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What to Look for in Venue?

When you are getting married, you may have already chosen the date and the wedding venue. If you haven’t decided where you’re getting married, or where your reception will be, then here are some things you should Venues  (2)

You’ll want to consider the time of year that you’re getting married, as some venues will look better in summer or winter.

You might have reasons for choosing a particular place to get married, or alternatively, you might want to get married somewhere completely different. Perhaps you’ll choose somewhere in the countryside to make an amazing backdrop for your special day.

Why not see if the venue you’re considering has a wedding planner, so that they can organise everything, and leave you to get on with the other important aspects of your wedding?

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If you’re getting married at the venue, rather than a church or registry office, then you might be flexible on the date. If you’re getting married somewhere else, then you’ll need to make sure that your date is available. It’s a good idea to book far in advance, so that you get the date and facilities that you want.

Depending on how many people are coming to your wedding will also help determine what sort of venue you need. You might need a big venue if there are lots of people, or you might prefer a smaller and much moreintimate venue if there aren’t going to be so many people.

If you want to have your actual ceremony at your wedding venue, as opposed to just the reception, then you’ll want to make sure that the venue is licensed for weddings.

You’ll want to make sure that the wedding venue can do the wedding menu that you want. You wedding meals will be an important part of the reception, so you’ll want them to be right, and suitable for all of your guests.

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A wedding venue with nice grounds will lend itself to plenty of photo opportunities. If having photographs of your wedding day are important, then you’ll want to pick somewhere with nice scenery and perhaps natural features or impressive buildings.

Wedding venue accommodation will be important for you and your guests, so you’ll want to choose somewhere that offers sumptuous rooms, and the features and facilities you’d expect from a luxury hotel.

Even though you might have a budget in mind, you can’t put a cost on your wedding venue. You’ll want to make sure that everything is perfect, and that you don’t settle for something you don’t want, in a location you don’t want to be in, and that isn’t right, in order to save money.

Traditionally people tend to celebrate their marriages either close to where they live or to where they grew up. That way they have a base from which to arrange the day and even get ready on the morning of the wedding. It also tends to make it easier for guests to attend the wedding, most of whom will probably also live close to the venue.

Alternatively, lots of couples opt to get married abroad, where the weather is more reliable and the photographs are almost guaranteed to be in the sunshine. Obviously getting married abroad will change the whole day dramatically in terms of the number of attendees and potentially the time of year you choose to get married – so you’ll need to consider the wedding venue accordingly.

The majority of weddings take place in spring and summer, to benefit from a higher chance of sunshine. However most venues, from hotels to marquees can be made suitable for winter weddings.

In terms of the venue for a winter wedding one of the main considerations will be photo opportunities that won’t freeze the guests half to death. Group photos in summer weddings tend to take place outdoors, so for a winter-friendly alternative you may choose to look for a venue with a dramatic staircase, fireplace or feature wall.

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Wedding Cakes you can’t do without…

Wedding Cakes you can’t do without

Sweets make any occasion special. Be it a birthday party or an engagement, the day is not over until sweets are served. And if it’s your wedding, it is just not complete without your special wedding cake.

Choosing from an array of delicious wedding cakes it often gets really confusing to decide which one would be perfect for your day. Let a wedding cake decorator help you with finding the one that is just perfect for you.

Whether you are throwing an elaborate reception or a small formal one with your close ones, your wedding cake form an integral part of the ceremony. The cake design and size should be chosen to match the theme of the venue decoration, taste and style of the bride and groom, number of guests and most importantly your budget.

Hottest Wedding Cakes Trends of 2013

The wedding cakes are at focal attraction of your wedding. It takes the centre stage and draws the attention of all the guests present as you and your partner cut the cake with all romanticism. 2013 has seen a rise in newer trends when it comes to wedding cakes:

pageHeight Shows Long Lasting Togetherness
The taller cake you choose the longer life you would live together. This is a new trend that many couples are opting for. Multi-tiered cakes are in this wedding season.

Rustic and Vintage Look Goes Contemporary
The rustic & vintage style wedding is back with a bang in 2013. This style is not just about the venue decoration but also about the wedding cakes. Wooden stands, messages written on dried leaf are loved by all. Rustic color such has brown, pastel shades of green, orange, and blue are back again.

page1Metallic Wedding Cakes Add a Little More Glamour
Metallic wedding cakes popped into popularity in 2012 and it continues the trend in 2013. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your wedding misses that Midas touch. To add a little glitz and glam you need the touch of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper or any other metallic shade. The center table would shimmer and shine with your cake.


Mini Wedding Cakes to Surprise Your Guests
This crazy idea is new and is loved by many couples. Instead of one large cake, you can keep mini wedding cakes of multiple colors and designs on the centre table. Your guests will have an option to choose as per their taste.

Wedding Cake Toppers
Some of the best things in life come in small packages. One such small yet very important part is the wedding cake. With wedding cake topping you can give a personal touch to your wedding cake. Starting from fresh fruits to Figurines, Candies, or laces – the cake toppings are used to decorate the wedding cake as per your choice.

The highlight of your wedding is the ceremonial cake cutting moment. You must capture these moments by hiring a professional to take wedding cake pictures.

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Fairy-Tale Theme for Wedding

How to plan a Fairy tale Themed Wedding ?

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, where she is marrying her prince charming and later elopes with him on a white horse. There is something very enchanting about fairy tales where everything ends with, ‘and they lived happily ever after.’ Such storybook romances have everyone smitten and many bring such fantasies to life by opting for a fairy tale themed wedding.

  • The most important thing you have to do is choose a theme for your fairytale wedding. It can be based on any of your favorite characters, like Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. All it will take is a little imagination and lots of creativity to make the wedding truly memorable.
  • How about an old castle as the venue of your wedding? Wow! But, in case, this sounds far-fetched, then drape the wedding hall you opt for in a way that does justice to the fairytale theme. It should spell gorgeousness and should be nothing less than awesome that leaves guests wheezing!
  • The decoration should make eyes do a cartwheel in wonderment. Make the space at hand look right out of a fairytale book by making Disney characters and fairies a part of the décor. The hall should be very dreamy and should trigger the effect of fantasy and enchantment. Let the wedding venue glitter like a star by purposely using a lot of glitter.
  • The food served at a fairytale themed wedding has to be splendid and scrumptious. It should overpower senses with an opulent feel. Make sure the waiters are dressed in an appropriate manner, while the cutlery glistens in the shades of silver and gold.

A fairytale themed wedding is bound to enchant guests and transport the couple into a world of romance, where the magic love potion will ignite the unending flame of love.

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Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

 Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

Thinking of a fairy tale wedding automatically makes people imagine thousands of dollars slipping out of their bank accounts. For most, a small budget wedding means nothing close to a lavish affair. But, if you have a limited budget and still want the most special day of your life to be filled with sumptuousness, then a little planning is all you need to make your D-day memorable.

1.     Stick to your budget – One mantra is to set a budget and stick to it at any cost.

2.     Involve friends and family – Friends and family members always feel special when they are assigned tasks for a special day. So, why not rope them for various tasks! Ask someone to click pictures, while a few others can help with decorations/food preparations. Make small teams to make sure that everything comes out as planned.

3.     Consider an off season wedding – An off season wedding will automatically cut down your wedding costs. This is the time when most of things are offered at a discounted rate. If you wish to cut costs further, then a wedding scheduled before lunch will be a perfect idea.

4.     Prepare wedding invitations and favors at home – Why not get creative and make wedding invitations and wedding favors at home rather than spending a huge amount on them? There are endless ideas available on the internet, which will help you come up with a customized invitation and eye-appealing favors.

5.     Invite limited people – A long list of guests means a heavy budget. Come up with a list and send invitations to only close friends and family members.

6.      Cut down on that designer wedding gown – Buying a designer wedding dress can be any bride’s dream, but is definitely an unnecessary wedding cost. Instead of designer houses, exploit sources like eBay where you can find hundreds of stylish yet cheaper options. Renting a wedding dress is another option, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

7.     Cut out on alcohol – Serve sparkling wine or non-alcoholic drinks, instead of expensive liquor or wine.

A small budget wedding can be equally special, mesmerizing and impressive. After all, money is not the only thing that can buy happiness!


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Fun Food for Wedding

Fun Food for Wedding

 One of the major highlights of any wedding is the reception menu. If you serve great food, all your guests will remember your wedding for years to come. And an easy way to get complements is by going a little creative when it comes to working on the menu. From appetizers to full-course meals and mid-night snacks, each item on the menu must be unique so that your guests enjoy their food even more.

The wedding menu must add some extra spices so that your guests to have a range of choices of their favorite delicacies. Fun food is certainly the latest choice of 2013 wedding. Here is a list of items you can choose from:

Finger Foods: Finger foods are favorite of people of all age group from kids to adults. Even your pickiest guests will enjoy munching food like tea sandwiches, trail mix and crackers. These foods might be common, yet they never become cliché. You can also go for other snacks as suggested to you by your wedding planner or the person in charge for catering. Finger foods will allow you to serve drinks with the starters. Make sure you keep enough disposable plates and napkins on the table while serving finger foods.

Food Stations: If you are not happy with food stations, call them food corners or food hubs but you must have them at your wedding. Most of the weddings serve one lavish meal to the guests. A food station can serve this in a better managed way if you have a buffet style dinner. This will allow your guests to pick and choose their favorite delicacies and enjoy the meal more. You can have multiple food stations for salads, desserts, cheese, starters, frozen yogurt and ice creams. The kids are fond of such food. Hence, this will make them happier and make it less messy for you.

Cultural Foods: Guests attending your wedding will keep talking about the food you serve. But don’t expect each and every guest to have a full course meal. There would be people who might not be very hungry and might only want to have some dessert like a small piece of cake. Some night be fond of non vegetarian items and would only gorge on fish and chicken. Keep arrays of delicacies keeping in mind the fact that taste buds of your guests will differ from one another. Asian and Mediterranean food items are loved by many guests during a wedding. Their spicy delicacies would keep lingering in the mouth longer after the food is consumed.

Mini Meal: Have you thought of serving a mini meal before serving the main meal. Stuffs like dumplings, cupcakes and sliders are popular among guests of all age group starting from kids to adults. A small bite before the meal is served would be loved by all. A recent study has shown that more and more wedding planners are getting orders for caterers who can serve hors d’oeuvres instead of large meals.


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Touch of Romance – Lavish Dulhan Magazine

Touch of Romance – Lavish Dulhan Magazine

The concept of the photo shoot was derived from the idea that love is purely innocent. It’s all too common to see the same floral bouquets, the same colour schemes, and the same decorations set out. We wanted to demonstrate the class and beauty every wedding should have through the designing and styling of elements like the flowers, décor, cake, makeup, and accessories. All the colours used were light and muted, to keep everything looking natural and organic. The softness was maintained in the use.

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Do You Think Someone Might Copy Your Ideas?

Worried about posting your work online because you think someone might copy your ideas?

Nowadays, in order to get your brand out there, it is imperative that you have an online presence. You need to publicize your business, and you must show off your best work.

Some designers worry that if they post their work on the Internet, other vendors will steal their ideas. By hiding your work from the public eye, you’re not just preventing your competition from getting a peak; you’re also denying potential clients the opportunity to see all of your great work.

Take advantage of having an online presence! Network with clients and others in the business, acquire recommendations, display your work, and advertise your brand. If you’re not online, you’re ultimately going to miss out on those potential clients who are starting their search on the Internet. Sure, your competitor can’t find your latest innovation, but neither can clients!

Don’t be shy when it comes to showing off your ideas online. If someone winds up copying you, don’t sweat it. It’s clear that they can’t come up with their own ideas, and that you are great at what you do! Besides, just because they can see an image of your work, doesn’t mean they know how you did something. The copycat you’re worried about is likely running low on creativity, originality, funds, and resources.

Don’t miss out on new clients because of unoriginal copycats. Get your name and your ideas out there. Grow your business by reaching out to new online markets. Stay relevant and accessible. You’ve got to have a website if you’re going to make it in this technologically driven economy. By maintaining a website and remaining active online, you are opening the doors of communication for future business.


Sometimes you have to give up on Grumpy Guests

Sometimes you have to give up on grumpy guests

If you’re faced with a rude guest, try not to take it personally. There are a number of reasons why they may be attacking you and/or your designs. As long as your clients are pleased with your work, don’t let the temperamental guest throw you off your game.

Always take the time to listen to the guest’s complaint, and then do your best to find a solution. If you’ve come prepared with additional fresh flowers, you’ll be prepared to fix the problem if a guest is complaining about wilting flowers. Make it known to the guest that you are prepared to fix it. If they’re not willing to accept a solution and choose to continue criticizing you and your work, they’re just trying to make a scene. Don’t let it get to you.

A rude guest may have his or her own issues and end up taking it out on you. At this point, you just have to give up and walk away. Once, I had the misfortune of encountering a rude bridesmaid who would not stop complaining about my flowers, even after I had replaced a wilting flower with some fresh ones. It turns out she was jealous of her friend who was getting married.

You may be tempted to voice your true feelings about a rude guest who is criticizing you and your work, but that may not be the best idea in the midst of your clients’ celebration. Remember, you want to deliver optimal service to your clients and their guests.

How would you handle rude guests?


Chair Covers or NO Chair Covers….

Chair Covers or NO Chair Covers….

Are you having trouble deciding whether to cover your chairs , or to leave them bare? If you’re considering covering your chairs , will you opt for neutral colours or bold, vibrant colours? Do you prefer patterns? Have you considered texture? Some may think white chair covers are boring, but have you considered adding texture by experimenting with fabrics? Or have you thought about different shades of white? Other details can also add personality to an otherwise plain white chair cover. You can create a unique look with the right chair covers.

You may think of these as added expenses, but keep reading to find out some great ways to save when shopping for chair covers !

Have you thought about checking out rental options? You may be able to cut costs by renting your  chair covers.

Another way to save is to use the venue’s basic chair covers and personalize them by adding a fun chair Sashes, which you can rent or purchase. This way you only need to pay for the chair sashes, which tend to be less expensive than full tablecloths. Alternatively, you can create your own, truly personalized runners using fabric or flowers.

If you’re considering full chair covers, you can always save by going with a chair cap instead. They will create the same visual impact and desired effect in the overall look of the venue, but at a fraction of the cost. Or, skip the chair covers all together and go for a decorated chair look using ribbons or flowers.

Covering tables and chairs doesn’t necessarily mean spending more! Cut costs and get creative with covers!

Do Not Delay Pay Day

Do Not Delay Pay Day


To ensure that you are paid in full and on time, discuss the details pertaining to payment     well in advance. It’s a good idea to collect payment prior to the actual event. If possible, request for payment to be made no later than two weeks prior to the event. Better yet, collect a month before the event takes place.

Apparently there are vendors out there who allow their clients to pay after their event. Realistically, you don’t want to be chasing after them, and they won’t want to be thinking about the bill on the day of their wedding or during their honeymoon. The sooner the bill is settled, the sooner you can all move on.

If a client isn’t able to make the full payment on time, the vendor should cancel.

If clients are permitted to pay after the event has ended, what will motivate them to complete their payments? By handling the hassle of payment prior to the event, you will all be able to put your mind at ease and be able to actually enjoy the event.

If you encounter a situation where your clients are not able to pay on time, maybe you could set up a payment plan. This will ensure your client has time to make payments toward the bill, and that you ultimately receive full payment.

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Do not commit to commissions!

Do not commit to commissions!

While it may seem like a dated concept, some wedding planners and vendors are still paying and receiving commisions. Be sure to have this discussion ahead of time. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for documentation confirming that there will not be any commissions charge applied. Keep in mind: it is the client who will wind up covering this added expense. While planning your dream wedding on a limited budget, the last thing you need is your planner dipping into your funds for themselves.

It is quite common for planners and vendors to charge commissions, and it is unfortunate because weddings are expensive enough as it is. If you have saved $100,000 to spend on your wedding, and your planner gets 15%, he/she makes an additional $15,000 of profit, leaving you with an $85,000 wedding.

In an attempt to deter planners from charging commissions, we need to educate clients. Request to have the vendors agree, in writing, that they will NOT be receiving any commisions behind your backs. Do your research when hiring a planner, and ask questions throughout the planning process. You will never know the answers to the questions you don’t ask. After all, it’s your hard-earned money.



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Take Your Competition Positive : Don’t Just COMPETE

Take your Competition Positive : Don’t just compete

We are all well acquainted with the kind of problems wedding vendors have to face when marketing their products/services. After a great deal of time having been spent in thinking about the price of the product/service you finally arrive at this one amount, which looks fairly reasonable to you. But what you do not realize is this price could only be allowing you to scrape through given the prevailing wedding industry conditions. Therefore, the wisest thing to do when you are in a competitive market, do not compete on prices with your competitors. Instead, focus on offering a superior product or service.

In this case, you have to employ the product differentiation method. This implies that you make your product/service more attractive to customers or you could also offer certain special services and maybe a more superior quality product than just modifying your price. The clients of today will pay more for this better improvement of the product than they will for you having changed the price of your product. The market is always in a state of competition and given the situation, it is understandable that small business houses will always want to compete to be ahead of everyone else and retain their position in this mad market race. But if you look on the flip side, you can always learn from your competitors and if necessary employ their strategies and plans to make your business climb further ahead, not only climb further but also maintain this position until you get better and reach the top of the ladder.

Here are certain suggestions which should be borne in mind before you get into an all-out competition with your rival firms. If you want to compete with them, you should know everything about them and not just enter the ring in an ignorant fashion. Improvise on our research team skills and make all the necessary arrangement required to study your rival firms. Through your team and based on their research you could also study the target customers and know them better. Your rival may have been in the business longer than you think and even though the initial stages of investigation may feel extremely unethical, in the end you will realize that it was all for your own benefit.

Even though this next suggestion may sound absolutely preposterous to you, it is essential that you give it a thought. You can also be friends with your competitors. In one sense, yes they are your rivals and they are working just as hard as you to get the position at the top or maintaining this spot so that firms like yours do not usurp it, but on the other hand you may be able to understand them as individuals just like yourself. Befriending them will benefit you because you never know, but in the long run both you could require each other’s help and it will even be advantageous if you co-operate with them and maintain a cordial and healthy relationship with them.

If you are angry that you rival firm has overtaken you in some way, do not fret and ponder. Instead use the opportunity to learn from competitors and use their way of functioning as your own. May be copying your competitors are not such a good idea and understanding the basis of their analysis and thereby applying your study in other similar situations.

It is important to understand that even if you maintain cordial relationships with your rival companies, your competitors like any other profit maximizers are looking at increasing their profits and climbing the steep to success. While there are some that may play the game fairly but there are many others who would stop at nothing. They use inappropriate means to finish first in the race and stop at absolutely nothing. This is a very important business truth which should be remembered and it is precisely for this very reason that you as a business owner should have adequate resources to see that no one gets dirty and meddles with you.

By reducing or increasing your price, the sales of your product is not going to be altered. It is only when you can offer something extra to the never-satisfactory customer that you achieve your desired sales and gain the customers’ support.You’ve probably already put a lot of time and thought into setting your prices, and if you’re like many wedding vendors, you may be barely skimming by on your current prices. That’s why it’s usually not a good idea to match the competition when their prices are lower than yours. Instead, focus on offering a superior product or service. Customers and clients will pay for it.