Love and Light πŸ’•

Decor:Β @gpsdecors
Day of Coordination:Β @emiramorgan
Band:Β @bigsmokebrassbandΒ |Β @therealblusoul
DJ:Β @djcapital.e
Catering:Β @fontanagardensbanquethalls

Elevating the dining experience one centerpiece at a time 🌟

We have everything you need to make your wedding ceremony and reception look beautiful!

Picture-perfect setting for your special day 🌟

A display of sheer sophistication, our wedding reception boasts these exquisite centerpieces 🌟

Experiencing the magic surrounded by vibrant floral designs 🌟

Discover serenity amidst the chaos 🌟

A picture-perfect setting ✨✨

An enchanting tapestry of love and dreams ✨

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