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20 Top Love Songs for Your Wedding

Top 20 Love Songs  for Your Wedding

Most of us can think of particular songs we associate with the love relationships of our lives. If you have no clue what to pick for the first dance, here are the top 10 love songs that are appropriate for weddings. Hope you Like it.


–          “If This Isn’t Love”

             Jennifer Hudson

–           “ Be that Easy”


–          “ Bleeding Love”

              Leona Lewis

–          “Come On Get Higher”

              Matt Nathanson

–          “Everything”

              Micheal Buble

–          “Ain’t No Other Man”

             Christina Aguilera

–          “Halo”


–          “Home”

             Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

–          “I Do”

             Colbie Caillat

–           “I’m Yours”

               Jason Mraz

–           “Lovesong”


–          “Love Story”

              Taylor Swift

–          “No One”

              Alicia Keys

–          “Umbrella”  


–          “Marry Me”


–          “You Are The Best Thing”

              Ray LaMontagne

–          “Sea Breeze”

             Tyrone Wells

–          “Teenage Dream”

             Cast of Glee

–          “Just the Way You Are”

             Bruno Mars

–          “The Way I Am”

              Ingrid Michaelson 


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Break Your Own Rules

Break Your Own Rules

As a wedding decorator the most important thing to do is keeping the customer happy. This can be done through several ways, such as coming up with unique and creative ideas, offering a low cost plan, and building an excellent relationship with the customers. Every customer will be different. They will have different demand and choices when it comes to their wedding. As a wedding decorator one has to constantly upgrade himself/herself to know about the latest trends of the market and come up with very creative ideas which the customers will love.

A wedding decorator must reveal through his/her work the true reflection and personality of the wedding couple. There are countless ideas, but the biggest challenge is to come up with something that will make every guest attending the wedding remember it for a long time. Don’t forget that you might get your potential prospects to do business with during a wedding reception. Often family and friends take a whole of interest in organizing a wedding. You have to be a part of them in order to understand their needs and choices. You have to act not just like a wedding decorator, but also like a designer, floral decorator, jockey, and chef.

Breaking your own rules for every wedding certainly would help the wedding decorator to make each celebration look different from each other in the most perfect and sophisticated way. Your customers are always looking for unique solutions in the most cost effective way. Even if you are working with a millionaire, your client would never want to spend extra cash for unnecessary reasons.

Moreover, coming up with newer ideas will allow you to go absolutely creative. It can be a big or small change. But any change will add a new element to the wedding venue. There is another very important reason to keep changing your past rules. Your customers will always be looking for something new, something which no one has experienced before in a wedding. So, you can give them an extra satisfaction and earn their trust on you.

By breaking your own rules you can also be a trend setter for other wedding decorators. Other players in the market will not only start following you but also may hire you as a consultant. In this constant changing market, people are always looking for newer things. When it comes to wedding your customers will want you to play with colors and decorative. They might want an old combination of pink and green theme for their wedding, but that certainly has to be used in complete different fashion to give a venue a standalone look. Likewise you might be using carnations, roses, tulips or gerberas for floral decoration. But adding a few laces or streamers to it or combining the fresh flowers with artificial ones may add a new element to the wedding.

The biggest appreciation for a wedding decorator is when people start stating at the venue with surprise and tell exciting stories of the wedding they attended. So, keep breaking your own rules.

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Your Dream Wedding with Ugly Flowers…

Your  Dream Wedding with Ugly Flowers

Would you want just a pretty wedding decoration? Or would you want it to be pretty and cheap? Even a year ago people would refuse to use Carnations or Baby’s Breath for their wedding. 2012 changed the trend a lot. Adding an extra color and fun to the wedding Carnations or Baby’s Breath are in this year.

Flowers like Baby’s Breath and Carnations was tagged in the ugly flowers category. People would not even put them as least consideration when it came to floral decorations during their wedding. But the trend has taken a swift turn. Many tight budget weddings have displayed marvelous decorations with Baby’s Breath and Carnations. Like Bouquets, table centre pieces, ceremony-aisle décor and other flower decorative add an extra glamour to the wedding venue.

Carnations are the new sensation of wedding in 2012. Many people simply refused to accept the fact that carnations can look lavish. There are a plethora of reasons why you should go for carnations for your wedding venue decoration in 2012. Firstly, they are not ugly. They look pretty if you can use them creatively.


Baby’s Breath and Carnations are available at very reasonable prices. Even during the wedding season, the prices remain within an affordable rate. Since these flowers do not pinch your pocket and burden you with hefty spending, they are the perfect cost-cutting solution. Further, Baby’s Breath and Carnations can be found in a wide range of colors. You can choose from orange, purple, cream, white, pink, red, yellow and shades of blue to match the color scheme and theme of your wedding venue.

But above all these, the best part of the Baby’s Breath and Carnations is that these flowers remain fresh for a longer time period compared to other expensive and more common wedding flowers. Carnations remain fresh for over 3 weeks once they are in full bloom. You can make bunches of carnations of the same color for decorating your venue. Use carnations to decorate the aisle to make it look plush without crossing your budget.

Like the idea towards carnations have changed from ugly to largely sought after wedding flower, baby’s breath too is picking up in the popularity meter. People now no more consider these flowers as cheap filler. Baby’s breath is carried by the bride while she walks down the aisle, placed on the table as center decorative, made in bouquets for bridesmaids and used as centerpieces, wreaths and aisle décor just to name a few.

To give your aisle a chic look without spending those extra bucks an easy idea is to make bunches of baby’s breath and tying them to the back rest of chairs along the aisle. If you really want to add a little more glamour to your wedding venue try making a bunch of Baby’s breath and placing them in a mason jar wrapped in burlap and raffia.

If you want to give your wedding venue a stunning look in 2012, then go for Baby’s Breath and Carnations for floral decoration. You can end up saving a lot of cash.

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Wedding Decor Trends in 2012

Wedding Decor Trends in 2012

Wedding season is about to begin. Right after the chill from the air vanishes and mercury rises a bit to give make the climate more soothing, people are going to get ready to start with their wedding preparations. So, before the wedding season begins let us take a quick glance at the wedding decoration trends of 2012.

Wedding is fun! And one should not miss out the essential ingredients like colors, flowers, laces, and drapes to make it more gorgeous. The prettiness of a wedding venue lies in the hands of wedding decorators and planners. It is important to choose the right kind of person who can offer the right kind of decoration ideas to match your needs, taste and budget.


Hot Wedding Decor Trends of 2012

Colour Trends: The following colors are favourites for 2012 weddings: Turquoise, Coral, Black & White, Yellow, Fuchsia, Deep Red, Slate Grey, Purple and Latte.

Sequins: From small to large these shiny things can add glitz and glamour to your wedding venue. Although sequins have been out of fashion for long but they are back to create wonders in the wedding decoration in 2012. The best thing about sequins is it can create riots of colors for your wedding at very affordable prices.

Full-Scale Themes: Themes are making a huge comeback and why not? Almost everyone loves a wedding theme. It makes it easier to stay focused and organized when you are working towards a certain thematic goal. Everything from the venue to the colors, invitations, dessert tables and wedding fashions can be coordinated to a certain theme. Currently, the top wedding themes are beach, garden, winter wonderland, vintage, rustic, and Tiffany Blue. But creativity knows no bounds, so pick one that reflects you & show it in the details.

Rectangle & Square Tables – Round Tables are out and Mixed Table shapes (Round & Square) are been paired. These trends give the reception tables a more interesting look and a less “coordinated” feel. You can create much more original Wedding décor with this kind of tables, compared to just round tables.

Mixed Centrepieces: Brides are choosing centerpieces that are in the same color tones, but of different sizes. Brides are going for more visual interest and choosing to mix different styles, heights or colours of centerpieces, instead of the identical centerpiece on each table. The use of multiple arrangements, sometimes in varying heights, in combination with candles and accessories such as: pearls, antique books, frames, birdcages, lanterns, crystals, twigs, birds’ nests, terrariums, bark, feathers, fruit, seashells and photos.

 Unique Vase Fillers: Unique vase fillers include glass marbles, sea glass shells, acrylic ice, water absorbing crystals beads, and fresh fruits such as lemons and limes.

Hanging Wedding Décor: The ceiling of your wedding venue is like an open canvas. You can let your creative mind flow. This blank canvas can be decorated the way you visualize it. Hanging decors are a brilliant idea to make use of this space. There are large arrays of decorative pieces which are affordable and blushingly beautiful.  From floral elements to hanging candle stands these can add light and colors to your wedding venue.

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Speak Floral Language on Your Wedding

Speak in Floral Language on Your Wedding

 Flowers speak the sweetest language. Love cannot be expressed through words always. But can always be best expressed through flowers. And therefore a wedding is never complete without flowers. To add freshness and glamour to your special ceremony flowers are a must. If budget is an issue then you can go for artificial flowers. Not only they look real but also are available at affordable rates.

Your wedding guests would not venture too much into wedding trends. But, you must, to give your wedding a unique feel. Don’t stick to a single kind of flower if you are going by color theme. You can choose from a range of colors, types and fragrances that are easily available in the market. During the wedding season florists flood the market with innovative bouquets. 2012 will display floral bouquet designs that were never seen before. Either choose from one of them or let your creative mind go wild and design your own flower bouquet.

The Playful Bouquet

Maintain that originality along with a spunky and dazzling mood with playful flower bouquets. Bright colored flowers in magenta, navy blue or hot pink are generally used for these bouquets. It would not only look very appealing but would also add some fun to the ambience. Tie a bunch of bright orange flowers with either silver or black lace to give it an unconventional look. The bouquets can also be made of tulips or gerbera of different shades and hues. 2012 will see a rising demand for such bouquets.

The Romantic Bouquet

Wedding and romantic mood are synonymous to most. The ceremony remains incomplete without roses fresh from the garden. Go for lighter shades like baby pink or simple white to give the bouquets a soothing look. These bouquets will add to the ambience the desired softness and an extra elegance. Romantic bouquets are more suitable for morning time.

The Green Bouquet

Show that you are environment friendly with a green decoration. As a support to save the world from global warming, green bouquets would be in high demand in 2012. These bouquets can be made not only with bunch of flowers but also with leaves. You can ask your florists to twist the leaves and give it shapes of petals, bunch them up and make an innovative bouquet. Plants and branches are mainly used to make these bouquets. These decorative look simple yet add elegance to the venue. Further if the bride is carrying an organic of a green bouquet, it will draw more attention towards the bride than the bouquet itself.

The Passion Bouquet

Can a wedding ever be complete without passion? Red roses are symbol of love and passion. These flowers never go out of passion. Like always, 2012 will also have a high demand for red roses. The tradition look will add a timeless feel to your wedding. Go for attractive bouquets or simply make a bunch laced with white ribbons – passion bouquets always will steal the show.

Flowers are a must for wedding to add sophistication to the ceremony.

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Save Some $$$$ with Silk Wedding Flowers

Save Some $$$$ with Silk Wedding Flowers

 Wedding requires a lot of preparation, which in turn includes a lot of money being spent. From venue decoration, to wedding bouquets, flower is the most essential part of a wedding. There are a range of silk flowers to choose from or you can even customize and design their own wedding flowers. Artificial flowers will also help you to save money that you plan to spend on real flowers. Hence, 2012 will see a new trend of opting for silk flowers over the real ones.

From silk bouquets to silk bridesmaid flower bouquets, from corsages to boutonnieres you can design your own flowers by choosing the textures and colors of silk. These silk flowers not only look gorgeous but also come at a much cheaper price. Besides adding glamour to your wedding it would also add a unique factor leaving your guests appreciating your taste. You can go absolutely creative with these flowers and can also use them for venue decoration.

A market survey shows the wedding trend in 2012 will focus more on choices of calla lilies, silk gerbera daisies and silk roses. Silk tulips and seasonal cherry blossoms in a variety of colors would also be a choice of many. Silk flowers are becoming more and more popular due to several reasons. The more important ones are:

Silk wedding flowers look beautiful, tender and almost like the real ones.

  • These flowers will not wither, dry or wilt away on your wedding day. It would be as fresh as those fresh flowers.
  • If your flower bouquet unintentionally drops from the hand or someone stomps on it accidentally, it would still be fine. No damages would be caused.
  • Posies you carry will be intact and fresh throughout the day
  • Corsages you gift to the wedding couples can be a permanent memorabilia.
  • There are many brides or those attending the wedding may be allergic to flowers. Silk wedding flowers are a respite from sneezing unnecessarily due to this.
  • Often the pollen of real flowers may stain your special wedding dress. Silk flowers are an easy way to avoid this.
  • You won’t have to stick to seasonal flowers or spend any extra cash to get non-seasonal ones. You can order any flower at any time of the year.
  • The floral wands for children would be safe and fresh if made of silk.
  • The best part of silk wedding flowers is that you can get your bouquets and lose flowers delivered weeks before your wedding. Avoid the tension of “what if the flowers don’t arrive on time?”

The easiest, safest and the best option for wedding flowers in 2012 would be the silk ones. You can choose the flowers you love most and if you really want to use your crazy mind you can choose an offbeat color too. How about black silk tulips and not the white ones? Show your creative side this year when you plan your special occasion.

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Choosing Perfect Color Theme for your Wedding

Selecting the right shades for your wedding; adding colors to life

Weddings are the most important day of your life. Thus to make it a memorable one, everyone prefers celebrating it in unique manner. Marriage is all about bright colors, decorations, flowers and food. You must select the theme wisely so as to make the total set up appear elegant and special. Thus the theme color you choose must offer a visual unity and make your set up look decent, unique and grand. While selecting the right color for the wedding you must discuss with your partner and family. Take suggestions and then implement as per your idea to decorate the set up.

You can choose your favorite flower shade as the theme color for the decoration. You must select one primary and two accents. Also before finalizing on the shade, just keep in mind, such as;

The season, if summer then select a fresh and warm shade, or a bright purple, burgundy or silver for winter month

Do check that the bridal dresses in tunes with the total theme color or else shades will not match

Do not use too much black. Black makes every decoration look sophisticated but too much of it can effect the balance and it is not good for pictures.

Use soothing colors to make the entire hall look bright and colorful

If you select too many shades. Then remember right balance of shades is very important, or else it will appear loud and un unified

Since the term wedding means unity of two minds it is best to use two shades in the decoration and maintain balance and harmony in the presentation

It is very important to select the right color for the wedding ceremony. The color of the set up plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of the occasion. But the task is not easy; hence you must go through the suggested color shades given below and select a combination from the list;

For Spring and Summer wedding, you may select;
Periwinkle Blue
Mint Green
Ice Blue
Yellow and Gold

If you plan to enjoy a chilly winter wedding, you may pick from the following shades;

Navy Blue
Crepe Red
Deep Dark Red
Tango Red
Deep Blue
Hunter Green

One of the most essential issue needs to be remembered, is that when you mix color you want to make sure they coordinate just right. Some colors are better in the background while perhaps that tango red you have your eye on is apt to stand out for more than the accompanying yellow or gold. Initiate with a base color and follow that with lighter and darker shades in the same color family. Another example would be two or three colors that compliment one another easily. Take yellow, yellow and green and then have the additional green tones accent as well.

You may also do some research on internet, check out photographs of wedding decoration and select the shades. But whatever shade you select, do keep in mind that the theme color must make the special day of your life a memorable one.

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Spring Wedding Theme

Spring Wedding Theme

Spring being the most exciting month of the year is also the best season to plan your wedding. Spring brings back life and joy to mother nature, so planning your wedding during this season gives you a huge scope to innovate the various themes in your wedding.

Wedding Themes:

The Lily theme – Spring time brings various kinds of flowers and fruits, among which lily is one of the most desired. Lily being most desired is also expensive, using this flower for decoration would actually enhance the elegance of your wedding decoration.

To keep up with the theme you can use lily to decorate the tables, the light aroma of lilies will also help in adding fragrance and décor in your wedding. The bridal bouquet can also be comprised of lilies, this would be a break from the traditional usage of roses.

Garden Theme – this season offers you with a great variety of flowers, so you can decorate your wedding venue with these flowers, which would actually make the wedding décor look like a garden.

The bridesmaids should be dressed in pastel coloured dresses, this would make them look bright and elegant. Using the seasonal flowers like tulips and daffodils enhances the theme of your wedding.

Cherry Blossom Theme – this theme is one of the most exciting themes. The usage of bright colours and scattered leaves is the heart of the theme. The tables can be covered with light pink cloth and decorate it with the seasonal flowers and fruits that are available.

The bridal cake can also be decorated on keeping up with the theme. The cake can be white but the decoration can be done using various fruits and even coloured candles.

Red and black theme teamed with rustic colours – red and black theme is a very modern and elegant and when these two colours are combined with the rustic colours, the theme becomes a fusion of two creative ideas.

In keeping with this theme the bride can dress herself in red gown and the groom in black tuxedo, you can also fix a dress code for the guests. The hall decoration can done by using rustic colours, which will enable the décor to receive the fusion touch.

The Bird theme – Spring being the season of life and joy, also brings into view many different kind of birds. So, keeping in touch with nature you can also incorporate these ideas into your wedding theme.

The invitation cards you choose can be well matched with the theme. The cards can be adored with chic twigs and pictures or structures of various birds. The cake can also be comprised of decorations related to birds or can even have egg shaped adorations.

The food served to the guests must always be the best part to be remembered. This season offers a great deal of fresh fruits, so you can of course make arrangements to serve fresh fruits to your guests. The table decoration and the presentation of serving plates should be matched with the theme of your wedding, this would enable the occasion to receive a complete touch.

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Winter Wedding Theme

Winter Wedding Theme

If you are planning your wedding, do not forget to consider winter as one of the best options. The basic themes of winter wedding are snow, ice, night, stars and the colour white. All these combined together can create a glamorous and magical wedding, which you might never have thought of.

The usage of colours like silver, white, icy blue or the warmer colours like dark red, deep blue, black or even forest green would help in making your wedding more intimate and cozy.

Wedding Themes:

Black and White – This is one of the most desired themes, especially during winter. This combination makes the wedding décor look more elegant and also bring in a creative touch. To keep up with the theme the dress code to the guests can also be fixed.

The combination of black and white can also contain a touch of silver. The silver colour prevents the decoration from looking too flat. The bridal bouquet can consists of white roses with a touch of silver in it. This would add to the elegance of your wedding.

White wedding theme – This is one the most elegant and easy to put up theme. The venue chosen by you should be correct it must have white walls and even other decors In white.

The complete white theme can also consist of silver touch. While decorating the table the placing of white, golden and silver candles will add glamour to your wedding theme.

Red, white and icy blue theme – This theme is a very modern and innovative theme, which would make your wedding look very different. The combination of red, white and ice blue is magical in itself, and when it is teamed with lighting and other decoration the elegance of it is heightened.

The usage of red ribbon sashes to the bridal gown and even on the white chair cover, would give a complete look to your wedding theme. You can even ask the caterers to use ice blue bowls, and serving plates to keep up with the décor.

Indoor-outdoor wedding – Another way of making your wedding very different is by arranging the wedding reception both indoors and outdoor. You can arrange the major part of the reception indoors, whereas the fireworks and bonfire can be arranged outdoors.

The beautiful fireworks often become the most beautiful memories that the guests remembers. While the outdoor party the serving of hot drinks is very essential, to make your guests feel warm. Being a winter marriage you can always hire a horse drawn sledge, for giving rides to your guests. This is extremely attractive and innovative, which would really please the guests.

While planning a winter wedding one should keep in mind certain cautions. The wedding venue you are arranging should have adequate facilities to avoid all kinds of danger, especially for elderly people.

The themes of winter wedding are wonderful, but the application of it should be done in a proper way, or else the theme might look very different when put up. Winter wedding can be the most attractive and elegant of all.

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Elegant & Exotic : Orchids in Wedding Decorations & Flowers

Orchid weddings themes are a very elegant and exotic choice. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors and can be chosen to match the color the venue and season of the wedding. The best part is these flowers match almost every theme and occasion due to their classy look and do not wither easily. The orchid itself is known to symbolize wisdom, beauty and love. In the Victorian era it was seen as a symbol of luxury. A cattelya orchid represents mature love where as the pink orchid signifies pure affection. And there are several others with their own set of significance.

There are several ways in which this wonderful bloom can be utilized in a wedding ceremony. Primarily it could be used as the bridal bouquet because it is one of the focal points of the marriage ceremony when the ride walks down the aisle. The bridesmaid’s bouquets are also made in coordination with the bride’s bouquet and usually have the similar flowers to that of the bride’s. In an orchid themed wedding or while using orchid decoration for the ceremony one does not have to stick to one particular color. They can choose from a variety of colors and match it with any theme. For example Dendrobiums orchids can be used be used if it is an exotic island theme or Cymidium orchids can e used for traditional ‘white’ weddings. One can even opt for Phalaenopsis orchids if the theme is romantic or fantasy.

A major part in wedding decorations would be the reception tale center piece. That’s where guests finally settle down so it must be of equal grandeur. Orchids here can be used in a plethora of ways. Strands of the bloom can be put in vases; they can be left floating on the water, put in candle stands or even e wound on candelabras. If one wants to make it a little more attractive they can be put on pebbles with or without candles. The choice of orchid, vases and containers again depend on the theme, location and season of the wedding. Another criterion would be if there are any secondary themes to the wedding and whether the wedding is traditional, funky or modern.

Besides centerpieces, bridal bouquets and bridesmaids baskets orchids can also be as embellishments for the bride. It can e used for her hair or to decorate her veil. If it’s an island or a beach wedding then both the ride and the groom can wear orchid garlands or there can be orchid beach and aisle decorations. Orchids also make fabulous corsages. To give it a little funky feel a few jewellery can also be made for the bride like a wrist band or an arm band. Another unique way of incorporating this theme would be have orchids on the wedding cake. They can be fresh flowers or silk ones or simply ones made of marzipan. Whatever they are they will surely amaze the people present for the reception. Just make sure the decorations and are in-sync and your special day is sure to be a huge success just the way you had always wanted.

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