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Creating Bespoke & Beautiful Designer Weddings – We believe in true love stories, and we pride ourselves on truly understanding you and your visions.

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Jazz it up with a Red and Black Wedding Theme

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This season the hottest theme for wedding is none other than sizzling red and black wedding color combo. The elegance and beauty of the whole show will be remembered by every guest for a long time. It just makes everything fall in place if you have planned an evening party. Look glamorous and add a glitz to your wedding venue with ravishing red and glamorous black combination.

Earlier back was considered as the color of sadness and was also regarded as inauspicious. It was not to be worn or used in any happy occasion. But these days with changing fashion and changing mindset of people black is an in thing when it comes to wedding decoration. The new concept that many have started picking up is that black enhances the beauty of an occasion.

We understand that you want your wedding to be nothing less than perfect. Therefore, our decorations will offer you just the perfect combination of sophistication and romance you desire. The effect created by red and black will turn your wedding venue into the most stunning and beautiful place on earth.

Wedding decor MississaugaWedding decor Toronto

Wedding Decoration

Turn your wedding venue into a modern and stylish area. Red compliments back in a way you could never think of. In a glass bowl sprinkle red rose petals, place a few white floating candles in the bowl, and hang black streamers and laces along the bowl. Use the magic of red and back by using the colors as backdrop decoration. How ‘bout black chair covers with red bows? Wedding cakes are equally important as any other elements of the day. Therefore an extra care must be taken to decorate the cake table. Black laces, red drapes, and white candles would create the boldest look on your wedding.

Wedding dress

When it comes to wedding gowns, the brides have mostly stuck to whites, while the groom have often chosen a black suit. This time, when you have taken a bold step to decorate the venue in red and black, go for a red wedding gown, with a black stiletto. Accessorize in black pearl necklace and hair pieces. The bride had never looked so ravishing before. To intensify the wedding theme, get a black tuxedo for your partner. The bridesmaids should be dressed up in a little subdued manner hence white, off-white or cream-white gowns with red and black laces and accessories are just ideal for them.

Wedding flower

Wedding is never complete without fresh flowers. It is the most integral part of the entire ceremony. Starting from venue decoration, to cake and bridal bouquet, flowers add an extra magnificence to the whole affair. When your wedding theme is red and black go it is ideal to stick to the traditional red roses. Combine black iris or black tulips with blood red roses for the bride’s bouquet. For table decorations yellow, orange and red gerberas can be placed on a glass vase.

Invitation cards

Have you considered personalized invitation card for your wedding rather than settling down for those clichéd ones available in the market? Speak to your wedding decorator for a personalized wedding invitation card reflecting a black and red theme. You may use lighter shades of yellow, or pink as a perfect contrast with red and black. Red artificial flowers tied into a bunch in black satin laces can be used to invite your special guests. A gift box wrapped in black velvet and red sequence can act as a pleasant surprise to your guests. Fill it with some goodies and a personalized note. It can be used as a welcome gift to all your guests to the venue.


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Hire A Decorator That Gives Your Wedding A Flawless Feel

Hire A Decorator That Gives Your Wedding A Flawless Feel

Brampton Wedding decorations

Weddings are special for every couple and to make the day most cherishing day of their life, couples leave no stone unturned. Even the families make every possible arrangement to make the event grand. Girls dream of their wedding day since childhood and plan to wear something indeed exotic on their D-day. However, with time, couples and families are experimenting with the décor and clothes of the bride-groom. From candid photographers to best in class decorators are hired to make the wedding day a memorable day.

However, now days, brides are anxious about selecting the perfect dresses for their weddings. Since there is a huge change seen in wedding decoration styles across globe so brides pick the dresses that match up with the décor. It is highly important since the idea to look perfect and center of attraction on the D day requires everything on track. Most people would jump to the wedding just to see the attire of the bride. So, brides have to be dressed in a way that they look unique, charming, and different.

Toronto Wedding Decorations

There are pool of wedding decorators and service providers in the market claiming to offer perfect decorations for the D day. However, picking the best remains a challenge with the families. Mostly, every decorator emphasize on incorporating some of the elements in the weddings-

  • Exotic Wedding flowers
  • Table center pieces
  • Lavish Wedding cake
  • Table linen comprising of napkins and rings
  • Chair covers and sashes
  • Place names and Table nos.Mississauga wedding-decorations

The services you wish to take and the extent of wedding decoration depends solely on your budget. Tight budgets would result in some restrictions but you can always go for good decorations in it as well. However, spending huge amount of money on decorations is also not wise decision till you find best decorator for your wedding.

Now days, couples are being more aware and anxious about the wedding decorations. Also, they make it a point that the decoration comprising of themes doesn’t look so loud that the bridal wear doesn’t match with it. Mostly decorators advise of themes like unique, personal and memorable. However, before deciding anything about the decoration, picking up a subtle and unique color scheme is highly crucial. It should be able to complement with whatever type of wedding you are planning such as a winter wonderland theme, a vintage style reception, beach wedding, or pink polka scheme.

Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll

Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll

 I am happy to announce that G.P.S. decors been selected for the Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll.

The team asked Wedding Professionals around the world – “Who has inspired you in your local wedding community?” After reviewing email referrals from across the globe, they put together their first annual list of Honor Roll members and I’m happy to announce that G.P.S. decors one of them.

It’s because of my wonderful clients that I get to do what I love and to meet so many other wedding industry professionals.  I appreciate this recognition and want to thank everyone who has supported me.

Wedding decorators Toronto Brampton Mississauga Here is some more information about the Honor Roll: G.P.S. decors

“Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll member businesses are a mixed bunch.  Much like wedding rings, each one sparkles in its own way. No matter how you count their differences, members have a few things in common – they love the wedding business, they are committed to their clients and their testimonials from both peers and happy clients speak volumes about their commitment to their fields. 

 Being on the Honor Roll is not an endorsement of a businesses service or products. It is simply a way to say thank you – you did some awesome work, that inspired others and we want to recognize you.”

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GPS Decors – The Out of The Box – NYE!

With the final entry for this year, looking forward and looking back, it’s all weddings all the time and I’ve decided to depart from that for a moment. I’ve spent countless hours scouring resources to bring you trends and ideas, inspiration and empowerment all toward a single end: The ideal ceremony and reception. In short, a big day, as big or small as you want, done the way you dreamed.

Yet, it would make sense that anything you can do at a wedding, you can do just for the heck of it. New Years Eve, for instance. It’s a bit late for a 2014 New Years Eve planning session, but there is always next year and if you feel up to it, I’ve got a couple suggestions to roll around in your head while you tour the galas tomorrow night.

As you move from party to party throughout Toronto and the GTA, make note of those do’s and don’t you find most glaring, most apparent and squirrel them away for next Autumn’s NYE plans. It’s always easier to see the big picture when it’s someone else putting on the show, so take advantage of your birds-eye-view and engage your senses and take a snapshot or two. Objectivity is always more difficult is when your party-reputation is on the line.

Moving forward, away from spying on your besties and planning party revenge and utter domination of NYE 2015. How about some practical ideas for making every NYE a successful night whether you throw the party, help plan or just attend.

There are so many pragmatic considerations for any NYE bash that we could stay here all night but lets get the basics taken care of:

Weather – You may or may not need to provide door to door access so your guests are not required to traverse a bitter cold night just to get to you. Valet service is practical and though somewhat pricey adds an air of civilized elegance to any party. If you feel so inclined, everyone’s Christmas present can be you picking up the tab as well. If you want to Scrooge them all out of twelve bucks that’s your business, but they’ll be sure to mention it at brunch the following afternoon.

Multiple Commitment-itis – Your party isn’t the only party. Deal with it. Make sure you have a decent number of committed friends and guests to make the atmosphere inviting without being overwhelming. You don’t want people showing up to a barren desolate alien party-landscape or an over-crowded uncomfortable sweat-box. Provide some type of egress for all involved. A warmed patio or mezzanine area to cool off in and get some privacy or cool off from dancing. NYE is often a last chance at romance and it isn’t romantic to scream directly into someone’s ear canal, create a quiet space and your love-crazy guests will thank you..

Making Fun – You are moving out of one stage and into another and it’s time to send off the old year. Whether in playful defiance of some bad luck, optimism for better or a celebration of a phenomenal run and the hope to keep that momentum. So muted, solemn and bland are not in your palette this time. A reserved dinner-party might be your style but that means you should stop reading here and have a nap. Make it exciting and give your guests a space that encourages fun. Photo booths for commemoration, engaging food options that are healthy or indulgent or both, alternative performances like fire-dancers or acrobats, and of course good all-night music. Avoid having an empty dance floor when the ball drops by packing it with happy energetic people.

After-party – Provide multiple options for your guests to make it home safely. Safe-limo services, cab chits through a per-arranged contract with a local taxi or livery service, deals on rooms in the area planned out well in advance or a block reserved just in case. It might cost you a bit more but it’ll make sure the night isn’t marred by tragedy like so many that we hear of. Have a dedicated designated driver or drivers who are ready to take people home in their own vehicle and have a friend follow. It might seem like an imposition or a lot of planning in lieu of just having fun, but your guests will thank you, and you’ll see them the following year, in good health.

Whatever your plans, designs or dreams – GPS Decors in Mississauga, Brampton and all throughout the Greater Toronto Area is the dedicated friend you need to give attention to each and every last detail, to give you and your guests the most immersive experiences and stress-free event. Contact us day or night to begin handcrafting your next wedding, engagement party or celebration. 

A Tale of Two Weddings

We are just back from a whirlwind vacation that included two weddings of our own very close friends and it got us to thinking. So of course that got us to writing and here is the product of those two activities.

After an exhausting twelve days on the road, 4663.8 km of driving, multiple parties, sporting events, brunches, American Thanksgiving and two weddings to bookend the entire trip – we took an entire day off from our days off and did absolutely nothing. But of course the anti-party couldn’t last forever and here we are back again, at the proverbial grindstone, to give you wedding ideas and fire your imaginations.

Our first couple were traditionalists all the way and had a huge family with many elderly and larger established families to accommodate. Their ceremony took place the first day of our vacation, so we drove eight hours, checked-in to the Hotel Friend’s-House, ate some sushi, napped a bit and threw on our party clothes. Jennifer and Kyle’s wedding was a classic formal affair with a hand-drawn backdrop of the place where Kyle proposed and held in a boutique hotel downtown with it’s own bar and waitstaff. Now this is the way to go for young couples who have parent’s who are helping foot the bill but don’t want to go for the church-side ceremony and thus cut down on the jarring change of venues for the older folks. It means everyone gets to meet up in one place, one time and the night ends where it started with valet parking or sleeping accommodations close at hand. How could you be anymore convenient and guest-centered? I don’t know.

The second couple practically eloped but included guests. The ceremony was held outdoors at a beautiful public park with a waterfall, the entire cast was piled into a gigantic limo from the bride and grooms home and whisked away to the nuptials and then to a large informal dinner in the back room of their favorite restaurant where toasts and jokes were made. The couple in question cut out multiple logistics nightmares by running a tight ship and inviting only those closest to them. Although informal the event had a feeling of guarded intimacy which left all those whose presence was requested feeling extremely honored to be there. The wedding party was taken back to the house and everyone just hung out and got real face to face time with the happy couple. Mary and Daniel are an unconventional couple and they had an unconventional wedding which suited them and made those gathered together all the more certain that they were perfect for one another.

Although these two ceremonies were very different they had the same idea, which is absolutely paramount to making the big day special. They did what they felt was right for them. This isn’t always an easy decision but it’s one everyone can respect and means having no regrets after the guests have gone home and it’s just the bride and groom.

Plan your wedding for yourselves. The statement you make will be punctuated by what you choose to do to honor each other just as much as what you do to honor your guests.

Tune in next week as we start a new series focusing on Holiday Themes, Mashups and Combo Weddings!

At GPS Decors our passion is seeing our clients light up once they know that their vision is now reality. Whatever your event, whatever the reason, we’re here to help you every step of the way. In Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto – GPS Decors will always be here to serve your every need.

GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part II

GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part II

wedding decor toronto (2)

Today we’re tackling a big question. One that might seem like the most important but really only serves to support the answer to the biggest question of all, “What type of wedding do I want?”

The question is this: “What kind of bride do I want to be?”

Well? What kind of bride do you want to be? Let’s be honest here. Are you a princess deep down? Are you a bride-zilla waiting to happen? Are you the star of every show or a wallflower?

We aren’t here to plan your dress or your make-up or hair, before we all get confused. We’re here to talk about what type of bride you want to be, what kind, not what style. Style is another question we’ll get to that but we want to distinguish between the two which is why we’re covering them a few weeks apart.

The kind of bride means, in the simplest terms possible – how do you want to go about the process of envisioning, planning and ultimately executing the wedding which suits you best?

Are you a planner and list-maker by nature? Are you hands-off and easy-going? Are you a type-A and know you absolutely must be included in the smallest of details and decisions throughout the entire process start to finish?

Exhausting isn’t it?

Are you a DIY poster-child who loves crafts and home-cooking and can devote hours of stitch-time to give each and ever piece that personal touch. Or are you a no-nonsense take-no-prisoners bride-in-charge who wants the best of everything with sleek, modern touches which speak to your fashion sense?

It comes down to the real you being able to tell the people you’re closest to, exactly what you want to happen and what you’ll need from those around you during this often stressful process. When you’re honest with them, when there aren’t any surprises, you’ll be able to count on them all the way from the first letter on the first invitation to the last slice of wedding cake. 

Never ask more of yourself than you’re willing to give and don’t do that to others either. Ask your crew what they need from you and what their level of investment is going to be. It’s a way for everyone to feel included instead of obligated.

Next week Part III explores the experience we want our guests to have and what we can do to put the power in their hands and enjoy the ride!

For each event, for every milestone in the life of your family, G.P.S. Decors is here to provide the best in meeting all your expectations and exceeding them so you know that the big day is exactly that, Big! In Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga G.P.S. Decors is the extra set of eyes you need to see your vision through to the perfect wedding. Make your wedding, The wedding, not just any wedding.

GPS Decors – The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding (Part I)

The Formula to Plan your Perfect Wedding – Part  I

Toronto Wedding Decor

Today is the first installment of our ten-part series on nailing down, once and for all, that all important question:

“What type of wedding do I want!?”

To answer this question you need to have answered, to your own satisfaction, a few much simpler and less daunting ones. So here they are:

“What kind of bride do I want to be?”

Every bride wants the same thing, to be beautiful and have a beautiful day.
How do you want to do that though? Do you want a grand statement? Do you want a quiet day of intimate sharing? Do you want to be the center of attention or just part of the crowd, there to celebrate the life you so blessed to be starting.

Answering this question honestly is going to put you on the right track to planning a ceremony and reception that speaks to your values more than you might think.

“What feeling do I want my guests to have?”

When your nearest and dearest show up to share in the celebration, what do you want to see on their faces? Wonder? Excitement? Reverence? All of those things are possible but you have to understand that the tone you set is a living thing and it is intentional in every single way. You are directing the movie of your life, the set is yours but the rest is all extemporaneous. What do props do you want to provide your cast?

“What memories are most the important to me?”

Do you want the classic mantelpiece silver-framed wedding photos and keepsakes out for each guest to see? Do you want a recording of the whole day for you to watch and re-watch as the years go by? What about a play-by-play blog written by you and your bridesmaids recording every last detail? Can you have a bit of each or maybe your idea of memories is less concrete and you just want to relax now that the big day is here and leave it up to the groom, he is supposed to do something afterall.

“What is the everyday hallmark of my personal style?”

Are you a tomboy? Do you wear a t-shirt and jeans everyday? Are you the everygirl or the standout? Whatever your walk or talk, you should stay true to that unless you are making a specific statement by stepping outside your comfort-zone. For your partner, who may have never seen you in a dress or in fancy makeup and might never again – you have the option to give him one day and night of sexy glamorous womanhood or you can stick to your guns. The choice is yours and it can set the tone for an entire wedding.

And finally, and most important, “Is my wedding for me? Or for them?”

Are we gathered here today to see you marry your one and only or are we gathered here today to make grandma happy? Let’s be serious and honest for a minute. If you’re not that into your wedding, it’s going to show in the choices you make and the way your wedding feels to those who attend. If you’re not doing it for you, get someone else to do the whole thing for you, really. Make sure you love your dress, the cake isn’t some overly traditional out-dated disaster and wash your hands of the whole mess until the big day arrives. If you’re not happy to be there then why did you show up at all? Give up the stress to someone who wants it and just show up to share in the laughter when the time finally comes.

Come back for Part II, when we explore the first of our five questions in-depth.

As always, when you’re looking for Wedding Decorations, in Toronto, Brampton or Mississauga – whether Traditional Indian, Contemporary or Modern – G.P.S. Decors is as excited about your wedding as you are. We take pride in creating and customizing wedding decorations and special details that make your vision come to life and stand out from other events. Make your wedding, The Wedding, not just any wedding. Call us today and we can start taking the work off your hands and putting it where it belongs, in ours.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Wedding decor decorators

Should something have the chance to go wrong and that something has the choice between happening in front of four people or four-hundred, it’s going to choose four-hundred. Every single time. This is why practice makes perfect and the early bird gets the beautiful, blooper-free wedding.

After you spend months planning each detail and meeting with the people you entrust to help and advise you on each facet of the overarching theme and execution of a wedding; be it large or small, intimate or grandiose – the only time you really get to see it all as a cohesive and singular event, before it actually happens, is the rehearsal.

And more important than the walk-through and mock-speeches and “oh my god this is a disaster!” moments – is the dinner afterward which is your chance to thank everyone who has put so much time into your day, only to step into the background and cheer you on. So why not make it important to them so you show how important they really are to you?

Beyond the practice and resets and script finalization – take some time, have something prepared in advance and tell your people just why they are your people. Tell them all about how much of a helping hand they’ve been to you, how much relying upon them and knowing they would show up for you did to ease the stress and strain of keeping every last bit of detail straight in your overcrowded head.

Tell them that no matter what happens tomorrow, your life together has started off on the right foot, thanks in no small part to all the footwork they’ve put in. Honor them the way they honor you. Make sure the rehearsal dinner doesn’t feel as formal as the wedding. It is a night to relax and get things fine-tuned for that big day. This is not a night for anybody to feel more stressed because of a last-minute bride-zilla appearance. Don’t make unreasonable demands on those who have already done so much for you. When you speak to those gathered near to you, don’t mention their duty to you, thank them and speak about the debt you owe them and how seriously you take it.

Make sure you have put together unique gifts for each member of your inner-circle, telling them in deed as well as word, how greatly your life has benefited from their being in it. Show them how deeply touched you’ve been by the hard-work they’ve done for you. Don’t buy everyone a car, but make sure you’ve done your homework on the gift price-points for bridesmaids, groomsmen versus maids of honor and best men. Don’t skimp, just be genuine and thoughtful.

And finally have yourself a well-earned glass of champagne and get some beauty-sleep because tomorrow begins very early and will go very late if everything goes to plan. Give people with families the night off by setting your dinner early enough that they can just go chill out and prepare in whatever way they see fit to be completely “on” and get what they need to get right, right.

In Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, G.P.S. Decors is dedicated to creating and customizing the wedding decorations and details for you and yours that will make your event stand out from the crowd and give you years of memories to cherish. Make your wedding, “The Wedding” and choose us to take care of it all, for you.

Something Borrowed or Something New?

Something Borrowed or Something New?

Toronto Wedding Decor

A wedding is never a minor investment. Whether in manpower or money, you’re in for a penny and then in for a pound. So it’s not only smart to save where you can, but it’s also trendy and fashionable.

The easiest way to personalize a reception or ceremony is to use your personal items and those from your family, friends or wedding party to decorate and even host your event. If you love the Burlap and Lace and Rustic Wedding themes, combine them and borrow a friends grandparents ranch or farm to hold the big day. You have so many options you’ll be hard-pressed to decide by the time the day comes. There are so many details you can spin into something kitsch and hip without breaking the bank. So lets look at a couple.

Table cloth and place settings are easy-peasy when you raid your aunts’ linen closet and then make on-the-spot table settings to match from unused china or brilliant succulents in tiny tea-cups! Mason jar glasses with custom lace cozies and twine fittings with daisies tied to them – these also double as a great votive when you cut patterns throughout your lace to cast beautiful shadows throughout the space and on the faces of your guests.

If your big expense in flower-arrangements and gifts. There are so many ways to mitigate costs while making your wedding comfortable and welcoming and lovely for you and everyone who attends. Using wheat in place of ferns for foliage in your settings and even your bouquet. Making your own will save you money and give those who you’ve invited without a means to contribute otherwise (read – middle-school aged nieces, screaming cousins, broke uncles, et al.) a chance to pitch in and will make those you share your day with all that much prouder to be a part.

At GPS Decors we know that the stress of those weeks and months leading up to the big day are only aggravated by getting less than you paid for or agreed upon when it comes time to put it all together. Let our team work with you to plan the most efficient and pleasing use of your space and your budget. We have the experience you’re looking for to find every last penny you can save without cutting corners. For Wedding Decorations in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga, whether it’s a Traditional Indian Wedding, a Contemporary Modern Wedding or any other event, G.P.S. Decors can help you get the best value and have the most time to enjoy that value.

In Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, G.P.S. Decors is dedicated to creating and customizing the wedding decorations and details for you and yours that will make your event stand out from the crowd and give you years of memories to cherish. Make your wedding, “The Wedding” and choose us to take care of it all, for you.

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Dazzling Succulents – Our New Editorial in Lavish Dulhan Magazine

DAZZLING SUCCULENTS – Our New Editorial in Lavish Dulhan Magazine


Dazzling Succulents – Check out our Editorial in the Latest Edition of LAVISH DULHAN Magazine. For more  pictures & Full spread  –

Photography – Elements Photography (

Cake – Fine Cakes By Zehra (

Stationery – With an Indian Touch (

Styling, Decor & Florals – G.P.S. decors (

Concept & Planning – Isabelle Annalise Planning (

Beauty – LeSonne Bridals (

Fashion – Blue Peacock (

Jewellery – Banglez (

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Interesting Seating with Wedding Table Decoration and Naming Ideas

Interesting Seating with Wedding Table Decoration and Naming Ideas

Welcoming your guests in a grand way is just not enough. You start with presenting each of your guests with a welcome bag and precede them to the sitting area. You need to take care of every minute detail to offer your guests an optimum comfort. Get a wedding Planner or cordinator to do the wedding table seating plan for you.

Romantic Wedding Chair Ruffles

Ruffled wedding chair covers are a hot and most sought after trend in this wedding season. You can either go for heavy ruffle decorations or simply stick to ruffles and simple chair sleeves. Choose from a wide variety of colors and designs to match your wedding venue decoration. Ruffles can make any plain chair look gorgeous. A white seat cover matched with metallic ruffles gives a perfect rustic look.

Wedding Chair Gorgeous Decorations

What would make your wedding venue look absolutely gorgeous other than drapes, lights, flowers and table tops? The seating arrangements of course! A combination of pale yellow, pink or blue seat covers in satin fabric can match with the bright lighting of the outdoor adding an extra softness to the well structured design to your wedding venue. A lighter shade of pink or yellow combined with lime green chair covers is an unusually hot theme for this wedding season.

Ribbon Chair & Dreamy Decorations

Ribbons are in huge demand for wedding chair decorations. It can be hung along the chairs easily in various playful manners. A simple know can add a lot of elegance to the seating arrangement at your reception. Use multicolored ribbons to add more life to the venue. Ribbons can be simply streamed or tied in knots to the white covered chairs. You can as well use the ribbons to make floral decorations around the tables.

Flower Chair Inspiration

Wedding is not complete without fresh flowers. Use bunch of fresh flowers to decorate your wedding chairs and adorn your dining tables. The fresh fragrant will fill the wedding venue with a flowery aroma and the venue with a sparkling look. Chairs can be decorated with garlands and ribbons to give it a dreamy and romantic feel.

Bridal Couple Chair Sign Decorations

Sweetheart chairs are so apt for wedding receptions. You can think of a lot of innovative couple names and stick of each pair of chairs for your guests. Allow them to choose the characters matching their personalities as they sit and dine. Besides simple Mr. & Mrs., go for romantic couple characters from classic novels and Hollywood flicks. To share a laugh with all your guests you can add the title of “Mr. Right” to the groom’s chair and “Mrs. Always Right” to the bride’s chair.

Let the creativity run wild with wedding table naming ideas. Name the tables after characters from long forgotten yet highly cherished TV shows. Each of the tables can have a different theme from cartoon shows, to Hollywood stars, countries visited, wresters and other sports persons, fashion brands, food, music and so on.

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