, to make your cake table look very gorgeous is by using floral jewelries on it. The usage of these affordable crystal jewelries will make your table look very different and also extremely attractive. The usage of such jewelries can also be applied on your cakes to make it charismatic.

Innovating with candles and modern lights

It is a very gorgeous way to decorate your cake table, especially if it is an evening wedding. You can put candles all around the table in various decorative forms like, using floating candles or florist style candles. Lights can also be put to use to decorate the sides of your table making it a special attraction during the evening.

Putting tulles into use

You can use tulle for decoration; the most attractive way in which you can use is by hanging it from the ceiling and draping it around the table. The tulle can be used in different colors, to make the decoration look colorful.

Using beads and flower garlands

The usage of beads in decorating your cake and cake table will make it look extraordinary. Appling the flower garland around your table will actually add to the beauty of the already decorated cake.

Decking with fountain

Usage of fountains has gained popularity in recent years. You can include a small fountain while decorating your table or even your cake. Along with this if there is an addition of exotic flowers and light in the décor, it will look beautiful.

With the decoration of the cake table you should also have a well decorated backdrop. This will add charm to your beautifully decked cake table.

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