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Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

Beautiful Wedding Ceremony at Embassy Grand Convention Centre . Congrats Vanessa & Adnan !

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Beautiful Wedding ceremony

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Wedding Reception Setup

Wedding Reception Setup at Pearson Convention Center
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Wedding Reception

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Reception setup

Reception setup at Embassy Grand Convention Centre
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Reception setup

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A bright and Colourful Mehndi event

A bright and Colourful Mehndi event at Grand Empire Banquet & Convention Centre
Photo by Dave Abreu Photography
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Colourful Mehndi Event

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Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

 Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

Thinking of a fairy tale wedding automatically makes people imagine thousands of dollars slipping out of their bank accounts. For most, a small budget wedding means nothing close to a lavish affair. But, if you have a limited budget and still want the most special day of your life to be filled with sumptuousness, then a little planning is all you need to make your D-day memorable.

1.     Stick to your budget – One mantra is to set a budget and stick to it at any cost.

2.     Involve friends and family – Friends and family members always feel special when they are assigned tasks for a special day. So, why not rope them for various tasks! Ask someone to click pictures, while a few others can help with decorations/food preparations. Make small teams to make sure that everything comes out as planned.

3.     Consider an off season wedding – An off season wedding will automatically cut down your wedding costs. This is the time when most of things are offered at a discounted rate. If you wish to cut costs further, then a wedding scheduled before lunch will be a perfect idea.

4.     Prepare wedding invitations and favors at home – Why not get creative and make wedding invitations and wedding favors at home rather than spending a huge amount on them? There are endless ideas available on the internet, which will help you come up with a customized invitation and eye-appealing favors.

5.     Invite limited people – A long list of guests means a heavy budget. Come up with a list and send invitations to only close friends and family members.

6.      Cut down on that designer wedding gown – Buying a designer wedding dress can be any bride’s dream, but is definitely an unnecessary wedding cost. Instead of designer houses, exploit sources like eBay where you can find hundreds of stylish yet cheaper options. Renting a wedding dress is another option, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

7.     Cut out on alcohol – Serve sparkling wine or non-alcoholic drinks, instead of expensive liquor or wine.

A small budget wedding can be equally special, mesmerizing and impressive. After all, money is not the only thing that can buy happiness!


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Bright and Colorful Wedding

Bright and Colorful Wedding

Color is the new buzzword for wedding in 2012. Everything from red cherry and lime, coral and grey, hot pink and black or white, mocha with soft pinks, light blue and aqua, and a mixture of oranges – brides and grooms all over Canada are demanding colors in their wedding. And the fun part is that you can never go wrong with colors. It adds life to your wedding. I suggest don’t get too much into the planning part of it. Hire a wedding planner, brief him about what you want and take a back seat.

From lights, flowers, table tops, and even the wedding dresses – if you make it colorful, it would look exceptionally unusual. How about a 1940′s Stork Club theme with basic colors as black and white and a combination of splashes of orange, red, blue, yellow, purple, green etc? One of the most important parts of a wedding venue decoration is choosing the right colors that would match with the season, wedding theme and would not exceed your budget.

When it comes to wedding one simply can’t do without colors. The combination of colors reflects your creativity and imagination. Therefore the planning needs to begin from an early stage. Every aspect, every corner of your wedding venue needs to be decorated will and must reflect colors. From flowers to wedding gown, from table tops to streamers, from invitation to accents – make sure all elements are properly aligned.

For the past few years the bridesmaids’ gowns have either been white or black or a simple combination of both. But recently in 2012 the trend has majorly changed moving into more colorful fabrics. Tiffany blue has been opted by many who got wedded in early 2012. Even shaded of orange has been immensely popular this year.

Here are some of the color combinations that would dominate wedding decorations in 2012:

  • Pink and Green: Many consider pink to be a girlish color. But the best part of this color is that it can turn your wedding venue into really glamorous one. Add some splashes of green to it and it can turn into a more elegant and soothing yet flirty look. If you are planning to tie your knots this summer, then go for lime green and a bright pink combination. Make use of the mother nature’s greenery with hanging laces and streamers in pink.
  • Yellow and Blue: A perfect combination for the summer. Make the base color blue so that it gives a much soothing ambience with combination of yellow roses and other decorative.

20 Top Love Songs for Your Wedding

Top 20 Love Songs  for Your Wedding

Most of us can think of particular songs we associate with the love relationships of our lives. If you have no clue what to pick for the first dance, here are the top 10 love songs that are appropriate for weddings. Hope you Like it.


–          “If This Isn’t Love”

             Jennifer Hudson

–           “ Be that Easy”


–          “ Bleeding Love”

              Leona Lewis

–          “Come On Get Higher”

              Matt Nathanson

–          “Everything”

              Micheal Buble

–          “Ain’t No Other Man”

             Christina Aguilera

–          “Halo”


–          “Home”

             Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

–          “I Do”

             Colbie Caillat

–           “I’m Yours”

               Jason Mraz

–           “Lovesong”


–          “Love Story”

              Taylor Swift

–          “No One”

              Alicia Keys

–          “Umbrella”  


–          “Marry Me”


–          “You Are The Best Thing”

              Ray LaMontagne

–          “Sea Breeze”

             Tyrone Wells

–          “Teenage Dream”

             Cast of Glee

–          “Just the Way You Are”

             Bruno Mars

–          “The Way I Am”

              Ingrid Michaelson 


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Break Your Own Rules

Break Your Own Rules

As a wedding decorator the most important thing to do is keeping the customer happy. This can be done through several ways, such as coming up with unique and creative ideas, offering a low cost plan, and building an excellent relationship with the customers. Every customer will be different. They will have different demand and choices when it comes to their wedding. As a wedding decorator one has to constantly upgrade himself/herself to know about the latest trends of the market and come up with very creative ideas which the customers will love.

A wedding decorator must reveal through his/her work the true reflection and personality of the wedding couple. There are countless ideas, but the biggest challenge is to come up with something that will make every guest attending the wedding remember it for a long time. Don’t forget that you might get your potential prospects to do business with during a wedding reception. Often family and friends take a whole of interest in organizing a wedding. You have to be a part of them in order to understand their needs and choices. You have to act not just like a wedding decorator, but also like a designer, floral decorator, jockey, and chef.

Breaking your own rules for every wedding certainly would help the wedding decorator to make each celebration look different from each other in the most perfect and sophisticated way. Your customers are always looking for unique solutions in the most cost effective way. Even if you are working with a millionaire, your client would never want to spend extra cash for unnecessary reasons.

Moreover, coming up with newer ideas will allow you to go absolutely creative. It can be a big or small change. But any change will add a new element to the wedding venue. There is another very important reason to keep changing your past rules. Your customers will always be looking for something new, something which no one has experienced before in a wedding. So, you can give them an extra satisfaction and earn their trust on you.

By breaking your own rules you can also be a trend setter for other wedding decorators. Other players in the market will not only start following you but also may hire you as a consultant. In this constant changing market, people are always looking for newer things. When it comes to wedding your customers will want you to play with colors and decorative. They might want an old combination of pink and green theme for their wedding, but that certainly has to be used in complete different fashion to give a venue a standalone look. Likewise you might be using carnations, roses, tulips or gerberas for floral decoration. But adding a few laces or streamers to it or combining the fresh flowers with artificial ones may add a new element to the wedding.

The biggest appreciation for a wedding decorator is when people start stating at the venue with surprise and tell exciting stories of the wedding they attended. So, keep breaking your own rules.

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Wedding Decor Trends in 2012

Wedding Decor Trends in 2012

Wedding season is about to begin. Right after the chill from the air vanishes and mercury rises a bit to give make the climate more soothing, people are going to get ready to start with their wedding preparations. So, before the wedding season begins let us take a quick glance at the wedding decoration trends of 2012.

Wedding is fun! And one should not miss out the essential ingredients like colors, flowers, laces, and drapes to make it more gorgeous. The prettiness of a wedding venue lies in the hands of wedding decorators and planners. It is important to choose the right kind of person who can offer the right kind of decoration ideas to match your needs, taste and budget.


Hot Wedding Decor Trends of 2012

Colour Trends: The following colors are favourites for 2012 weddings: Turquoise, Coral, Black & White, Yellow, Fuchsia, Deep Red, Slate Grey, Purple and Latte.

Sequins: From small to large these shiny things can add glitz and glamour to your wedding venue. Although sequins have been out of fashion for long but they are back to create wonders in the wedding decoration in 2012. The best thing about sequins is it can create riots of colors for your wedding at very affordable prices.

Full-Scale Themes: Themes are making a huge comeback and why not? Almost everyone loves a wedding theme. It makes it easier to stay focused and organized when you are working towards a certain thematic goal. Everything from the venue to the colors, invitations, dessert tables and wedding fashions can be coordinated to a certain theme. Currently, the top wedding themes are beach, garden, winter wonderland, vintage, rustic, and Tiffany Blue. But creativity knows no bounds, so pick one that reflects you & show it in the details.

Rectangle & Square Tables – Round Tables are out and Mixed Table shapes (Round & Square) are been paired. These trends give the reception tables a more interesting look and a less “coordinated” feel. You can create much more original Wedding décor with this kind of tables, compared to just round tables.

Mixed Centrepieces: Brides are choosing centerpieces that are in the same color tones, but of different sizes. Brides are going for more visual interest and choosing to mix different styles, heights or colours of centerpieces, instead of the identical centerpiece on each table. The use of multiple arrangements, sometimes in varying heights, in combination with candles and accessories such as: pearls, antique books, frames, birdcages, lanterns, crystals, twigs, birds’ nests, terrariums, bark, feathers, fruit, seashells and photos.

 Unique Vase Fillers: Unique vase fillers include glass marbles, sea glass shells, acrylic ice, water absorbing crystals beads, and fresh fruits such as lemons and limes.

Hanging Wedding Décor: The ceiling of your wedding venue is like an open canvas. You can let your creative mind flow. This blank canvas can be decorated the way you visualize it. Hanging decors are a brilliant idea to make use of this space. There are large arrays of decorative pieces which are affordable and blushingly beautiful.  From floral elements to hanging candle stands these can add light and colors to your wedding venue.

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Stylish and Sophisticated: Black & White

Stylish and SophisticatedBlack & White

Are you planning a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate event? Perhaps you are throwing a surprise birthday party, an engagement party, or an anniversary party? Whatever the occasion, we’re here to help you with your entire event decorating needs. Having trouble coming up with a theme? Trying to come up with something stylish and sophisticated? Want to avoid trendy themes that are bound to go out of fashion? A black-and-white colour scheme is perfect for any event. It is classy, clean, crisp, and classic. Black-and-white themed events will always be in style; the colour combination is simply timeless. This versatile colour scheme will have the impact you’re looking for. It’s so dramatic! Plus, black-and-white décor will work with any budget!

You can kick everything off with elegant black-and-white invitations. Personalized invitations are a nice gesture, and remember, the invitation is the first thing each of your guests will see. You want to make a good first impression. These invites are meant to convince people to attend your event. They should be representative of the upcoming event. If you’re having trouble with invitations, there is no need to worry; we will be by your side throughout the entire process, starting with those invitations. Next, get creative with your décor. Decorating and planning doesn’t have to be a hassle and come with a headache, but if you’re just not up for it, or if you’re having trouble bringing your ideas to life, we will be there every step of the way to help you throw an absolutely stunning event. There is so much you can do with a black-and-white theme! Have fun with it! Linens, centerpieces, carpets, candles, flowers, balloons, statues, chandeliers, candelabras, curtains, signage, even the food could tie in with your theme. Imagine – a glamorous dessert table exhibiting exquisite black-and-white cakes, tarts, candies, and sweets. I can’t stress it enough – there is so much you can do with this versatile theme! Leave out a black-and-white guest book for all of your guests to sign. Create personalized, black-and-white name and place cards. If you’re planning a wedding, anniversary, engagement party, or birthday, leave out black-and-white photo albums filled with black-and-white photographs for guests to flip through during the event. Why stop there? If you want to go the extra mile, ask your guests to wear black and white to the event.

So when you’re planning your next event, whatever the occasion may be, think black-and-white. Give us a call. We’re here to help you with all of your decorating needs.

Orange – The Color of Wedding in 2012

Orange – The Color of Wedding in 2012

Planning a wedding in 2012 and confused about what color to choose? Well, this year the color of wedding is orange. From bouquets to ceremony decorations, from centerpieces to bridesmaid dresses everything will reflect orange hues.

The shades of orange that will dominate wedding decorations in 2012 will be salmon, pumpkin, persimmon, amber, rust and coral. There are many flowers that you can easily find in orange shades. But to add an extra glamour to your special day choose from alstroemeria, mango calla lilies, orchids, snapdragons, roses, tulips, birds of paradise and gerbera daisies.

Finally the time you had been waiting for has arrived. The love of your life will not hold your hands and say “I do”. You might have dreamt of this special moment all your life. So now when it has arrived finally make it look the most gorgeous. Make it look different from all other weddings. Add a touch of orange and let your wedding venue brighten up.

When you think of your wedding do you always see yourself in a white laced wedding gown walking down the aisle with a bunch of white tulips in your hand? Most brides would visualize them just like this. Then what would make you unique. Add some colors to your wedding – everything starting from the décor to your wedding dress – to make it more appealing. This day will not come back again and again, so make it the most memorable one.

An orange wedding decoration can make the venue look unconventional and different from the weddings you have attended before. There are arrays of colors you can choose from like pink, blue, green, red, lavender and most commonly white for your wedding venue decoration. But it’s always good to be a little different and go for shades of orange. All the other colors are commonly used and have been the theme of wedding decoration umpteen times. Orange would add versatility to your wedding in any season.

Decorate Your Dining Tables with Orange Centerpieces

Take a tall vase and put slices of limes, lemons and oranges in it. This is simple yet it would add a lot of color, freshness and life to your table decoration. In a bowl you can add petals of orange roses and keep it at the center of the table. Other flowers in orange shades like gerbera, chrysanthemums, tulips and daisies can be put in vases along the table corners.

Useful Tips for Orange Wedding Decoration

  • Use orange candles to decorate the venue
  • Orange colored jars can be used for white daisies and tulips
  • Decorate the arch with orange flowers that can be used as a backdrop of couple’s reception venue
  • The gazebo area can be decorated with orange balloons
  • Tie up orange satin ribbons to the hanging bouquets and chairs
  • Instead of a red carpet use a bright orange one on the aisle
  • Orange petals spread on the walkway can add further glamour to the wedding
  • From menu cards to table napkins, go for shades of orange

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Choosing Perfect Color Theme for your Wedding

Selecting the right shades for your wedding; adding colors to life

Weddings are the most important day of your life. Thus to make it a memorable one, everyone prefers celebrating it in unique manner. Marriage is all about bright colors, decorations, flowers and food. You must select the theme wisely so as to make the total set up appear elegant and special. Thus the theme color you choose must offer a visual unity and make your set up look decent, unique and grand. While selecting the right color for the wedding you must discuss with your partner and family. Take suggestions and then implement as per your idea to decorate the set up.

You can choose your favorite flower shade as the theme color for the decoration. You must select one primary and two accents. Also before finalizing on the shade, just keep in mind, such as;

The season, if summer then select a fresh and warm shade, or a bright purple, burgundy or silver for winter month

Do check that the bridal dresses in tunes with the total theme color or else shades will not match

Do not use too much black. Black makes every decoration look sophisticated but too much of it can effect the balance and it is not good for pictures.

Use soothing colors to make the entire hall look bright and colorful

If you select too many shades. Then remember right balance of shades is very important, or else it will appear loud and un unified

Since the term wedding means unity of two minds it is best to use two shades in the decoration and maintain balance and harmony in the presentation

It is very important to select the right color for the wedding ceremony. The color of the set up plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of the occasion. But the task is not easy; hence you must go through the suggested color shades given below and select a combination from the list;

For Spring and Summer wedding, you may select;
Periwinkle Blue
Mint Green
Ice Blue
Yellow and Gold

If you plan to enjoy a chilly winter wedding, you may pick from the following shades;

Navy Blue
Crepe Red
Deep Dark Red
Tango Red
Deep Blue
Hunter Green

One of the most essential issue needs to be remembered, is that when you mix color you want to make sure they coordinate just right. Some colors are better in the background while perhaps that tango red you have your eye on is apt to stand out for more than the accompanying yellow or gold. Initiate with a base color and follow that with lighter and darker shades in the same color family. Another example would be two or three colors that compliment one another easily. Take yellow, yellow and green and then have the additional green tones accent as well.

You may also do some research on internet, check out photographs of wedding decoration and select the shades. But whatever shade you select, do keep in mind that the theme color must make the special day of your life a memorable one.

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