Vintage Style Wedding Ideas

Vintage Style Wedding Ideas

Vintage style wedding is the new in thing. This rustic style wedding, often referred as anthropologic style wedding, is loved by one and all. From those chic style wedding, now is the time for a shift for that old and rustic look. By hiring a wedding decorator, you can get that perfect Vintage Wedding flavor for your d-day.

Your special day sprinkled with vintage wedding decoration is what you need now. There is something absolutely charming about it. The idea of finding treasures of another time is so very romantic. Here are some amazing Vintage style wedding ideas that would floor your guests:

  • Invite your guests with a vintage style wedding invitation, and I bet their hearts would stop beating.
  • Decorate the dessert table or the cake bar with an ace vintage cake stand!
  • Place vintage card holders on the table for menu display
  • Think differently for the seating. Let your guests enjoy the comfort on an ornamented vintage couch
  • Use Vintage wedding accessories on tables and bar counters
  • Play a soothing vintage wedding music in the evening as you lit the venue with blue and yellow neon lights
  • A personal touch would always allure your guests. Put your signature style welcome notes on handmade paper and place them on the dining table for each of your guests
  • Use vintage glasses, crockery, and cutleries
  • Use heavily thread worked silk napkins

It is also important for you to flaunt in Vintage wedding dresses. Reflecting a feeling of the styles from 20s, to 50s these dresses are perfect to match your vintage wedding theme. Make a white and peach vintage gown for yourself and a long tail coat for your partner. You can also choose colorful vintage style wedding dresses for the bride’s maids. Use vintage wedding hair accessories for a complete look. Choose from an array of necklines, silhouettes, and colors to match your style perfectly.

Although a chic wedding decoration is not out of style and is favored by many, yet a Vintage style wedding in Canada is much sought after.

Whether it is a centerpiece or the table spreads, whether it is the à la carte or the wedding music – the old and rustic flavor of your vintage wedding is sure to amaze your guests. Vintage wedding is not only favored for the worn edges and chipped paint look, but for the history and worn out memories it reflects.


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