The Great Gatsby – Wedding Decor Theme

The Great Gatsby – Wedding Decor Theme

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At GPS Decors we know that this doesn’t always happen. The best defense against the inevitable hiccup is being agile and staying focused on that big day by not letting it get lost in the details. Because this is so important, you need to keep your options open, and have help finding ways to replace one piece with another, seamlessly, so no one is the wiser. Except perhaps for you.

Wedding Decorations should be anything but cliché and never generic. Luckily this season’s trending weddings allow for a playful interchange so you can mix-and-match to suit your taste in a way that gives each detail a bit of it’s own spotlight, while leaving the overall feeling of the space and the event itself with a much needed continuity.

This week we’d like to show you how multiple trends can be used to support one another and increase the feeling of a singular and very special day.

The Great Gatsby-inspired wedding is a wonderful way to show your guests your love of all things vintage and the classic atmosphere that they give any space. As one of this years most popular wedding themes it ties-in nicely with two of the dominate trends this season:

Deco-Chic wedding decorations can be incorporated throughout the event, from attire to décor the old-school glamour of the 1920’s will lend itself readily to the the wedding or the reception. For the fashion-conscious bride there a myriad options and styles to borrow from and blend. From Coco Chanel’s daring emancipation of women’s fashion broadening the options for period dress, to the Roaring 20s hairstyles including the bob cut, the Eton and Marcel wave; moreover, unique hats, headbands and flapper dresses with sparkling fringes and risque lines can give a sense of relevant high-fashion while ultimately making everyone feel and look their most beautiful. Men’s fashions for this period are not only still en vogue but can be seen everyday from the office to the red-carpet. Single-breast two and three button jackets in solid or pin-stripes with double-breasted vests of varied colors and fabrics give the groom a chance to color-coordinate with his bride while remaining solidly formal and of course, not stealing the spotlight. Paired with a narrow, cuffed trouser, it gives slim tailored but masculine lines to any groomsmen and the option of satin accents down the leg to match satin lapels can make any simple color-scheme shine just that much more.


Vintage Furniture is not only lovely for guest photos and lounge areas but can be set up before the ceremony to give wedding-party a place to relax and then be re-appropriated for the reception area for everyone to enjoy. The inclusion of not only basic decoration but completely furnished spaces give guests a chance to congregate in a more natural setting where groups of twos and threes can sit close together during and after the festivities without the confines of the more traditional reception tables. This extra touch will show just how much thought and time you put into not only your own experience, but that of those you invite to the most important day of your life. The lighting can also add still more class to any reception or ceremony by adapting lamps with vintage shades, oil-burning glass bulbed or torchiere-type floor lamps with beautiful colored and frosted antique glass and ceramic shades, all which cast light that flows out warmly, giving light and shadow-play throughout the space.

In Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, G.P.S. Decors is dedicated to creating and customizing the wedding decorations for you and yours that will make your vision leap into life and leave everyone calling your wedding , “The Wedding.”

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