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12 Month Checklist for the Bride and Groom

wedding planning TimelineYou’ve probably heard the recommendation to start planning your wedding at least a year out, and if you haven’t gone through the process before, you might be wondering if that isn’t a bit much. What if you just want a simple affair? Even so, there are things you need to look at 12 months in advance – if only so you don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks as the big day draws near. Here is a basic guide to what you need to do on the countdown to your wedding day.

10-12 months before:

  • Create the guest list and choose who will be in your wedding party
  • Set a budget for your wedding
  • Pick the date
  • Hire a wedding planner if desired
  • Visit and book your ceremony & reception site(s)

6-9 months before:

  • Send out your save-the-date announcements
  • Shop for your wedding dress, veil and accessories
  • Select a florist
  • Select a caterer
  • Book your wedding photographer and videographer
  • Select a band or DJ
  • Choose your wedding officiant
  • Start a fitness regime to get in shape for the wedding

4-5 months before:

  • Shop for the wedding rings
  • Start tasting cakes and looking at cake pictures
  • Set up your wedding registry
  • Set dates for the bachelorette and stag parties
  • Set a date for the bridal shower
  • Notify family and friends who you would like to participate in your wedding
  • Reserve rental equipment such as chair covers, table linens etc. if applicable
  • Make sure the bridesmaids have chosen their gowns and accessories
  • Look for the groom’s tux

2-3 months before:

  • Finalize the guest list
  • Order the wedding favours
  • Consider dance classes
  • Prepare for the honeymoon
  • Select your music for the ceremony and reception, and go over it with the musicians
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner plans
  • Mail the invitations

1-2 months before:

  • Have your first wedding dress fitting
  • Finalize the ceremony: readings, songs, meet with officiant to discuss the wedding formations
  • Write your vows if necessary
  • Research getting your marriage license, changing your name etc.
  • Begin whitening your teeth for all the photos that will be taken

3-4 weeks before:

  • Choose your jewellery
  • Prepare a list of must-have shots for the photographer
  • Finalize your music playlist with the musicians/DJ
  • Practice your wedding dance in your bridal shoes
  • Meet with your stylist for a test run of your bridal hair and makeup

1-2 weeks before:

  • Finalize your wedding day schedule and share it with all attendants and vendors
  • Confirm beauty appointments
  • Confirm timing for pick-ups with your wedding transportation (limo, car service)
  • Pick up wedding dress, tuxedo, and all accessories for both of you
  • Confirm the final head count with your vendors
  • Pack for the wedding night and the honeymoon
  • Prepare place cards
  • Assign helpers to collect & save your wedding and reception accessories such as the ring pillow, guest books, and marriage license
  • Get your hair coloured and trimmed

The day before:

  • Hand out checklists to make sure everyone knows what they are doing
  • Get a manicure, pedicure and massage
  • Rehearse the wedding with the officiant and wedding party
  • Assign someone to set up the tables with your bonbonniere and lay out the guest book

The wedding day:

  • Try to eat breakfast despite your nerves – you need your strength
  • Don’t be tempted to start drinking or taking pills to relax, you don’t want to overdo it
  • Enjoy your wedding!!!

After the wedding you will have to get your dress cleaned and preserved if you are planning to keep it; you can also donate the dress to a charity like The Brides Project. There will be thank-you cards to mail, names to change (potentially) and wedding albums to finalize…but all of that can wait till after the honeymoon. Enjoy this time together!



Jazz it up with a Red and Black Wedding Theme

Wedding decor Brampton (1)

This season the hottest theme for wedding is none other than sizzling red and black wedding color combo. The elegance and beauty of the whole show will be remembered by every guest for a long time. It just makes everything fall in place if you have planned an evening party. Look glamorous and add a glitz to your wedding venue with ravishing red and glamorous black combination.

Earlier back was considered as the color of sadness and was also regarded as inauspicious. It was not to be worn or used in any happy occasion. But these days with changing fashion and changing mindset of people black is an in thing when it comes to wedding decoration. The new concept that many have started picking up is that black enhances the beauty of an occasion.

We understand that you want your wedding to be nothing less than perfect. Therefore, our decorations will offer you just the perfect combination of sophistication and romance you desire. The effect created by red and black will turn your wedding venue into the most stunning and beautiful place on earth.

Wedding decor MississaugaWedding decor Toronto

Wedding Decoration

Turn your wedding venue into a modern and stylish area. Red compliments back in a way you could never think of. In a glass bowl sprinkle red rose petals, place a few white floating candles in the bowl, and hang black streamers and laces along the bowl. Use the magic of red and back by using the colors as backdrop decoration. How ‘bout black chair covers with red bows? Wedding cakes are equally important as any other elements of the day. Therefore an extra care must be taken to decorate the cake table. Black laces, red drapes, and white candles would create the boldest look on your wedding.

Wedding dress

When it comes to wedding gowns, the brides have mostly stuck to whites, while the groom have often chosen a black suit. This time, when you have taken a bold step to decorate the venue in red and black, go for a red wedding gown, with a black stiletto. Accessorize in black pearl necklace and hair pieces. The bride had never looked so ravishing before. To intensify the wedding theme, get a black tuxedo for your partner. The bridesmaids should be dressed up in a little subdued manner hence white, off-white or cream-white gowns with red and black laces and accessories are just ideal for them.

Wedding flower

Wedding is never complete without fresh flowers. It is the most integral part of the entire ceremony. Starting from venue decoration, to cake and bridal bouquet, flowers add an extra magnificence to the whole affair. When your wedding theme is red and black go it is ideal to stick to the traditional red roses. Combine black iris or black tulips with blood red roses for the bride’s bouquet. For table decorations yellow, orange and red gerberas can be placed on a glass vase.

Invitation cards

Have you considered personalized invitation card for your wedding rather than settling down for those clichéd ones available in the market? Speak to your wedding decorator for a personalized wedding invitation card reflecting a black and red theme. You may use lighter shades of yellow, or pink as a perfect contrast with red and black. Red artificial flowers tied into a bunch in black satin laces can be used to invite your special guests. A gift box wrapped in black velvet and red sequence can act as a pleasant surprise to your guests. Fill it with some goodies and a personalized note. It can be used as a welcome gift to all your guests to the venue.


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Hire A Decorator That Gives Your Wedding A Flawless Feel

Hire A Decorator That Gives Your Wedding A Flawless Feel

Brampton Wedding decorations

Weddings are special for every couple and to make the day most cherishing day of their life, couples leave no stone unturned. Even the families make every possible arrangement to make the event grand. Girls dream of their wedding day since childhood and plan to wear something indeed exotic on their D-day. However, with time, couples and families are experimenting with the décor and clothes of the bride-groom. From candid photographers to best in class decorators are hired to make the wedding day a memorable day.

However, now days, brides are anxious about selecting the perfect dresses for their weddings. Since there is a huge change seen in wedding decoration styles across globe so brides pick the dresses that match up with the décor. It is highly important since the idea to look perfect and center of attraction on the D day requires everything on track. Most people would jump to the wedding just to see the attire of the bride. So, brides have to be dressed in a way that they look unique, charming, and different.

Toronto Wedding Decorations

There are pool of wedding decorators and service providers in the market claiming to offer perfect decorations for the D day. However, picking the best remains a challenge with the families. Mostly, every decorator emphasize on incorporating some of the elements in the weddings-

  • Exotic Wedding flowers
  • Table center pieces
  • Lavish Wedding cake
  • Table linen comprising of napkins and rings
  • Chair covers and sashes
  • Place names and Table nos.Mississauga wedding-decorations

The services you wish to take and the extent of wedding decoration depends solely on your budget. Tight budgets would result in some restrictions but you can always go for good decorations in it as well. However, spending huge amount of money on decorations is also not wise decision till you find best decorator for your wedding.

Now days, couples are being more aware and anxious about the wedding decorations. Also, they make it a point that the decoration comprising of themes doesn’t look so loud that the bridal wear doesn’t match with it. Mostly decorators advise of themes like unique, personal and memorable. However, before deciding anything about the decoration, picking up a subtle and unique color scheme is highly crucial. It should be able to complement with whatever type of wedding you are planning such as a winter wonderland theme, a vintage style reception, beach wedding, or pink polka scheme.

How To Save Money on your Wedding ?

How To Save Money on your Wedding ?

Wedding decorators  Toronto

As with everything else in life, the cost of a wedding has risen over the years, and weddings will now run you about $22,000, and that’s just the average. Your tab will likely be higher if you’re hosting the event in a more expensive region city.

No need to panic though, This doesn’t mean you need to head for City Hall. Sure, we all have friends who’ve thrown lavish receptions, hiking up the average with full orchestras, scads of peonies (out of season), and gift bags. But what do you remember about those weddings, the best man’s speech or the flowers?

The fact is, you can spend as much or as little as you want — the idea is to create a memorable occasion that will carry you into a happy marriage. If a guest can go to a wedding and walk away knowing more about the bride and groom, and feel as if they’ve stepped into something very personal and learned a story about two people, that’s what makes a wedding much more unique.

Wedding decorators  Mississauga

So how do you throw an experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come, while staying within the confines of a budget?

First of all, let’s do the math. In order to stay within bounds, you have to actually set a budget. Your first priority may be flowers, but you’re off to the wrong start if you allocate money to buy them without first determining how much you can spend on the entire occasion, including engagement ring, honeymoon, and everything in between.

Once you’ve put a cap on spending, evaluate your priorities. Brides and grooms that they shouldn’t take a large portion of their budget and use it in one area. That will allow for other areas to fall short, A budgeting tool, will help you divvy up the money so all your bases are covered.  Don’t forget to create a buffer of about 10 percent of the overall budget in case you go over your planned number of guests.

Consider a destination wedding. It sounds more expensive, but it actually isn’t, especially if you choose your location carefully.

Hotels have incentive to give you a great deal, because their business is built upon guests staying there, so if you’re going to bring them 50 rooms for three nights, they’ll want to work with you. Also, many beach hotels and resorts are all-inclusive, meaning meals and drinks are included in the price of your stay. But be wary of the wedding packages offered — they may come across as a great deal, but many services are ala carte.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw your weight around. Vendors want your business, so there’s no harm in trying to strike a bargain. In fact, not negotiating is downright silly. When buying your dress, it’s always a good idea to shop around — most bridal stores can order any dress, so if you have a picture of what you want, bring it to a couple shops and compare prices.

Once you’ve decided, then offer to purchase the bridesmaid dresses from the same store — for a discounted price. By the same token, you can ask the caterer if they’ll throw in linens, or any other services not already covered, for free or at least at a discount. These little things can really start to add up fast.

Get creative. People tend to put so much emphasis on proper wedding etiquette, forgetting that this is their day. I’m definitely not suggesting you skip the thank-you cards, but it’s OK to stray from the norm in other areas.

The uncomfortable issue that surrounds people with weddings is that they are always concerned with doing the right thing. As guests, we go to these weddings, go for cocktails, sit for dinner, then get up and dance — we all become robots. If you break that formula, you’re actually providing something that is really unique, You can save big by skipping the sit down dinner in favor of an extended cocktail party with passed hors d’oeuvres, for instance.

Make some cuts. Rather than trimming the people you want at your happy occasion, think about trimming say, two courses from your five-course meal. Then get rid of the fully stocked bar and offer a signature cocktail instead. Have a fabulous cosmopolitan or vodka bar, but don’t have every single top-shelf liquor. This keeps costs down because you’ll have less open bottles, and you pay for every bottle that’s opened.

Let the experts be experts. Your job with vendors is to be upfront and firm about your budget; their job is to stay within it. Go into meetings with a clear idea of how much you can spend, and ask what they can do in that price range. If they’re good, they’ll be able to offer lots of suggestions: florists can substitute flowers that are in season, but still offer the same color scheme and feel; the bakery can create a small version of your dream cake, and then a similar sheet cake to serve; and wedding invitations can be done without the fanciest paper or designs.

You don’t need to be embarrassed about having a budget. Everyone should have one, and people will respect you more for having one.

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Green,Black & Silver Wedding Reception Decor

Green,Black & Silver Wedding Reception Decor 

Wedding decorators BramptonWedding Decorators MississaugaWedding decorators Toronto

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Dazzling Succulents – Our New Editorial in Lavish Dulhan Magazine

DAZZLING SUCCULENTS – Our New Editorial in Lavish Dulhan Magazine


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Wedding Linens

You meticulously plan for the biggest day of your life because you want it to stand out and choosing the right wedding linens is certainly a big step toward achieving that goal. Colors and fabrics should be the focus of your creative efforts. There’s nothing wrong with the standard white table linens, however you don’t want your big occasion to look like another ordinary wedding.

Stretch your creativity and style to make your wedding a colorful affair. Moreover, standard white linens usually cost the same as colored ones.

Avoid Re-Rented Linens

Typically, you’ll be provided with standard table linens as part of your wedding reception venue service. But just like most brides, this isn’t something you’ll like because re-used linens look noticeably old and your guests are sure to notice this. Keep in mind that your guests will sit within inches of the table linens, so ask yourself, “If I were a guest, would I notice?” Certainly yes, you would.

Size Considerations

If you want your tablecloths to touch the floor, the drop has to be made long (length of cloth that hangs from table edge). Traditionally, table linens touch the floor at most weddings. However, a drop that’s half way to the floor can also be used. Generally, it’s better for them to be longer than shorter.

Choosing The Right Colors

Table linen colors are diverse and may sometimes depend on the season, however, black, white, burgundy, ivory and chocolate are typically spread over the entire year. Increasingly, people are trying out different colors, especially during the summer and spring months.

The reception venue and the general color theme for your wedding will greatly influence the color of your wedding linens. Your wedding planner will suggest different ideas but they shouldn’t stray too much from the general color theme.

Have Fun And Be Creative

Just have fun brainstorming different ideas and make the project enjoyable. Remember to stay within your budget. Also, consider indoor lighting and how it can affect linen color. Color tone may change when indoor lighting is switched on.

While you may have not originally thought this to be the case, if you’ve begun the process of planning your wedding, then you already now realize that there is much to consider when it comes to your wedding linen. Stay with it and don’t give up! Once everything is put together according to plan, you’ll enjoy a deep sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in the final result.

Black & Silver Reception Setup with Green

Black & Silver Reception Setup with Green

Bride/Groom – Snita/ Sundeep

Venue – Dreams Convention Center

Decor – G.P.S. decors (

Photography –

Wedding decorators  TorontoWedding Decorators Brampton

 Reception Lounge  Setup

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Reception Setup With Orange & Emerald Green Colors

Reception Setup With Orange & Emerald Green Colors 

Bride/Groom –  Mr & Mrs. Parminder Bahra

Decor – G.P.S. decors (

Photography –

Wedding Decorators TorontoWedding Decorators MississaugaWedding Decorators Brampton

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Ladies Sangeet @ Bovaird Banquet Hall

Ladies Sangeet Decor – G.P.S. décors

Venue – Bovaird Banquet Hall

Photographer –

Wedding decorators BramptonWedding Decorators Mississauga

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Beach Themed Wedding

Beach Themed Wedding

Sun kissed beaches have the power to woe just anyone. Imagine a palm dotted background with blue waters and sand beneath your feet as you walk hand in hand with the love of your life. If you have dreamt of a wedding, with nature playing as a perfect host, then a beach themed wedding will account for a perfect wedding ceremony, with romance flowing all around you. A destination wedding can cost a bomb and the budget will force you to sieve your guest list. But, fret no more! You can bring the beach to your hometown and add the magical charm of the sun and sand, with just a little planning.

  • The invitations that you send should be a lot of fun, just like the beach itself. Narrow down on colors that resemble the sky, sand, sun and palm trees.
  • Ask your guests to dress up like they would when going to a beach. From flip flops to straw hats, let your wedding party brim with a lot of life and enjoyment.
  • Crisp white linens along with colors of the ocean, like emerald green and sea blue, will undoubtedly brighten up the wedding venue and give it a distinctive charm.
  • Everyone must have collected shells while walking along a beach. Use decorative shells to let your guests relive the happy memories that they would have collected along with the shells at a beach.
  • Cleverly use centerpieces that can be filled with sea shells and sand. Alternatively, crystal bowls filled with turquoise blue water and a scented floating candle are bound to leave guests mesmerized.
  • How about some signature drinks at the bar that one finds at the beach? Mojito, Pina Colada, Margaritas and other kind of tropical drinks will be a sure shot hit at a beach themed wedding.
  • Design a menu that reminds guests of the beach, with sea food, like sushi and shrimp, being an important part of the food served.
  • No celebration is complete without good music. Make sure the DJ plays intoxicating island music that forces guests to hit the dance floor and let themselves loose.

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