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Hire A Decorator That Gives Your Wedding A Flawless Feel

Hire A Decorator That Gives Your Wedding A Flawless Feel

Brampton Wedding decorations

Weddings are special for every couple and to make the day most cherishing day of their life, couples leave no stone unturned. Even the families make every possible arrangement to make the event grand. Girls dream of their wedding day since childhood and plan to wear something indeed exotic on their D-day. However, with time, couples and families are experimenting with the décor and clothes of the bride-groom. From candid photographers to best in class decorators are hired to make the wedding day a memorable day.

However, now days, brides are anxious about selecting the perfect dresses for their weddings. Since there is a huge change seen in wedding decoration styles across globe so brides pick the dresses that match up with the décor. It is highly important since the idea to look perfect and center of attraction on the D day requires everything on track. Most people would jump to the wedding just to see the attire of the bride. So, brides have to be dressed in a way that they look unique, charming, and different.

Toronto Wedding Decorations

There are pool of wedding decorators and service providers in the market claiming to offer perfect decorations for the D day. However, picking the best remains a challenge with the families. Mostly, every decorator emphasize on incorporating some of the elements in the weddings-

  • Exotic Wedding flowers
  • Table center pieces
  • Lavish Wedding cake
  • Table linen comprising of napkins and rings
  • Chair covers and sashes
  • Place names and Table nos.Mississauga wedding-decorations

The services you wish to take and the extent of wedding decoration depends solely on your budget. Tight budgets would result in some restrictions but you can always go for good decorations in it as well. However, spending huge amount of money on decorations is also not wise decision till you find best decorator for your wedding.

Now days, couples are being more aware and anxious about the wedding decorations. Also, they make it a point that the decoration comprising of themes doesn’t look so loud that the bridal wear doesn’t match with it. Mostly decorators advise of themes like unique, personal and memorable. However, before deciding anything about the decoration, picking up a subtle and unique color scheme is highly crucial. It should be able to complement with whatever type of wedding you are planning such as a winter wonderland theme, a vintage style reception, beach wedding, or pink polka scheme.

How To Save Money on your Wedding ?

How To Save Money on your Wedding ?

Wedding decorators  Toronto

As with everything else in life, the cost of a wedding has risen over the years, and weddings will now run you about $22,000, and that’s just the average. Your tab will likely be higher if you’re hosting the event in a more expensive region city.

No need to panic though, This doesn’t mean you need to head for City Hall. Sure, we all have friends who’ve thrown lavish receptions, hiking up the average with full orchestras, scads of peonies (out of season), and gift bags. But what do you remember about those weddings, the best man’s speech or the flowers?

The fact is, you can spend as much or as little as you want — the idea is to create a memorable occasion that will carry you into a happy marriage. If a guest can go to a wedding and walk away knowing more about the bride and groom, and feel as if they’ve stepped into something very personal and learned a story about two people, that’s what makes a wedding much more unique.

Wedding decorators  Mississauga

So how do you throw an experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come, while staying within the confines of a budget?

First of all, let’s do the math. In order to stay within bounds, you have to actually set a budget. Your first priority may be flowers, but you’re off to the wrong start if you allocate money to buy them without first determining how much you can spend on the entire occasion, including engagement ring, honeymoon, and everything in between.

Once you’ve put a cap on spending, evaluate your priorities. Brides and grooms that they shouldn’t take a large portion of their budget and use it in one area. That will allow for other areas to fall short, A budgeting tool, will help you divvy up the money so all your bases are covered.  Don’t forget to create a buffer of about 10 percent of the overall budget in case you go over your planned number of guests.

Consider a destination wedding. It sounds more expensive, but it actually isn’t, especially if you choose your location carefully.

Hotels have incentive to give you a great deal, because their business is built upon guests staying there, so if you’re going to bring them 50 rooms for three nights, they’ll want to work with you. Also, many beach hotels and resorts are all-inclusive, meaning meals and drinks are included in the price of your stay. But be wary of the wedding packages offered — they may come across as a great deal, but many services are ala carte.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw your weight around. Vendors want your business, so there’s no harm in trying to strike a bargain. In fact, not negotiating is downright silly. When buying your dress, it’s always a good idea to shop around — most bridal stores can order any dress, so if you have a picture of what you want, bring it to a couple shops and compare prices.

Once you’ve decided, then offer to purchase the bridesmaid dresses from the same store — for a discounted price. By the same token, you can ask the caterer if they’ll throw in linens, or any other services not already covered, for free or at least at a discount. These little things can really start to add up fast.

Get creative. People tend to put so much emphasis on proper wedding etiquette, forgetting that this is their day. I’m definitely not suggesting you skip the thank-you cards, but it’s OK to stray from the norm in other areas.

The uncomfortable issue that surrounds people with weddings is that they are always concerned with doing the right thing. As guests, we go to these weddings, go for cocktails, sit for dinner, then get up and dance — we all become robots. If you break that formula, you’re actually providing something that is really unique, You can save big by skipping the sit down dinner in favor of an extended cocktail party with passed hors d’oeuvres, for instance.

Make some cuts. Rather than trimming the people you want at your happy occasion, think about trimming say, two courses from your five-course meal. Then get rid of the fully stocked bar and offer a signature cocktail instead. Have a fabulous cosmopolitan or vodka bar, but don’t have every single top-shelf liquor. This keeps costs down because you’ll have less open bottles, and you pay for every bottle that’s opened.

Let the experts be experts. Your job with vendors is to be upfront and firm about your budget; their job is to stay within it. Go into meetings with a clear idea of how much you can spend, and ask what they can do in that price range. If they’re good, they’ll be able to offer lots of suggestions: florists can substitute flowers that are in season, but still offer the same color scheme and feel; the bakery can create a small version of your dream cake, and then a similar sheet cake to serve; and wedding invitations can be done without the fanciest paper or designs.

You don’t need to be embarrassed about having a budget. Everyone should have one, and people will respect you more for having one.

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GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding (Part I)

The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part  I

Toronto Wedding Decor

Today is the first installment of our ten-part series on nailing down, once and for all, that all important question:

“What type of wedding do I want!?”

To answer this question you need to have answered, to your own satisfaction, a few much simpler and less daunting ones. So here they are:

“What kind of bride do I want to be?”

Every bride wants the same thing, to be beautiful and have a beautiful day.
How do you want to do that though? Do you want a grand statement? Do you want a quiet day of intimate sharing? Do you want to be the center of attention or just part of the crowd, there to celebrate the life you so blessed to be starting.

Answering this question honestly is going to put you on the right track to planning a ceremony and reception that speaks to your values more than you might think.

“What feeling do I want my guests to have?”

When your nearest and dearest show up to share in the celebration, what do you want to see on their faces? Wonder? Excitement? Reverence? All of those things are possible but you have to understand that the tone you set is a living thing and it is intentional in every single way. You are directing the movie of your life, the set is yours but the rest is all extemporaneous. What do props do you want to provide your cast?

“What memories are most the important to me?”

Do you want the classic mantelpiece silver-framed wedding photos and keepsakes out for each guest to see? Do you want a recording of the whole day for you to watch and re-watch as the years go by? What about a play-by-play blog written by you and your bridesmaids recording every last detail? Can you have a bit of each or maybe your idea of memories is less concrete and you just want to relax now that the big day is here and leave it up to the groom, he is supposed to do something afterall.

“What is the everyday hallmark of my personal style?”

Are you a tomboy? Do you wear a t-shirt and jeans everyday? Are you the everygirl or the standout? Whatever your walk or talk, you should stay true to that unless you are making a specific statement by stepping outside your comfort-zone. For your partner, who may have never seen you in a dress or in fancy makeup and might never again – you have the option to give him one day and night of sexy glamorous womanhood or you can stick to your guns. The choice is yours and it can set the tone for an entire wedding.

And finally, and most important, “Is my wedding for me? Or for them?”

Are we gathered here today to see you marry your one and only or are we gathered here today to make grandma happy? Let’s be serious and honest for a minute. If you’re not that into your wedding, it’s going to show in the choices you make and the way your wedding feels to those who attend. If you’re not doing it for you, get someone else to do the whole thing for you, really. Make sure you love your dress, the cake isn’t some overly traditional out-dated disaster and wash your hands of the whole mess until the big day arrives. If you’re not happy to be there then why did you show up at all? Give up the stress to someone who wants it and just show up to share in the laughter when the time finally comes.

Come back for Part II, when we explore the first of our five questions in-depth.

As always, when you’re looking for Wedding Decorations, in Toronto, Brampton or Mississauga – whether Traditional Indian, Contemporary or Modern – G.P.S. Decors is as excited about your wedding as you are. We take pride in creating and customizing wedding decorations and special details that make your vision come to life and stand out from other events. Make your wedding, The Wedding, not just any wedding. Call us today and we can start taking the work off your hands and putting it where it belongs, in ours.

Dazzling Succulents – Our New Editorial in Lavish Dulhan Magazine

DAZZLING SUCCULENTS – Our New Editorial in Lavish Dulhan Magazine


Dazzling Succulents – Check out our Editorial in the Latest Edition of LAVISH DULHAN Magazine. For more  pictures & Full spread  –

Photography – Elements Photography (

Cake – Fine Cakes By Zehra (

Stationery – With an Indian Touch (

Styling, Decor & Florals – G.P.S. decors (

Concept & Planning – Isabelle Annalise Planning (

Beauty – LeSonne Bridals (

Fashion – Blue Peacock (

Jewellery – Banglez (

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Wedding Linens

You meticulously plan for the biggest day of your life because you want it to stand out and choosing the right wedding linens is certainly a big step toward achieving that goal. Colors and fabrics should be the focus of your creative efforts. There’s nothing wrong with the standard white table linens, however you don’t want your big occasion to look like another ordinary wedding.

Stretch your creativity and style to make your wedding a colorful affair. Moreover, standard white linens usually cost the same as colored ones.

Avoid Re-Rented Linens

Typically, you’ll be provided with standard table linens as part of your wedding reception venue service. But just like most brides, this isn’t something you’ll like because re-used linens look noticeably old and your guests are sure to notice this. Keep in mind that your guests will sit within inches of the table linens, so ask yourself, “If I were a guest, would I notice?” Certainly yes, you would.

Size Considerations

If you want your tablecloths to touch the floor, the drop has to be made long (length of cloth that hangs from table edge). Traditionally, table linens touch the floor at most weddings. However, a drop that’s half way to the floor can also be used. Generally, it’s better for them to be longer than shorter.

Choosing The Right Colors

Table linen colors are diverse and may sometimes depend on the season, however, black, white, burgundy, ivory and chocolate are typically spread over the entire year. Increasingly, people are trying out different colors, especially during the summer and spring months.

The reception venue and the general color theme for your wedding will greatly influence the color of your wedding linens. Your wedding planner will suggest different ideas but they shouldn’t stray too much from the general color theme.

Have Fun And Be Creative

Just have fun brainstorming different ideas and make the project enjoyable. Remember to stay within your budget. Also, consider indoor lighting and how it can affect linen color. Color tone may change when indoor lighting is switched on.

While you may have not originally thought this to be the case, if you’ve begun the process of planning your wedding, then you already now realize that there is much to consider when it comes to your wedding linen. Stay with it and don’t give up! Once everything is put together according to plan, you’ll enjoy a deep sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in the final result.

Indian Wedding Décor

A wedding is one of the most sacred occasions in South Asian culture, particularly India. If you’ve been to an Indian wedding in Toronto (or anywhere else for that matter), you’ve probably noted the characteristic elaborate décor, a major component of Indian weddings.

If you have a wedding coming up soon and you want it to be nothing short of a total blast for all of your guests, then choosing the right Indian decorator in Toronto is the first step that you’ll want to take in achieving your dream Indian wedding.

Indian wedding décor is intricate and in most cases, it espouses a religious tone that determines the type of décor. A detailed wedding décor plan is a charm in the hearts of the bride and groom and this extends to the entire wedding party as well.

Prewedding Décor

This is typically a traditional function for the extended family. The décor used at this stage should focus on building esteem and prestige to the benefit of the bride. Normally, it entails the changing of costumes and presenting of gifts, amongst other things. The décor used here should focus on the bride’s uniqueness. Typical décor items used here include gift tags, jewelry, hangings and coin bags.

Wedding Day Decor

The real wedding function presents the brides and decorators with an uphill task to ensure that the individual items fit uniformly. Typically, the groom will be dressed by family members in embroidered turbans and vibrant outfits.

Pink or red sari are favorite colors for wedding day outfits. The gifts presented by close family and friends usually have decorations that match the overall theme of the occasion.

Nowadays, Indian wedding décor largely depends on individual preferences and how outstanding one wants their ceremony to be. Generally, however, the theme must primarily compliment the bride and groom’s preferences above all else.

Postwedding Décor

Indian wedding décor after the main event is a blend of merriment and festivities where the guests and the newlyweds engage in various celebrations. These festivities are usually characterized by flower decorations using different flowers such as roses and jasmine, among others. The tents may come in a range of patterns that reflect Indian culture, religion, and customs.

Like the occasion itself, Indian wedding décor is something that will be remembered for a long time by every one of your guests, so make sure you have memorable decorations!


Professional Wedding Decoration In Brampton

There is nothing more exciting for a bride-to-be than her wedding day. Once all the hustle and bustle of fittings, rehearsals, preparations and respective bachelor/bachelorette parties are out of the way, the commencement of the true celebration can take place.

One of the more important elements of the big day is the wedding reception, or more specifically, the décor of the venue, as it not only sets the mood, but allows for an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Whether you are considering having your ceremony in Brampton or anywhere in Toronto, you’ll want to make sure that you consider all of the following to achieve the perfect post ceremonial setting.

Basic Elements of Wedding Decor


The most elaborate of weddings require all the trimmings, however any combination of these pieces would produce an effective and beautiful ambience:

  • Corsages and/or boutonnieres (bridesmaids; groom; groomsmen)
  • Floral headpieces
  • Church décor
  • Reception decor

Chair Covers 

Depending on the theme of wedding, any one of these options would be tasteful and fitting.

  • Sashes
  • Covers
  • Wraps


Depending on the funds available, centerpieces can be either elaborate or simple – both styles can be equally effective. They do not necessarily have to be a floral arrangement (though that appears to be the most popular option). Objects pertaining to the bride and groom such as a souvenir of where they met can be both stylish and original.

Table Linens 

Linens can be traditional or modern in style, as long as they match the chair covers (this eliminates the chance of clashing colors). The following are examples of possible choices

  • Covers
  • Overlays
  • Runners

Wedding Tents 

Available in an assortment of colors, fabrics and designs, tents can offer an intimate setting, or an elaborate effect for any wedding of any size.

Draping and room liners 

Available in a myriad of colors and fabrics, the draping offers the wedding venue a touch of class and distinct appearance. Again, note that linens, chair covers and drapery should be of a consistent hue and material.

Head Table Styling 

The head table needs to be set apart from everyone else and should include meaningful objects pertaining to the bride and groom – while never being too attention-getting so as to take away from the glow of the newlyweds.


In addition to drapery, backdrops accentuate and give a certain warmth to the wedding venue.

Well, you’ve certainly got quite a bit to consider in putting together your dream wedding ambiance. It might save you much time and hassle to contact a professional wedding decorator in the Brampton area.

Ladies Sangeet @ Bovaird Banquet Hall

Ladies Sangeet Decor – G.P.S. décors

Venue – Bovaird Banquet Hall

Photographer –

Wedding decorators BramptonWedding Decorators Mississauga

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Hot Wedding Trends of 2013

Hot Wedding Trends of 2013

 The wedding industry is driven by changing fashion and style. Every year newer trends are added to the list of wedding fashion to make your d-day the most special one. These trends will help you to do something different, which will make you the talk of the town.

The reception “lounge” – Towards the middle of 2012, a new trend started to rise in the wedding industry. People started to book reception “lounge” to organize their wedding. This will be favoured by more number of people in 2013. The most lured part of a lounge is that the venue offers a dining and drinking area away from the dance floor making it an absolutely relaxed setting for your guests. You can as well, customize the drinking and food tables based on your wedding theme. Want to place some table games or add a photo booth to your wedding? Well nothing could be better than the lounge for you.

Patterns will be hot – Patterns will be hot, very hot in 2013 wedding seasons. This year the most sought after patterns will be chevron and stripes. From bowties to table runners, everything will have a set pattern. You can set your creative cells free to even choose for various patterns like polka dots, gingham and paisley to be used on different areas of your wedding venue like the dining area, dancing area, drinking area and so on. Patterns will add a whole lot of fun with a touch of creativity to your wedding.

Virtual Guests – In today’s technologically enhanced world, technology will certainly play a vital role in the wedding industry. From booking and ordering to delivery and updates, everywhere the usage of technology will grow. Many couple have already started opting for the use of technology to share their special day at real-time with friends and family who stay far away. Live streaming tools will surely remain in great demand. For those who miss to attend the wedding will be able to be a part of it through live broadcast.

Extended Wedding Receptions – 2012 observed a sharp rise in “After Party”. These are parties organized after the reception and it came with new menu, music, decoration and sometimes even a new venue. 2013 will see a newer trend in After Parties. This year, more people will opt for an extended wedding reception in order to avoid the taxation of organizing a completely different second party. You can have fun unlimited with spending or taxing yourself more. Many couples have already started to divide their receptions in three sections: the cocktail hour, the dinner hour and the extended reception hour. The main traditions can be completed first two parties. The extended wedding reception can be ideal for the young ones to have an extra fun.

The Flower of the Year – Can you imagine a wedding without flowers? Flowers are the most vital ingredient of any wedding ceremony. As per reports, the flower most in demand for the past two years have been peony. I believe it is due to the soft and romantic feel that peonies offer that many people find it apt for a wedding. This year garden rose will be in high demand along with peony.

Eye-Popping Cakes – Like flowers, cakes too are must for wedding. The trend will change sharply in 2013 from 2012. Last year simple and modern looking cakes dominated the wedding ceremonies. This year it will be bright, colourful, lacy and absolutely eye-popping that reflect the old traditional look of cakes. Look for all over appliqués to add an extra glamour to your wedding.

Themed bars – In early days wedding was only a bride’s idea. These days, grooms are taking equal amount of interest in planning out the wedding day. This has given rise to more and more groom centric ideas. And when it’s a boy’s mind, how can they do without bars? Themed bars have evolved with creative looks in the past few months. Martini bars, Whisky bars, champagne bar, bloody mary bar, a fancypants beer bar and mojito making station will be in high demand in 2013. For the kids attending your wedding, you can place a hot chocolate or an ice cream bar for them.

Meaningful Menus – If the food is great your guests will remember your wedding for a long time. To add an extra character to the wedding day and to reflect the characteristics of the bride and groom, the chefs have taken a different stance. Most of the chefs are no more offering pdfs or simple menu charts for the bride and grooms to choose the menu from. They are offering menu to even match the theme of your wedding that adds an extra flavour to your special day.

Neutral palettes and texture – From riots of colors it’s neutral colors that would dominate wedding in 2013. The shades like soft taupe, pink and blue blush, champagne, greys and nude green will be the hot wedding colors of 2013. This will be the year of elegance and glamour. And what better can reflect your personality than colors? If you think neutral colors will made your wedding decor look dull, you can use a combination of metallic colors to add vibrancy to the venue. Textures will be in. Usage of fabrics such as denim or seduce, woollen and twine ties, embroidery hoops with lace frames and paisley table spreads will add an interesting look to your wedding.

Greens are in – Go green with a lot of emerald and leaf shades this wedding season. Pinks and oranges have dominated the weddings in the past two years. 2013 is your turn to make your wedding look a contrast of cool and bold. Winter weddings can also reflect shades of greys and blues.

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Beach Themed Wedding

Beach Themed Wedding

Sun kissed beaches have the power to woe just anyone. Imagine a palm dotted background with blue waters and sand beneath your feet as you walk hand in hand with the love of your life. If you have dreamt of a wedding, with nature playing as a perfect host, then a beach themed wedding will account for a perfect wedding ceremony, with romance flowing all around you. A destination wedding can cost a bomb and the budget will force you to sieve your guest list. But, fret no more! You can bring the beach to your hometown and add the magical charm of the sun and sand, with just a little planning.

  • The invitations that you send should be a lot of fun, just like the beach itself. Narrow down on colors that resemble the sky, sand, sun and palm trees.
  • Ask your guests to dress up like they would when going to a beach. From flip flops to straw hats, let your wedding party brim with a lot of life and enjoyment.
  • Crisp white linens along with colors of the ocean, like emerald green and sea blue, will undoubtedly brighten up the wedding venue and give it a distinctive charm.
  • Everyone must have collected shells while walking along a beach. Use decorative shells to let your guests relive the happy memories that they would have collected along with the shells at a beach.
  • Cleverly use centerpieces that can be filled with sea shells and sand. Alternatively, crystal bowls filled with turquoise blue water and a scented floating candle are bound to leave guests mesmerized.
  • How about some signature drinks at the bar that one finds at the beach? Mojito, Pina Colada, Margaritas and other kind of tropical drinks will be a sure shot hit at a beach themed wedding.
  • Design a menu that reminds guests of the beach, with sea food, like sushi and shrimp, being an important part of the food served.
  • No celebration is complete without good music. Make sure the DJ plays intoxicating island music that forces guests to hit the dance floor and let themselves loose.

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Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

 Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

Thinking of a fairy tale wedding automatically makes people imagine thousands of dollars slipping out of their bank accounts. For most, a small budget wedding means nothing close to a lavish affair. But, if you have a limited budget and still want the most special day of your life to be filled with sumptuousness, then a little planning is all you need to make your D-day memorable.

1.     Stick to your budget – One mantra is to set a budget and stick to it at any cost.

2.     Involve friends and family – Friends and family members always feel special when they are assigned tasks for a special day. So, why not rope them for various tasks! Ask someone to click pictures, while a few others can help with decorations/food preparations. Make small teams to make sure that everything comes out as planned.

3.     Consider an off season wedding – An off season wedding will automatically cut down your wedding costs. This is the time when most of things are offered at a discounted rate. If you wish to cut costs further, then a wedding scheduled before lunch will be a perfect idea.

4.     Prepare wedding invitations and favors at home – Why not get creative and make wedding invitations and wedding favors at home rather than spending a huge amount on them? There are endless ideas available on the internet, which will help you come up with a customized invitation and eye-appealing favors.

5.     Invite limited people – A long list of guests means a heavy budget. Come up with a list and send invitations to only close friends and family members.

6.      Cut down on that designer wedding gown – Buying a designer wedding dress can be any bride’s dream, but is definitely an unnecessary wedding cost. Instead of designer houses, exploit sources like eBay where you can find hundreds of stylish yet cheaper options. Renting a wedding dress is another option, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

7.     Cut out on alcohol – Serve sparkling wine or non-alcoholic drinks, instead of expensive liquor or wine.

A small budget wedding can be equally special, mesmerizing and impressive. After all, money is not the only thing that can buy happiness!


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Classic Country Theme – Kismet Magazine

Classic Country 

This Look Combines lemons and lace for a Charming country Wedding design. There’s no need to say “I-do” on a farm ,When you can bring the brightness and charm straight to the table with this look.

For more Pics check – Kismet Magazine (The Luxe Issue)

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