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Traditional Indian Wedding Decor

Traditional Indian Wedding Decor

Venue – Dreams Convention Centre

Colours – Red,Pink & Gold

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In Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, G.P.S. Decors is dedicated to creating and customizing the wedding decorations for you and yours that will make your vision leap into life and leave everyone calling your wedding , “The Wedding.”


Receiving Table Wedding Decorations

Receiving Table  Wedding Decorations

What happens when your guests enter the wedding venue? Even before they approach the bride and groom to wish them a happy married life, they look around for the venue decoration. Then their eyes revolve in every corner of the venue in search of the special couple. It is your day, and we understand that strong desire in your to be the focal point of the reception so that you and your partner can be traced easily.

One of the most important element of wedding decoration is some fantastic backdrops and tabletops to go with the entire theme of your wedding. These backdrops and tabletops will not just complement the wedding venue and its theme, but would also add a glitz to the ‘would-be’ couple.

To create a “WOW” factor drapes are a must for the backdrops. You can choose the ones that can be hung all the way from ceiling to the floor. While choosing your backdrop you must consider a few other factors such as, the color, design, fabric and very importantly, the material. If you are fond of lights and plan to use a lot of light for decoration, then go for light colors and plain textures. This would raise the vibrancy of your wedding venue decoration and boost the theme.

Since antique or those rusty features are the look of the time, you may as well choose a Grecian, Egyptian, Roman backdrop. There can be a few columns forming the frame of the backdrop. Each of these columns can be decorated with seasonal fresh flowers. Use chiffon to add the perfect look to the backdrop.

Using candles are a great idea for wedding tabletop decoration. It is not just a decorative piece for your wedding, but it increases the vibrancy of the entire place. In glass bowl you can put some fragrant water, spread fresh flower petals and put some floating candles in it. This will illuminate the dinner tables.

We know that wedding is your dream affair. Hence, you want everything to be perfect to the‘t’. But the whole process of keeping a track of everything often turn out to be a very tedious task. You may miss out on some small things, which later on may spoil the all the efforts you took. To add that extra touch of fineness to the ceremony hiring a wedding decorator is the most ideal thing to do.

While, deciding upon the theme can be a much easier task to do, decorating the banquet or the outdoor wedding location can turn out to be a very stressful affair. But, with a wedding decorator for your assistance everything on your wedding day will just fall in place. All you need to do is to make the right choice for a wedding decorator – someone who understands your taste, has a wide array of contacts and would also fit into your budget.

It is important to remember that the first impression is the last impression. So you must make your guests feel enthralled right from the time they enter, approach the couple area and finally settle down for food.

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