GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part IV

GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part IV

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Today we’re going to continue our little chat about those all-important people, your wedding guests. Ealier we talked about the difference between large and small wedding and the potential pitfalls and the advantages. Let’s get to it, shall we?

“What feeling do I want my guests to have?” Part Two

As we continue to look at the scope of weddings as an abstract, we often see that there is huge difference in what some people find appealing. There are those who are almost secretive with their love because to them it is an intimate thing to be kept safe and personal. To others it is cause for celebration and only the loftiest circumstances will do in which they have the opportunity to make the grand gesture, including everyone about them in their shared feeling.

So whatever you pick, big or small, intimate or colossal – you now have to decide where you want your nuptials to fall on an entirely different scale. The Casual to Formal Scale.

So what do we mean by casual. Jeans and a t-shirt? No, not really.

Casual speaks to the feeling of the space and specific ceremony – this includes décor, attire and even your choices in meals and venue. Outdoor weddings can support a lighthearted friendly ceremony and a raucous after-party full of irreverent laughter in a informal atmosphere. Likewise indoor weddings, held in a family home perhaps, bring your guests into a familiar setting where they are free to unwind, relax and have earnest exchanges which foster that optimistic simplicity of new love and life. Casual doesn’t just mean informal, a casual elegance can give the understated larger weddings the feeling of intimacy they might otherwise lack.

Are you or your partner the serious type? A jet-setter or socialite? Are you all-in for that classic event with limousine reception, valet parking and contemporary formal-wear? Nobody says you can’t go big and hold on to that stately feeling. Just remember that the more extravagant your scale the more difficult it will be to manage that feeling of significance and splendor. Likewise, when you decide upon the formal feel for a smaller gathering, you have the chance to give the night an alchemical, nuanced exclusivity.

To recap our last two installments: Always try to take into account the specific people who you are inviting.

If your guests are of limited means and you can’t be sure they have something to don for the occasion, maybe leaning toward an intimate but casual wedding will work best so that everyone enjoys themselves and no embarrassments occur. If you everyone on your list is well on means and there is a lot of them, go big and go formal so you have the opportunity to awe the crowd with every trapping of excess and luxury you can lavish upon them to honor your guests.

Sit back and try to experience the wedding from their perspective. Does your event seem pompous when what you wanted was something distinguished? Did you end up confused and overwhelmed by everything going on around you, when your desire was for a focused and magical evening full of intricate ritual? Spend the extra time looking at everything from the perspective of a guest and they, your guests, will thank you.

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