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Ram & Sinthu’s Pretty & Elegant wedding Reception

Ram & Sinthu’s Pretty & Elegant wedding Reception at @ApolloConventionCentre

Decor, design & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Elegant wedding reception

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Excited to share this stunning shoot: Peach Garden ✨ as seen in the current edition of The Bridal Affair

Excited to share this stunning shoot: Peach Garden ✨ as seen in the current edition of The Bridal Affair

Amazing vendors involved:
Photography & Videography: L’Atelier Lumière International Photographie Co-Production, Planning & Styling: August In Bloom
Co-Production & Art Directions: Jarar Kazmi
Creative Direction, Decor & Florar Design G.P.S. Decors & Wedding Services
Furniture, Props & Accessories Rentals: Chairs & Thrones
Cake: Fine Cakes By Zehra
Makeup &Hair: Fancy Face Inc.
Bridal Gown & Jewellery: Ferre Sposa Bridal Boutique
Tableware: William Ashley
Floor Decal: Designer Dance Floors: Printed Decor
Doves: Dove Releases Toronto Model: B N Models
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Peach Garden ✨ as seen in the current edition of The Bridal Affair

Lavish Mehndi Night

Lavish Mehndi Night at Paramount Eventspace – bypeterandpauls.com with Fine Cakes By Zehra Biji Planners Cultural Wedding Planner Tailored Twig S4 Entertainment & Audio/Visual Designer Dance Floors: Printed Decor Chairs & Thrones byPeterandPauls.com Empire Entertainment
Photo & Cinema – L’Atelier Lumière International Photographie
Event Design,decor & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Lavish Mehndi Night

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Wedding Reception Setup

Wedding Reception Setup at Embassy Grand Convention Centre
Event Design,decor & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Designer Backdrop

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Creating a Functional Wedding Reception Floor Plan


“We only had 50 guests,” explains Nicole, a Toronto HR manager for a large firm downtown who decided to buck the trend and have the most intimate of weddings. “I had thrown parties bigger than that at my place, back when Frank and I were dating. But we decided to keep the reception super small, and I asked Frank what we should do for the seating. He just shrugged,” she recalls. “Most of the guests had known each other for a long, long time, and it didn’t make sense to force them into pre-arranged seating. We did round tables of 8, and let the guests work it out. Everyone was happy and socialized constantly throughout the entire reception!”

While the un-traditional seating plan format worked well for Nicole and Frank – as it might for any couple throwing a very small reception – for brides and grooms that have larger families, and/or plan to invite a diverse guest list of friends and colleagues who have never met, it probably wouldn’t work so well. The last thing you want at your wedding is people wandering around aimlessly, not committing to a particular seat and not knowing where they fit in (unless you’re doing an hors d’oeuvres-only party with very limited seating, in which case, that is kind of the point). And if you don’t put any thought into who will be seated with whom, or how the room will be arranged, you risk a Seinfeld-like ‘when two worlds collide’ scenario where people who should not be mixing, are seated together or bumping into one another as they try to get their food and drinks.

Wedding reception floor plan – do’s and don’ts

When you’re planning the seating and the floor plan for your wedding reception, it’s important to take into account the many different elements of your reception:

  • Ballroom/reception hall size
  • Table size (Round? Square? How many does each table accommodate?)
  • Cake table
  • Head table
  • DJ
  • Dance floor
  • Buffeta
  • Bar(s)

Wedding Reception Floor Plan..

Now for some do’s and don’ts of planning your floor plan.


-Leave at least 2 feet around each table so guests can easily slide their chairs in and out.

-Make sure every guest is close to something important. For example, a guest should have easy access to the buffet OR be close to the head table OR have an excellent view of the band.

-Choose long tables, rather than round, if you’re having a small, intimate reception like Nicole’s. This style brings everyone closer together rather than having a very empty-looking room with scattered clusters of people.

-Have a kids’ table if your child guests are 5 and up; they will feel delightfully grown-up eating together and their table can also double as a craft table to keep them occupied during and after the various courses.

-Seat lone guests with other singles, not just couples.


-Try to cram too many people into a table. If a table seats a maximum of 10 people, take that very seriously – and try to put just 8 people there, if you can.

-Put the cake table right in front of the head table, or your guests won’t be able to see the happy couple making toasts or kissing!

-Put the cake table too near the dance floor; there is always the risk of it getting accidentally knocked over.

-Place elderly relatives too close to the music.

Still stumped as to how to achieve the perfect layout? GPS Decors can help you plan a functional wedding reception floor plan that includes everyone and optimizes your space and resources, without the hassle of planning it all yourself.

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GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part V

GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part V

wedding decor toronto (4)

The last two posts have been all about our surroundings and our intention when it comes to our family and friends who come to stand with us while we move onto another phase in life. But lets get back to what’s really important, you. Well, not you specifically, more your memories of you, that day, with those people and how you want to shape those things?

“What memories are most important to me?”

Of course your wedding day is a day for making memories, everyone knows that and the cliché has been around longer than you or I have so it must be true. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to passe and bourgeois methods for capturing them.

There will be pictures! You are going to be on film. Your make-up team and hairdresser will take care of this. In the spirit of discretion and personal vanity, make sure you have a wedding hairstyle and a reception hairstyle backup should the locks not stay for the party. Don’t spend the whole night checking your looks either. The camera phones will go away after the ceremony and won’t come out until the speeches. Because having fun with a camera phone is more difficult and people are there to party. You can also request that people refrain from digital photos to prevent your nuptials from being plastered all over social media.

Get your pre-wedding photos taken with your maids and men and then get down and have a good time. If you obsess about how each photo is going to turn out you’ll miss a heck of a good time. Besides, you’ve hired someone to make those choices for you and your money should ensure their discretion at not developing those less flattering photographs which may or may not exist.

What else can we say about memories? They definitely change over the years. So maybe you could look into video-blogging the whole thing from multiple perspectives or your bridesmaids and family. That way your anniversary dinner will have the night’s entertainment built in and your partner will see exactly how much hell you went through to get to that special day.

More than anything else, memories live in our minds and hearts. So in that spirit, whatever your decisions on methodology for capturing memories is, you have to make some for there to be any worth capturing. Get all the quality time in with your guests that you can. Those candid and warm moments will come out naturally and you won’t ever have to manufacture fun or ease. The best pictures of our weddings are often the ones we don’t even know we’re in.

For Wedding Decorations in Toronto, Brampton or Mississauga, you need look no further than G.P.S. Decors. Our capable experienced team are ready to handle every eventuality so you can do what is most important. Make memories which will last far into the future. Make your wedding, The Wedding, instead of just a wedding.

Mughal Wedding Theme

Mughal Wedding Theme

Mughal Wedding decor

Mughal Wedding Reception Theme – Contrary to what you may think, it’s quite easy to incorporate Mughal styles into your own wedding reception. From going all out to recreate the Mughal era at your reception to a quietly elegant fusion of Mughal and modern styles, we’ve got the formula down for you!
In a wedding reception, the effect of the theme comes mostly through the décor – old antique props, white and gold mogra flowers and an off-white colour palette. If you want your wedding to be more bright and colourful , then you’re lucky because the Mughal style usually includes a rich palette of colours like red, Pink,orange,green and gold. There are a few characteristic décor elements that can bring that characteristic Mughal look to your wedding reception.


Pantone’s color of 2014 is ‘Radiant Orchid’

Wedding Decor

Pantone’s color of 2014 is ‘Radiant Orchid’.It follows this year’s pick of emerald green.Pantone sets color standards for commercial use by design industries. For Wedding decor ideas & decorations – www.gpsdecors.com

Grand Setup with Grand Pillars at Grand Empire

Grand Setup with Grand Pillars at Grand Empire

Venue – Grand Empire Banquet & Convention Centre

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Maroon, Silver & Chrome Wedding reception

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