Las Vegas Themed Wedding

 Las Vegas Themed Wedding

Who doesn’t like a lil’ gambling and some fun, especially when all this happens in the City of Sin aka Las Vegas? Las Vegas is envied by many and if a wedding is planned keeping the sinful spirit of the place alive then it’s obvious that fun will flow from all corners. Themed weddings have been soaring high on the popularity charts and Vegas wedding themes are something to drool over. No other theme will give you such an array of choices like a Las Vegas themed wedding will and for it you don’t have to be present in Vegas at all. Let your guests indulge in some shuffling of the cards, spin a roulette wheel and get intoxicated by the rolling of the dice, all while you exchange vows and get into a holy bond of matrimony.


The invitations that you send should speak tons about the chosen wedding theme. Draw some inspiration from slot machines and casinos to come up with a unique invitation. How about a design that imitates a playing card or a dice?


Las Vegas is all about a lot of glamour. You wedding will be one great part and the décor should have a very carefree feel. The wedding venue can be made to look like a casino clubbed with great Elvis, Tom Jones and Celine Dion music that is bound to give guests hours of fun. It should have those traditional colors of Vegas (black, white and red). Table liners, centerpieces, napkins and all other accessories can be designed like playing cards, while the table can be made to look like a game table. You can also rent slot machines and game table, while handing out play money to guests to gamble with, giving everyone at the wedding a real experience.


Give your guests an opportunity to relish a true Vegan style dining experience, with a handful of options by narrowing down on a buffet. And, it goes without saying that cocktails are a must to keep up with the spirit of Vegas!

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