At GPS decors we design, produce and execute beautiful weddings and luxury events, and also personal, unique experiences that are carefully crafted to be a true reflection of you. Every design begins with creativity that translates emotions, communicates realities and tells a beautiful story.

From the smallest detail to lavish grand stages designed and styled to its true potential and elegance that goes beyond the imagination. Our wedding designers are known to create stunning designs and chic styles.

“With Spectacular Vision We Produce & Design nothing less than captivating unforgettable experiences. At GPS decors, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional decor and design.”

Design Process

Every piece is a work of art, designed and constructed with exceptional care and quality. Each design concept is created, sketched, developed, refined to perfection and then turned into a work of art.

It begins with our clients, what they want, to help us get to the end result and make it as original as possible. We look through the client’s vision & ideas and look for the elements to incorporate into our designs that are most important to them.

When we find a design that really speaks to us, we study the design. We try to determine what parts we like and are drawn to, keeping those in mind when we work towards our final design. After we have studied the inspiration pieces for a while, we then go to the concept developing phase. The client’s needs will lead the overall design.
Our Creative team will turn your dream wedding into reality.

“Your Beautiful story is waiting to be visually expressed.”

We invite you to experience an exclusive design session at our design studio and let us showcase the potential your event hold.