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Anup & Harpreet’s Extravagant and Lavish Weddings

Anup & Harpreet’s Extravagant and Lavish Weddings at Embassy Grand Convention Centre with Biji Planners

Event Decor, Design & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Beautiful reception setup

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Wedding Reception Setup

Wedding Reception Setup at Apollo Convention Centre

Event Design,decor & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Wedding Reception setup

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Lavish Mehndi Night

Lavish Mehndi Night at Paramount Eventspace – bypeterandpauls.com with Fine Cakes By Zehra Biji Planners Cultural Wedding Planner Tailored Twig S4 Entertainment & Audio/Visual Designer Dance Floors: Printed Decor Chairs & Thrones byPeterandPauls.com Empire Entertainment
Photo & Cinema – L’Atelier Lumière International Photographie
Event Design,decor & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Lavish Mehandi Night

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Beautiful Outdoor Sikh Ceremony

Beautiful Outdoor Sikh Ceremony – Palki Sahib custom designed for Sikh Ceremonies . Now featuring our latest editorial inspiration in Lavish Dulhan

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Producer, designer and decor G.P.S. Decors & Wedding Services
Co producer, planner, stylist Biji Planners Cultural Wedding Planner
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Beauty The Beauty Concept by Shirley Wu
Cakes & Desserts Fine Cakes By Zehra
Fashion and jewellery Sahiba Fashions
Stationary With An Indian Touch

Palki Sahib custom designed for Sikh Ceremonies

GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part II

GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part II

wedding decor toronto (2)

Today we’re tackling a big question. One that might seem like the most important but really only serves to support the answer to the biggest question of all, “What type of wedding do I want?”

The question is this: “What kind of bride do I want to be?”

Well? What kind of bride do you want to be? Let’s be honest here. Are you a princess deep down? Are you a bride-zilla waiting to happen? Are you the star of every show or a wallflower?

We aren’t here to plan your dress or your make-up or hair, before we all get confused. We’re here to talk about what type of bride you want to be, what kind, not what style. Style is another question we’ll get to that but we want to distinguish between the two which is why we’re covering them a few weeks apart.

The kind of bride means, in the simplest terms possible – how do you want to go about the process of envisioning, planning and ultimately executing the wedding which suits you best?

Are you a planner and list-maker by nature? Are you hands-off and easy-going? Are you a type-A and know you absolutely must be included in the smallest of details and decisions throughout the entire process start to finish?

Exhausting isn’t it?

Are you a DIY poster-child who loves crafts and home-cooking and can devote hours of stitch-time to give each and ever piece that personal touch. Or are you a no-nonsense take-no-prisoners bride-in-charge who wants the best of everything with sleek, modern touches which speak to your fashion sense?

It comes down to the real you being able to tell the people you’re closest to, exactly what you want to happen and what you’ll need from those around you during this often stressful process. When you’re honest with them, when there aren’t any surprises, you’ll be able to count on them all the way from the first letter on the first invitation to the last slice of wedding cake. 

Never ask more of yourself than you’re willing to give and don’t do that to others either. Ask your crew what they need from you and what their level of investment is going to be. It’s a way for everyone to feel included instead of obligated.

Next week Part III explores the experience we want our guests to have and what we can do to put the power in their hands and enjoy the ride!

For each event, for every milestone in the life of your family, G.P.S. Decors is here to provide the best in meeting all your expectations and exceeding them so you know that the big day is exactly that, Big! In Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga G.P.S. Decors is the extra set of eyes you need to see your vision through to the perfect wedding. Make your wedding, The wedding, not just any wedding.

GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding (Part I)

The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part  I

Toronto Wedding Decor

Today is the first installment of our ten-part series on nailing down, once and for all, that all important question:

“What type of wedding do I want!?”

To answer this question you need to have answered, to your own satisfaction, a few much simpler and less daunting ones. So here they are:

“What kind of bride do I want to be?”

Every bride wants the same thing, to be beautiful and have a beautiful day.
How do you want to do that though? Do you want a grand statement? Do you want a quiet day of intimate sharing? Do you want to be the center of attention or just part of the crowd, there to celebrate the life you so blessed to be starting.

Answering this question honestly is going to put you on the right track to planning a ceremony and reception that speaks to your values more than you might think.

“What feeling do I want my guests to have?”

When your nearest and dearest show up to share in the celebration, what do you want to see on their faces? Wonder? Excitement? Reverence? All of those things are possible but you have to understand that the tone you set is a living thing and it is intentional in every single way. You are directing the movie of your life, the set is yours but the rest is all extemporaneous. What do props do you want to provide your cast?

“What memories are most the important to me?”

Do you want the classic mantelpiece silver-framed wedding photos and keepsakes out for each guest to see? Do you want a recording of the whole day for you to watch and re-watch as the years go by? What about a play-by-play blog written by you and your bridesmaids recording every last detail? Can you have a bit of each or maybe your idea of memories is less concrete and you just want to relax now that the big day is here and leave it up to the groom, he is supposed to do something afterall.

“What is the everyday hallmark of my personal style?”

Are you a tomboy? Do you wear a t-shirt and jeans everyday? Are you the everygirl or the standout? Whatever your walk or talk, you should stay true to that unless you are making a specific statement by stepping outside your comfort-zone. For your partner, who may have never seen you in a dress or in fancy makeup and might never again – you have the option to give him one day and night of sexy glamorous womanhood or you can stick to your guns. The choice is yours and it can set the tone for an entire wedding.

And finally, and most important, “Is my wedding for me? Or for them?”

Are we gathered here today to see you marry your one and only or are we gathered here today to make grandma happy? Let’s be serious and honest for a minute. If you’re not that into your wedding, it’s going to show in the choices you make and the way your wedding feels to those who attend. If you’re not doing it for you, get someone else to do the whole thing for you, really. Make sure you love your dress, the cake isn’t some overly traditional out-dated disaster and wash your hands of the whole mess until the big day arrives. If you’re not happy to be there then why did you show up at all? Give up the stress to someone who wants it and just show up to share in the laughter when the time finally comes.

Come back for Part II, when we explore the first of our five questions in-depth.

As always, when you’re looking for Wedding Decorations, in Toronto, Brampton or Mississauga – whether Traditional Indian, Contemporary or Modern – G.P.S. Decors is as excited about your wedding as you are. We take pride in creating and customizing wedding decorations and special details that make your vision come to life and stand out from other events. Make your wedding, The Wedding, not just any wedding. Call us today and we can start taking the work off your hands and putting it where it belongs, in ours.