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Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll

Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll

 I am happy to announce that G.P.S. decors been selected for the Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll.

The team asked Wedding Professionals around the world – “Who has inspired you in your local wedding community?” After reviewing email referrals from across the globe, they put together their first annual list of Honor Roll members and I’m happy to announce that G.P.S. decors one of them.

It’s because of my wonderful clients that I get to do what I love and to meet so many other wedding industry professionals.  I appreciate this recognition and want to thank everyone who has supported me.

Wedding decorators Toronto Brampton Mississauga Here is some more information about the Honor Roll: G.P.S. decors

“Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll member businesses are a mixed bunch.  Much like wedding rings, each one sparkles in its own way. No matter how you count their differences, members have a few things in common – they love the wedding business, they are committed to their clients and their testimonials from both peers and happy clients speak volumes about their commitment to their fields. 

 Being on the Honor Roll is not an endorsement of a businesses service or products. It is simply a way to say thank you – you did some awesome work, that inspired others and we want to recognize you.”

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Interesting Seating with Wedding Table Decoration and Naming Ideas

Interesting Seating with Wedding Table Decoration and Naming Ideas

Welcoming your guests in a grand way is just not enough. You start with presenting each of your guests with a welcome bag and precede them to the sitting area. You need to take care of every minute detail to offer your guests an optimum comfort. Get a wedding Planner or cordinator to do the wedding table seating plan for you.

Romantic Wedding Chair Ruffles

Ruffled wedding chair covers are a hot and most sought after trend in this wedding season. You can either go for heavy ruffle decorations or simply stick to ruffles and simple chair sleeves. Choose from a wide variety of colors and designs to match your wedding venue decoration. Ruffles can make any plain chair look gorgeous. A white seat cover matched with metallic ruffles gives a perfect rustic look.

Wedding Chair Gorgeous Decorations

What would make your wedding venue look absolutely gorgeous other than drapes, lights, flowers and table tops? The seating arrangements of course! A combination of pale yellow, pink or blue seat covers in satin fabric can match with the bright lighting of the outdoor adding an extra softness to the well structured design to your wedding venue. A lighter shade of pink or yellow combined with lime green chair covers is an unusually hot theme for this wedding season.

Ribbon Chair & Dreamy Decorations

Ribbons are in huge demand for wedding chair decorations. It can be hung along the chairs easily in various playful manners. A simple know can add a lot of elegance to the seating arrangement at your reception. Use multicolored ribbons to add more life to the venue. Ribbons can be simply streamed or tied in knots to the white covered chairs. You can as well use the ribbons to make floral decorations around the tables.

Flower Chair Inspiration

Wedding is not complete without fresh flowers. Use bunch of fresh flowers to decorate your wedding chairs and adorn your dining tables. The fresh fragrant will fill the wedding venue with a flowery aroma and the venue with a sparkling look. Chairs can be decorated with garlands and ribbons to give it a dreamy and romantic feel.

Bridal Couple Chair Sign Decorations

Sweetheart chairs are so apt for wedding receptions. You can think of a lot of innovative couple names and stick of each pair of chairs for your guests. Allow them to choose the characters matching their personalities as they sit and dine. Besides simple Mr. & Mrs., go for romantic couple characters from classic novels and Hollywood flicks. To share a laugh with all your guests you can add the title of “Mr. Right” to the groom’s chair and “Mrs. Always Right” to the bride’s chair.

Let the creativity run wild with wedding table naming ideas. Name the tables after characters from long forgotten yet highly cherished TV shows. Each of the tables can have a different theme from cartoon shows, to Hollywood stars, countries visited, wresters and other sports persons, fashion brands, food, music and so on.

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Wedding Cakes you can’t do without…

Wedding Cakes you can’t do without

Sweets make any occasion special. Be it a birthday party or an engagement, the day is not over until sweets are served. And if it’s your wedding, it is just not complete without your special wedding cake.

Choosing from an array of delicious wedding cakes it often gets really confusing to decide which one would be perfect for your day. Let a wedding cake decorator help you with finding the one that is just perfect for you.

Whether you are throwing an elaborate reception or a small formal one with your close ones, your wedding cake form an integral part of the ceremony. The cake design and size should be chosen to match the theme of the venue decoration, taste and style of the bride and groom, number of guests and most importantly your budget.

Hottest Wedding Cakes Trends of 2013

The wedding cakes are at focal attraction of your wedding. It takes the centre stage and draws the attention of all the guests present as you and your partner cut the cake with all romanticism. 2013 has seen a rise in newer trends when it comes to wedding cakes:

pageHeight Shows Long Lasting Togetherness
The taller cake you choose the longer life you would live together. This is a new trend that many couples are opting for. Multi-tiered cakes are in this wedding season.

Rustic and Vintage Look Goes Contemporary
The rustic & vintage style wedding is back with a bang in 2013. This style is not just about the venue decoration but also about the wedding cakes. Wooden stands, messages written on dried leaf are loved by all. Rustic color such has brown, pastel shades of green, orange, and blue are back again.

page1Metallic Wedding Cakes Add a Little More Glamour
Metallic wedding cakes popped into popularity in 2012 and it continues the trend in 2013. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your wedding misses that Midas touch. To add a little glitz and glam you need the touch of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper or any other metallic shade. The center table would shimmer and shine with your cake.


Mini Wedding Cakes to Surprise Your Guests
This crazy idea is new and is loved by many couples. Instead of one large cake, you can keep mini wedding cakes of multiple colors and designs on the centre table. Your guests will have an option to choose as per their taste.

Wedding Cake Toppers
Some of the best things in life come in small packages. One such small yet very important part is the wedding cake. With wedding cake topping you can give a personal touch to your wedding cake. Starting from fresh fruits to Figurines, Candies, or laces – the cake toppings are used to decorate the wedding cake as per your choice.

The highlight of your wedding is the ceremonial cake cutting moment. You must capture these moments by hiring a professional to take wedding cake pictures.

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Make it Perfect with Wedding Planning Guide

Make it Perfect with Wedding Planning Guide

One of the most stressful and tiring part of your wedding is the event planning part. This “how to plan a wedding” can simply make you live sleepless nights, right before your special day. Starting from making guests list to ordering the food, from booking the venue to choosing your wedding gown – it needs plenty of work to be done.

To take these hassles off your shoulder and simply enjoy the charm of your wedding as you see your special day nearing, you must hire a wedding decorator. Let the professional take care of the arrangements (who knows how to make it perfect) as you pamper yourself with some beauty treatments.

But even when you hire a professional a wedding planning guide is a must for you (else the wedding decorator would not know what you need). The following wedding plan checklist is a must for you:

Plan Your Wedding Budget
Everything about your wedding depends upon the amount of money you would want to spend. You can consult your wedding decorator for the prices of floral decoration, cake, candles, food, and even invitation cards to get an overall idea and then plan your budget.

Choose Your Wedding Venue
It is difficult to choose a venue unless you are planning for your wedding date at least a year before. Choosing a venue will take time and you may as well have to compromise with some other venue and alter your wedding decoration plans. A wedding decorator with connection of wedding venues will be able to help you find that perfect setting for you. One the venue of your wedding is finalized the entire occasion will fall in place.

The Right Photographer to Freeze Your Wedding Moments
You wedding will be filled with times and moments that you want to freeze. The memories of the most special day of your life that you will cherish all your life needs to be captured by a professional wedding photographer. The tedious task of all the arrangements of your wedding will always remain with you in the photographs. You wedding decorator will help you to choose the perfect photographer for your day.

Choose Your Theme and Work towards the Venue Decoration
What’s hot this wedding season? From the long list of wedding themes and trends of 2013 (you can get the options from your wedding decorator) choose the one that suits your style as well as budget. One the theme is chosen it’s time to start working on the venue decoration. Starting from the drapes, to table spreads, to napkin holder, bar counters, invitation cards, wedding sitting plan, lights and candles and even music everything must complement one another as per the theme. Also take a note that the food and the wedding cake you serve must also be according to your wedding theme.

Once everything is planned you must look through your wedding planning worksheet for a final check. See if everything has been taken care of. If you have missed out on anything, your wedding decorator is there to take care of it and free you from last minute hassles.


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Beach Themed Wedding

Beach Themed Wedding

Sun kissed beaches have the power to woe just anyone. Imagine a palm dotted background with blue waters and sand beneath your feet as you walk hand in hand with the love of your life. If you have dreamt of a wedding, with nature playing as a perfect host, then a beach themed wedding will account for a perfect wedding ceremony, with romance flowing all around you. A destination wedding can cost a bomb and the budget will force you to sieve your guest list. But, fret no more! You can bring the beach to your hometown and add the magical charm of the sun and sand, with just a little planning.

  • The invitations that you send should be a lot of fun, just like the beach itself. Narrow down on colors that resemble the sky, sand, sun and palm trees.
  • Ask your guests to dress up like they would when going to a beach. From flip flops to straw hats, let your wedding party brim with a lot of life and enjoyment.
  • Crisp white linens along with colors of the ocean, like emerald green and sea blue, will undoubtedly brighten up the wedding venue and give it a distinctive charm.
  • Everyone must have collected shells while walking along a beach. Use decorative shells to let your guests relive the happy memories that they would have collected along with the shells at a beach.
  • Cleverly use centerpieces that can be filled with sea shells and sand. Alternatively, crystal bowls filled with turquoise blue water and a scented floating candle are bound to leave guests mesmerized.
  • How about some signature drinks at the bar that one finds at the beach? Mojito, Pina Colada, Margaritas and other kind of tropical drinks will be a sure shot hit at a beach themed wedding.
  • Design a menu that reminds guests of the beach, with sea food, like sushi and shrimp, being an important part of the food served.
  • No celebration is complete without good music. Make sure the DJ plays intoxicating island music that forces guests to hit the dance floor and let themselves loose.

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How to Roast a Turkey (Christmas Dinner)

How to Roast a Turkey ( Christmas Dinner)

Roasted Turkey is one of the favorite food items on Christmas Eve, and is preferred by many families as centerpiece on Christmas Dinner Table. So, while serving a roasted Turkey it is important to get it correctly roasted, since the taste of it lies on the process in which it is being roasted.

Roasting a Turkey:

First: on getting the Turkey you should first remove its giblets, in the body cavity, and then place it on a plate. Put the Turkey containing dish on the coolest part of the refrigerator. The weight of the Turkey should be well known, since this helps in calculating the cooking time.

The night before take it out of the fridge so that it is adjusted with it room temperature, before being roasted. It is good if you can get a fresh Turkey, if not then allow the frozen Turkey to be completely defrosted before it is cooked.

Second: the next important step is the stuffing of Turkey. You can stuff the Turkey with a stuffing of your choice. The quantity required for stuffing will the same as that of the Turkey. Two-third of the stuffing must be place between the flesh and the skin in the neck end. And then the rest of the stuffing must be placed inside the body cavity. An important thing to be noted, the Turkey must be properly deforested before being stuffed. It is so required because if the deforestation does not takes place properly then the heat will not reach evenly to every part of the Turkey, making it remain uncooked. Only if the Turkey and the stuffing are in room temperature, the preparation will perfect. It is also necessary to spread butter all over the bird.

Third: put bacon rashers on the breast of the Turkey, then apply freshly milled black pepper and salt to taste.

Forth: two large foil sheets are required to place the Turkey and wrap it loosely. The Turkey parcel must be firmly tied, and put inside a pre-heated oven in 220 degree C, for 40 minutes. This blast is required to allow the heat to go into the Turkey and its stuffing. Then you must reduce the temperature to 170 degree C for 3 and a half hour.

Fifth: after this you must remove the Turkey from the oven and uncover it. The uncovered Turkey must then be cooked for 40 minutes at 200 degree C. The browning of the beacon on the bird’s breast is an indication to allow the final browning of the breast.

Sixth: the final cooking for 40 minutes is suppose to give you a completely roasted Turkey. Thrust a thick part of the leg with a skewer, on pressing the skewer check if the juice is clear without any pink trace in it. If there is no such trace then your Turkey is completely prepared, but if there are pink traces the dish requires a little more cooking. Before you can serve the Turkey you need to keep it wrapped up loosely in a foil for about 40 minutes, the normal room temperature would be perfect.

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Fairy-Tale Theme for Wedding

How to plan a Fairy tale Themed Wedding ?

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, where she is marrying her prince charming and later elopes with him on a white horse. There is something very enchanting about fairy tales where everything ends with, ‘and they lived happily ever after.’ Such storybook romances have everyone smitten and many bring such fantasies to life by opting for a fairy tale themed wedding.

  • The most important thing you have to do is choose a theme for your fairytale wedding. It can be based on any of your favorite characters, like Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. All it will take is a little imagination and lots of creativity to make the wedding truly memorable.
  • How about an old castle as the venue of your wedding? Wow! But, in case, this sounds far-fetched, then drape the wedding hall you opt for in a way that does justice to the fairytale theme. It should spell gorgeousness and should be nothing less than awesome that leaves guests wheezing!
  • The decoration should make eyes do a cartwheel in wonderment. Make the space at hand look right out of a fairytale book by making Disney characters and fairies a part of the décor. The hall should be very dreamy and should trigger the effect of fantasy and enchantment. Let the wedding venue glitter like a star by purposely using a lot of glitter.
  • The food served at a fairytale themed wedding has to be splendid and scrumptious. It should overpower senses with an opulent feel. Make sure the waiters are dressed in an appropriate manner, while the cutlery glistens in the shades of silver and gold.

A fairytale themed wedding is bound to enchant guests and transport the couple into a world of romance, where the magic love potion will ignite the unending flame of love.

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Sit Down Dinner v/s Casual Canapés for Wedding Reception

 Sit Down Dinner v/s Casual Canapés for Wedding Reception

What is a wedding without great food? One thing that guests look forward to, more than an eye appealing décor and foot tapping music, is the food that is served at the occasion. People forget just everything about a wedding, but one thing that stays in their memory for years to come is great food that was served. Planning a great menu for your wedding reception can be quite taxing and adding to it is the way the lip-smacking food should be served.



Now, should you opt for casual canapés or narrow down on a sit down dinner? If you are also trapped in this dilemma, then read ahead to erase the confusions that you are surrounded with.

Sit Down Dinner for a Wedding Reception

Pros: A sit down dinner not only looks elegant and classy, but will blend perfectly with a formal wedding reception. Each of your guests will be assigned tables for a sit down dinner and the waiting staff will serve food to everyone. This will kill the time spent while waiting uneasily in a line to get food, which can annoy guests. But, it gives more control in terms of timing of your reception for various events.

Cons: It is comparatively more expensive as a larger number of servers are required to make sure that every table gets served relatively at the same time. In this case, the guests get a limited food choice.

Casual Canapés for a Wedding Reception

Pros: Casual Canapés will be a hit in case your wedding reception is not-so-formal and is more like a fun event. A variety of canapés can be served which if prepared well can be both decorative and delicious along with cocktails. It will undoubtedly be a modern and causal affair, with fun flowing from everywhere.

Cons: It will be a stand-up affair, which will be loved by youngsters, but maybe the old brigade doesn’t like it much.

You should always discuss every detail in length with your wedding reception caterer to ensure everything falls in your set budget. But, at the end, your prime focus should be on hi quality and mouth watering food.


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Do You Have it in You To Become a Wedding Planner ???

Do you have it in you to become a wedding planner?

Maybe, you just planned your own wedding or managed everything at one of your loved one’s D-day, which made you think that the wedding planning business was just the right thing for you. Planning a wedding sure feels like a lot of fun, but do you really have it in you to climb the ladder of success in this business? Here is a reality check!

  • To be a success, you have to be very convincing. After all, it’s all about making a couple’s dreams come true. Right from the time when a bride walks down the aisle to dancing arm in arm with her loved one, everything has to go as planned. You have to convince them completely that their vision will be brought to life at any cost.
  • Always keep in mind that hard work is the key to success and it applies in the wedding planning business as well.
  • You will have to act responsible for even the smallest of blunders. No excuses work in this business.
  • You need to be highly organized in order to pull the whole occasion. In case, you want to become a full time wedding planner, then handling more than one event on a single day with full conviction can only be done with a structured plan.
  • Relationship building or connections with various vendors is of utmost importance. Do you have this trait in you?
  • Last but not the least, a certification as a professional wedding consultant will serve as a cherry on the cake.

A lot of work and detailing goes into planning a wedding. Don’t forget, enjoying a wedding as a guest and planning one are two very different things. So, you should be ready to work all through the year and at odd hours of the day to make the event at hand a real success.


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Fun Food for Wedding

Fun Food for Wedding

 One of the major highlights of any wedding is the reception menu. If you serve great food, all your guests will remember your wedding for years to come. And an easy way to get complements is by going a little creative when it comes to working on the menu. From appetizers to full-course meals and mid-night snacks, each item on the menu must be unique so that your guests enjoy their food even more.

The wedding menu must add some extra spices so that your guests to have a range of choices of their favorite delicacies. Fun food is certainly the latest choice of 2013 wedding. Here is a list of items you can choose from:

Finger Foods: Finger foods are favorite of people of all age group from kids to adults. Even your pickiest guests will enjoy munching food like tea sandwiches, trail mix and crackers. These foods might be common, yet they never become cliché. You can also go for other snacks as suggested to you by your wedding planner or the person in charge for catering. Finger foods will allow you to serve drinks with the starters. Make sure you keep enough disposable plates and napkins on the table while serving finger foods.

Food Stations: If you are not happy with food stations, call them food corners or food hubs but you must have them at your wedding. Most of the weddings serve one lavish meal to the guests. A food station can serve this in a better managed way if you have a buffet style dinner. This will allow your guests to pick and choose their favorite delicacies and enjoy the meal more. You can have multiple food stations for salads, desserts, cheese, starters, frozen yogurt and ice creams. The kids are fond of such food. Hence, this will make them happier and make it less messy for you.

Cultural Foods: Guests attending your wedding will keep talking about the food you serve. But don’t expect each and every guest to have a full course meal. There would be people who might not be very hungry and might only want to have some dessert like a small piece of cake. Some night be fond of non vegetarian items and would only gorge on fish and chicken. Keep arrays of delicacies keeping in mind the fact that taste buds of your guests will differ from one another. Asian and Mediterranean food items are loved by many guests during a wedding. Their spicy delicacies would keep lingering in the mouth longer after the food is consumed.

Mini Meal: Have you thought of serving a mini meal before serving the main meal. Stuffs like dumplings, cupcakes and sliders are popular among guests of all age group starting from kids to adults. A small bite before the meal is served would be loved by all. A recent study has shown that more and more wedding planners are getting orders for caterers who can serve hors d’oeuvres instead of large meals.


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Chair Covers or NO Chair Covers….

Chair Covers or NO Chair Covers….

Are you having trouble deciding whether to cover your chairs , or to leave them bare? If you’re considering covering your chairs , will you opt for neutral colours or bold, vibrant colours? Do you prefer patterns? Have you considered texture? Some may think white chair covers are boring, but have you considered adding texture by experimenting with fabrics? Or have you thought about different shades of white? Other details can also add personality to an otherwise plain white chair cover. You can create a unique look with the right chair covers.

You may think of these as added expenses, but keep reading to find out some great ways to save when shopping for chair covers !

Have you thought about checking out rental options? You may be able to cut costs by renting your  chair covers.

Another way to save is to use the venue’s basic chair covers and personalize them by adding a fun chair Sashes, which you can rent or purchase. This way you only need to pay for the chair sashes, which tend to be less expensive than full tablecloths. Alternatively, you can create your own, truly personalized runners using fabric or flowers.

If you’re considering full chair covers, you can always save by going with a chair cap instead. They will create the same visual impact and desired effect in the overall look of the venue, but at a fraction of the cost. Or, skip the chair covers all together and go for a decorated chair look using ribbons or flowers.

Covering tables and chairs doesn’t necessarily mean spending more! Cut costs and get creative with covers!

The Top 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

The Top 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Everyone can make mistakes when trying to plan the perfect wedding. Follow these foolproof tips to avoid unnecessary fumbles during the wedding planning process.

1. The first impression you make on your guests will set the tone for the entire wedding. That’s why it’s so important to perfect your wedding invitations! As quick and convenient email may be, do you really want to send your wedding invitations by email? Dedicate some time to creating beautiful wedding invitations to announce the magical day that awaits your guests. Plus, a lot of people save invitations as a reminder with all of the event details, and an email can easily get lost in an overflowing inbox by the time the big day arrives.

2. As you can imagine, no one wants to be rushing around during the last hour leading up to the wedding. The last thing you want to be doing when guests start to arrive is finishing up the wedding installation. Leave yourself extra time to ensure sufficient time to complete the installation. Some guests are bound to arrive early, and you wouldn’t want to be seen rushing and cleaning up as guests filter in.

3. The wedding ceremony should begin on time. What will your guests think when they have gone to the trouble of arriving on time, and the ceremony begins significantly later than the time you had listed on the invitation?

4. Of course wedding flowers are an important aspect of the wedding decor, but it is also important to keep in mind that they should be in full bloom on the day of the big event. This can easily be overlooked, so be sure to take the time and make the effort to ensure your flowers are nurtured properly and are ready to be in the spotlight.

5. It’s one thing if your flowers aren’t quite in full bloom yet, but it’s a completely different story if the flowers are already beginning to wilt or turn brown. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario and order some additional fresh flowers for back up. Remember, your guests will be sitting around the centerpiece at their table all night. What would you think if you were staring at a wilting, brown centerpiece? Don’t think of this tip as obsessive compulsive, but it wouldn’t hurt to check each centerpiece and arrangement for flowers that need to be replaced before the event gets started. Replace any sad looking flowers with the fresh back up flowers you remembered to order.

6. You want your guests to enjoy the food and catering at any event. You already know you’ll need to do your homework and serve the best food possible. However, another thing you should keep in mind is the actual serving of each dish. Never serve plated food before guests are seated. They’ll be wondering how long it’s been sitting out. You should always have food servced once guests are seated, and try to have everyone served in a timely manner so everyone can dig in sooner. If you’re going for the buffet approach, try to do what you can to prevent long lines.

7. You may have managed to get your favourite band/DJ to play at your event, but be sure to continue to manage the music during the event. If the music is too loud, your guests won’t be able to enjoy the music or hear eachother speak. Be concious of the volume, otherwise you may lose a few guests as the evening of unbearably loud music progresses.

8. Event lighting shouldn’t be too bright. It should be intimate and romantic. You don’t want to find out that a spotlight was blinding half of your guests the entire evening. On the other hand, some people opt to use candles instead of bright lights, but beware: the heat may become overwhelming.

9. Timing is everything. Every step of the wedding should be timed in order to maintain organization and an appropriate flow of events. Things may not always fall exactly into place, but having a realistic plan going in will make a big difference. If something changes last minute, don’t sweat it! You’ll need to stay calm and make sure things get back on schedule and go smoothly moving forward.

10. Be sure to check in with your clients throughout the evening. It is up to you to diffuse feelings of anxiety and nervousness and remind them to enjoy their party. If they’re too preoccupied with worry, they’ll forget to enjoy themselves.

Remember, there’s no such thing as perfection, but if you follow these 10 tips to ensure an optimal event experience for everyone involved, the rest will be a piece of cake!