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With a rich and vibrant colorful color palette and the untamed beauty of a lush greens

With a rich and vibrant colorful color palette and the untamed beauty of a lush greens, created a beautiful enchanted garden at Embassy Grand Convention Centre with Biji Planners Cultural Wedding Planner Chairs & Thrones
Photo Elevé Studio

Event Decor, Design & Florals –

Beautiful enchanted garden

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Creating Bespoke & Beautiful Designer Weddings

Universal Evenspace, Paramount Eventspace


Creating Bespoke & Beautiful Designer Weddings – We believe in true love stories, and we pride ourselves on truly understanding you and your visions.

Your beautiful love story is waiting to be visually expressed –

Creative Partners- Universal EventSpace –,  Biji Planners Cultural Wedding Planner , Fine Cakes By Zehra , S4 Entertainment & Audio/Visual, Tailored Twig,  Empire Entertainment  , Designer Dance Floors: Printed Decor,

glamorous grand architectural pieces

Feast your eyes on a glamorous grand architectural pieces with natural Emerald Green & White wedding theme at Apollo Convention Centre
For Wedding Flowers, decor & design –

Glamorous grand architectural pieces

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New Architectural stage design

New Architectural stage design that embraces the beauty of curves at Dreams Convention Centre with Biji Planners Cultural Wedding Planner Dj Ksquare Empire Entertainment Designer Dance Floors: Printed Decor
Photo by L’Atelier Lumière International Photographie
Event Design,decor & Florals –

New Architectural stage design

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A stunning couple, couture fashions, and decadent decor make up this spectacular Canadian wedding, and we’re loving each & every beautiful snap!
Floral & Decor: G.P.S. Décors | Photography: L’Atelier Lumière International Photographie | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Bellevue Manor | Planning & Design: Biji Planners | Hair & Makeup: Beauty Pro by Roma D | Catering: The Host Fine Indian Cuisine | DJ: Empire Entertainment | Baraat: Ponies R Us | Transportation: Exotica Limousine Services | Planning and Design: Platinum Entertainment Solutions | Music-Violin: Emily Sun | Rentals & Decor: Dance Floor Decor | Rentals & Decor: Detailz Couture |

Lavish Reception

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Akash & Poornima’s Grand Wedding Reception

Akash & Poornima’s Grand Wedding Reception at Paramount Eventspace – with Fine Cakes By Zehra Dave Abreu
For Wedding Reception Design, Decor & Flowers –

Wedding decorator
Beautiful wedding decorator

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Hues of Blue – Lavish Dulhan Magazine

Hues of Blue – The long king’s table adorned with gold crown molding speaks of grandeur and elegance in this style shoot. Hues of blues add contrast and complement the modern speck to a very traditional setting. The beautiful plate settings and the large candelabras filled with florals add sophistication and warmth. Calligraphy seating rocks and velvet stationery with hand embroidered thread work create the perfect palace like setting. A modern day whiskey bar adds an intoxicating feel.

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Producer & Creative Director: Harinder Gill, G.P.S. Decors –

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography –

Planner & Co-ordinator: Biji Planners –

Florals, design & stylist: Kulpreet Bhambra, G.P.S. Decors –

Cake: The Frosted Cake Boutique –

Stationery & table menu: Your Occasion –

Beauty: LeSonne Bridals –

Fashion & jewellery: Frontier Heritage –

Bar details: Bartendo –

Floor & backdrop decal: Exotik Wrapz/Designer Dance Floors –

Food stylist: Avondale Food Works –


Wedding Planning: 10 do’s and don’ts

Wedding planning toronto

If planning a wedding were easy, we wouldn’t see quite so many elopements to Vegas. Everyone knows planning a wedding can be complex and confusing; some planning tools recommend beginning two years from the date, some say you can do it in twelve or even six months; it requires attention to details you never heard of before (a ring needs its own pillow?!) and can demand the skills of a trained diplomat. Here we present some do’s and don’ts that every couple should take note of when planning their wedding.


  • Be inclusive. Let your family and friends offer their input! Just because they give advice doesn’t mean you have to take it, but getting different opinions and ideas will open your mind to what you want for your wedding, and what you don’t.
  • Don’t just go with the first caterer, wedding planner or destination wedding company you find on the internet. Read reviews, call the companies, and ask them for references.
  • Do it together. Your wedding should reflect your personality as a couple; doing it all alone, without input from your fiancé, is a no-go even if he says he trusts you to handle everything.
  • Begin a fitness program six months before your wedding. It’s okay to start (or end) with a boot camp, but it’s important to implement healthy diet and lifestyle changes for the long term rather than going on an unhealthy crash diet to fit into the dress.
  • Get professional hair and makeup done rather than relying on a friend, however close you are. She will likely be in your wedding party and will have her own duties to attend to.
  • Practice your first dance. If there will be dancing and one or both of you can’t dance, it’s worth investing in some basic lessons, not just so you’ll look good on the video, but so you will feel good that you have properly honoured the day.
  • Have an indoor backup plan if you’re having an outdoor ceremony or reception. At the very least, have a tent or gazebo on hand that will shelter the wedding party in case of sudden storms.
  • Make sure your attendants know how to bustle your dress and have an emergency kit on hand with things like safety pins, tissues and band-aids for all the little scrapes you might get into.
  • Invest in Spanx. You want to feel good from the skin on out.
  • Feed your vendors, the band, and anyone else who is going to be at your wedding for 8 hours.



  • Stay up late the night before your wedding, no matter how tempting it is to stay up drinking with friends or your fiancé reminiscing.
  • Go without a seating plan, unless you have under 50 guests who mostly know each other, or an extremely informal setting. For larger weddings, a well thought out seating plan is essential.
  • Neglect personal grooming like tans, waxing, nails and other maintenance. All eyes will be on the couple today.
  • Lose control of the wedding planning – this is YOUR special day, not your mother in law’s.
  • Pick a reception location that is too distant from the ceremony. A long commute isn’t fun for anyone.
  • Forget to include sufficient vegetarian options in your menu.
  • Forget to eat. A couple of glasses of champagne on an empty stomach is all it takes for some people to crash and burn.
  • Have your wedding registry at a place that few if any of your guests can afford.
  • Neglect your guests at the reception. It may be annoying that you can’t just spend the whole time gazing into each other’s eyes, but there will be plenty of time for that later.
  • Last but not least…don’t forget to have fun! The day will fly by so enjoy it to the fullest!

Wedding Attire Demystified

Wedding Attire (1)

You’ve received your wedding invitation and you’re absolutely thrilled to help your friends celebrate their big day. You can’t wait to see the lovely flowers, eat the delicious food, and gawk at the bride’s fabulous dress…uh oh …you’re going to have to buy a dress! Or can you get by with the cocktail dress you wore to that yacht party last summer? No, it’s off-white. You don’t want to compete with the bride, do you? Oh no, you’re single now, too…you’re going to have to find a guest who is willing to rent a tux. Unless he has a dark suit of some kind already, or is that a faux pas?

Thinking about your wardrobe may very well be the only depressing aspect of receiving a wedding invitation (unless the invite also announces that the wedding will take place in three weeks, in Turks and Caicos). How can you beat the wardrobe blahs and be sure that your attire is perfectly appropriate to the event? Read on.

Wedding Attire (7)White Tie

While this kind of event may conjure up images of Fred Astaire, it still exists in the modern world – for the most formal weddings. Should you get invited to a white tie wedding, expect a lavish affair; men will be dressed in tuxedos with tails, white vests, bow ties and even white gloves, while the ladies will be decked out in full-length ball gowns in dark colours, with dramatic jewellery, makeup and hair.

Wedding Attire (2)Black Tie

This event requires men to sport a tuxedo, while women can get by with a dark or neutral coloured chic cocktail dress – though long ball gowns, glamorous hair and professional makeup will still abound.

Wedding Attire (6)Formal or Black Tie Optional

At last, a wedding a man can pull out his dark suit for! Though the occasional tuxedo will be spotted, formal dark suits with ties are fine, and women are permitted suits too, as long as they are dressy, or cocktail dresses, or long formal dresses. Again, dark or neutral colours are important so as not to compete with the bride.

Wedding Attire (5)Beach Formal

Because this wedding will presumably be held in a hot climate, men can shed the tie in favour of light cotton suits, linen shirts and khakis with – gasp! – sandals, while women can wear formal sundresses and dance the night away in flats. Another nod to the heat is natural hairstyles and makeup. Dark colours are not required on the beach.

Wedding Attire (4)Semi-formal or Dressy Casual

A suit and tie is required, but it can be dark or light, depending on weather and time of day. Women can pull out the cocktail dress again, or choose separates as long as the skirt and top are both appropriately dressy.

Wedding Attire (3)Casual

This wedding style throws traditional wedding garb rules out the window. Men don’t have to wear jackets to a casual wedding; button down shirts or even polo shirts will suffice, worn with dress pants. Women can pretty much dress down as well, with classy separates or a summer sundress.

What’s the purpose of rules for wedding attire, given that people will always try to look their best at a wedding? The rules exist mainly to ensure that your guests are attired similarly and appropriately enough that they look and feel like they belong. If you receive a wedding invitation that does not specify what attire is expected, simply ask the bride or groom what their plans are; chances are good that the level of formality will be lower than if the dress code had been spelled out on the invitation. Get ready to search your closet and get creative!



When Should You Hire Your Wedding Vendors?

 wedding planning Timeline

With all the different wedding planning guides out there, which run on 12, 24 or even 36-month timelines, it can be super confusing to figure out when you should book your wedding vendors. If you have gone to a bridal show or bridal expo, your conundrum might be complicated by the fact that the vendors there insisted that you book immediately in order to take advantage of certain special offers available only at the show. That means you might have some services booked well in advance, and others not so much.

There is a general rule of thumb that if it’s a service, like the entertainment or the religious officiant, you should book right away, and if it’s a product (like stationery, gown, cake) you have some leeway, because the vendors of these products have enough product to go around to you and all the other couples getting married on that day. Too early, and you have tied up a lot of deposit money in the hands of vendors. Too late, and you run the risk of missing out on essential wedding services – or having to choose your second, third or fourth choice! Here we try to de-mystify precisely when you should book all your services.

Wedding Planner/Coordinator – 12 months out

If this person is going to be coordinating your entire wedding, it just makes sense to hire them right at the beginning, right? That way, they have plenty of time to organize your big day.

Venue/Reception Hall/Banquet Hall – 12 months out

Couples planning to get married in the popular spring and summer months (May to August) should take this a step further and book as soon as they have a wedding date, even if this is 2 years out. Having your preferred location booked means you can then start hiring all your other vendors.

Officiant: 9-12 months out

Some popular Toronto wedding venues, like the Old Mill, come with a ceremony officiant already, but if you want to hire a specific religious, spiritual or significant person to deliver the ceremony, you need to book them right away.

Caterer – 9-12 months out

Caterers appreciate the lead time, as they might be booked for multiple weddings on the same day if you’re getting married on a weekend in a popular month.

**Wedding decorator – 9-12 months out

Really, as soon as you have the venue, don’t you want to make sure it’s going to look wonderful on the special day?

Photographer – 6-9 months out

If you want a top tier photographer, we suggest booking even sooner; but there are many wedding photographers in the GTA, so this is one area where, if you’re not extremely fussy about having the best of the best, you do have some leeway. The same goes for the videographer, if you will be using one.

Band/DJ/Entertainment – 6-12 months out

Again, this is one of those subjective ones: if you have your heart set on a particular band, musician or DJ, you need to book earlier rather than later; otherwise, there are many capable acts in Toronto that you can book a bit closer to your date.

Flowers & Cake – 6 months out

While you might think you can get away with putting this off, if you want certain seasonal flowers – or certain elaborate cakes – you want to book 6 months before your date, just to be safe.

Limo – 6 months out

Seems ridiculous when the Yellow Pages are full of limousine services, but if you’re getting married in the summer, it’s also prom season – you might have trouble finding a reputable limo driver (or several) on a Friday or Saturday night.

Stationery – 4-6 months out

You can do an electronic ‘save the date’ the second you have a firm date and venue, especially since the summer months book up so quickly with planned vacations. But the actual invites can wait a bit.

Looks like you’ve got some phone calls to make!






Trending bridal bouquets in 2015

 new123 (6)

There are few things that get brides as excited about their wedding décor as fresh, beautiful flowers. In most weddings, floral décor helps set the tone for the entire theme and provides a big dose of the elegance, but for sheer ahhhh factor, nothing can compare to the bridal bouquet itself. The problem is, when it comes to flowers, Mother Nature has given us so much to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start.

It’s always good to know what other people are doing, so you can choose whether to embrace the trends or buck them. So what colours and styles of bridal bouquets are trending in 2016?

International Floral Distributors, a consortium of leading floral distributors in the US, has released their 2016 forecast for what’s trending now. According to the IFD forecast, there are several major bridal flowers trends we’ll see this year that will provide gorgeous inspiration and emotional impact for couples and guests alike.

Simple White

With white being by far the most popular wedding dress colour for North American brides, it’s no surprise that a monochromatic theme has always been a preferred choice. This year, expect white bridal bouquets to hit the mainstream. But white doesn’t have to be stark and severe: soft, creamy pastels such as peonies in the palest possible shades of peach, lemon and pink are also trending, or for a winter wedding, try experimenting with the winter wool floral trend which involves wrapping the bouquet in wool. The key to a white bouquet is to mass just one flower variety, such as the afore-mentioned peonies, or more traditional ivory roses or calla lilies.

Majestic Purple

What bride wouldn’t want to carry the royal colour? Purple – in all its incarnations, from deep plum to pale lavender – is hot this year, valued as a magical, regal colour with romantic sophistication. Flowers to use in the majestic purple bridal bouquet include orchids, roses and carnations.

Beautiful Blue

The Lapis palette is defined by blues and whites, a classic combination that is crisp and cool. This bouquet is constructed with roses, calla lilies, peonies and the deep blues of hydrangea or delphinium.

Colourful Kaleidoscope

Brides looking to make a bold statement this year will love the trend towards bright colours and shapes that really pop. Expect colours to be big and exciting; don’t shy away from orange, coral, hot pink and even turquoise. Blooms of choice include the brightest daisies, roses, dahlias and ranunculus.

Earth Angel

Inspired by romantic English garden weddings, this wedding bouquet trend features a soft, unstructured feel and shades of blush and peach as well as natural tones. The look includes roses (of course) combined with succulents and lamb’s ear foliage for a look that’s not quite vintage. The idea is to use various types of flowers that could have been freshly picked from the garden, rather than using just one or two varieties.

Huge budget? It’s all about the luxury blooms this year, with orchids trending for those who can afford them. But with all the choice available to this year’s brides, there’s sure to be a trend that works for any budget and taste.

Hanging blooms

Don’t forget about your floral reception decorations! “If your venue has lovely grounds, choose a statement tree and have bottles hanging from branches filled with pretty blooms,” suggests Gemma. “These can make a wonderful backdrop for photos. You could also use the whole tree as an alternative wedding guest book, asking guests to write their messages on luggage tags and to tie them to the hanging bottles.

Wedding Centrepieces – Tall or Short?

Choosing your wedding flowers is probably one of more enjoyable aspects of wedding planning – certainly a lot more fun than, say, trying to figure out how to seat your feuding families so the reception doesn’t turn into a scene from Springer. Yet even deciding on fragrant, gorgeous blooms can become more chore than pleasure if you just don’t know where to start. Many brides have a favorite flower or color scheme in mind, but even then, the floral choices can be endless and overwhelming.

A good place to start is with the centerpieces – the floral arrangements that will grace every table at the reception. While they don’t have to be identical to the rest of your floral décor, they should certainly complement it. In fact, centerpieces may constitute the bulk of your wedding flowers.

Choosing your Centerpieces

There are many things to consider when planning your centerpieces. Some of the main points to think about are:

  • Colour scheme
  • Flower type/combination
  • Vase colour
  • Vase height
  • Whether the centerpieces will be taken home by your guests or not

A good place to start is with the fourth point, vase height. What is better, a tall centerpiece, or a short one? That is almost like asking what kind of bride is better, tall or short! The varieties are literally just as infinite. But there are some guiding principles that should help you decide whether to go tall or short for your wedding flower centerpieces.

Long and Tall

Wedding decor Toronto

Your flowers say a lot about your personality. Tall wedding centerpieces tend to be more dramatic and fancier than short ones. You’ve probably heard the injunction against having tall centerpieces: the fact that your guests might not be able to see each other over the towering flower arrangements. But there are two simple fixes for that: the first is to have glass vases that your guests can see right through, and the second is to make sure that the vases are slender, and more than 24 inches tall. That way, your guests will be able to talk to each other ‘under’ the arrangements. Just make sure no blooms are at head-height.

Short and Sweet

Wedding decorators Toronto.jpeg

Your options increase with short centerpieces, just because there are so many different types of short vases (or other receptacles, such as teapots, flower pots, hurricane lamps, and the like) that can be used. Generally with shorter centerpieces, the flowers within will require more arranging than with a tall centerpiece (you can’t really get away with sticking a single radiant tulip into a short vase).

Bit of Both

Event decorators Toronto

Don’t forget, it’s your party! There is nothing wrong with mixing it up. You can have more than one centerpiece per table, mixing tall and short creations; place short centerpieces on some tables, and tall ones on others; or change some feature of the centerpieces, such as playing with different coloured vases. A popular idea is to add shells, coloured stones, or flower petals to the tablecloth itself, to complement and enhance your centerpieces.

When it comes to your centerpieces, the sky’s the limit – tall or short or anything in between, your centerpieces should be a beautiful representation of your special day.

For more Centerpiece ideas & Inspiration –