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How To Save Money on your Wedding ?

How To Save Money on your Wedding ?

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As with everything else in life, the cost of a wedding has risen over the years, and weddings will now run you about $22,000, and that’s just the average. Your tab will likely be higher if you’re hosting the event in a more expensive region city.

No need to panic though, This doesn’t mean you need to head for City Hall. Sure, we all have friends who’ve thrown lavish receptions, hiking up the average with full orchestras, scads of peonies (out of season), and gift bags. But what do you remember about those weddings, the best man’s speech or the flowers?

The fact is, you can spend as much or as little as you want — the idea is to create a memorable occasion that will carry you into a happy marriage. If a guest can go to a wedding and walk away knowing more about the bride and groom, and feel as if they’ve stepped into something very personal and learned a story about two people, that’s what makes a wedding much more unique.

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So how do you throw an experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come, while staying within the confines of a budget?

First of all, let’s do the math. In order to stay within bounds, you have to actually set a budget. Your first priority may be flowers, but you’re off to the wrong start if you allocate money to buy them without first determining how much you can spend on the entire occasion, including engagement ring, honeymoon, and everything in between.

Once you’ve put a cap on spending, evaluate your priorities. Brides and grooms that they shouldn’t take a large portion of their budget and use it in one area. That will allow for other areas to fall short, A budgeting tool, will help you divvy up the money so all your bases are covered.  Don’t forget to create a buffer of about 10 percent of the overall budget in case you go over your planned number of guests.

Consider a destination wedding. It sounds more expensive, but it actually isn’t, especially if you choose your location carefully.

Hotels have incentive to give you a great deal, because their business is built upon guests staying there, so if you’re going to bring them 50 rooms for three nights, they’ll want to work with you. Also, many beach hotels and resorts are all-inclusive, meaning meals and drinks are included in the price of your stay. But be wary of the wedding packages offered — they may come across as a great deal, but many services are ala carte.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw your weight around. Vendors want your business, so there’s no harm in trying to strike a bargain. In fact, not negotiating is downright silly. When buying your dress, it’s always a good idea to shop around — most bridal stores can order any dress, so if you have a picture of what you want, bring it to a couple shops and compare prices.

Once you’ve decided, then offer to purchase the bridesmaid dresses from the same store — for a discounted price. By the same token, you can ask the caterer if they’ll throw in linens, or any other services not already covered, for free or at least at a discount. These little things can really start to add up fast.

Get creative. People tend to put so much emphasis on proper wedding etiquette, forgetting that this is their day. I’m definitely not suggesting you skip the thank-you cards, but it’s OK to stray from the norm in other areas.

The uncomfortable issue that surrounds people with weddings is that they are always concerned with doing the right thing. As guests, we go to these weddings, go for cocktails, sit for dinner, then get up and dance — we all become robots. If you break that formula, you’re actually providing something that is really unique, You can save big by skipping the sit down dinner in favor of an extended cocktail party with passed hors d’oeuvres, for instance.

Make some cuts. Rather than trimming the people you want at your happy occasion, think about trimming say, two courses from your five-course meal. Then get rid of the fully stocked bar and offer a signature cocktail instead. Have a fabulous cosmopolitan or vodka bar, but don’t have every single top-shelf liquor. This keeps costs down because you’ll have less open bottles, and you pay for every bottle that’s opened.

Let the experts be experts. Your job with vendors is to be upfront and firm about your budget; their job is to stay within it. Go into meetings with a clear idea of how much you can spend, and ask what they can do in that price range. If they’re good, they’ll be able to offer lots of suggestions: florists can substitute flowers that are in season, but still offer the same color scheme and feel; the bakery can create a small version of your dream cake, and then a similar sheet cake to serve; and wedding invitations can be done without the fanciest paper or designs.

You don’t need to be embarrassed about having a budget. Everyone should have one, and people will respect you more for having one.

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Dazzling Succulents – Our New Editorial in Lavish Dulhan Magazine

DAZZLING SUCCULENTS – Our New Editorial in Lavish Dulhan Magazine


Dazzling Succulents – Check out our Editorial in the Latest Edition of LAVISH DULHAN Magazine. For more  pictures & Full spread  –

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Style Your Wedding with Neutral Palette and Textures

Style Your Wedding with Neutral Palette and Textures

If you are one amongst those who think that bright is not always beautiful, then neutral palettes and textures is something that you would love to embrace for your wedding day décor. Wedding decor gurus predict that neutral colors are going to rule this year, with shades of pink, champagne, peach, taupe, grey, blush, white, soft yellow, ivory and nude green becoming a hot favourite. Such soft hues unfurl a lot of class and elegance because of their clean and simple color palette. The use of such neutral shades will leave people awe-struck, transporting them into a dreamy world where everything seems just-so-serene.

Neutral palettes and textures have the power to add a sense of freshness to the décor and give it a sophisticated appeal, rather than putting the place at the risk of looking a bit too drab. You can also think of adding some or the other kind of texture rather than just a color. Keeping a specific texture in mind will add a truly interesting streak to the place. Pay special attention to texture of linens and invest in a lot of candles for a sophisticated appeal. You can turn a very neutral palette into something spectacular by adding some bling factor, like flecks of gold and silver. A concoction of metallic colors will jazz up the venue in an interesting way, which will make eyes do a cartwheel in amazement.

If you choose to take the neutral route, then don’t forget to use a lot of flowers to enliven the place. Apart from this, throw in some vintage furniture, which will further add to the neutral glamour of the area. Make the wedding décor exude brilliance, elegance and lots of glamour by keeping the color minimal. Nothing will make more sense than neutral color palette as the wedding day decoration will stand out against a brilliant natural backdrop, making it memorable in every way. So, bring out those silks, satins, laces and feathers, and show the world that neutral can be very fashionable.

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Garden Roses: Vintage Wedding Trend Still Blooming in 2013

Garden Roses: Vintage Wedding Trend Still Blooming in 2013 

Flowers are, undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of a wedding which have the power to add a sense of vivaciousness to any place. If you want make the most special day of your life all the more special, then flowers are an absolute must to make a statement. After all, what can be more timeless than a couple looking into each other’s eyes with a flowery background adding a sense of magic to the occasion!

But, picking a particular flower from so many beautiful blooms can leave anyone in a state of fix. From the past two years Peony has been ruling the wedding scene and has become a favorite amongst couples. If one has to go by trend forecasters, then this particular flower will not fail to astound onlookers even this year, while garden rose will arrest attention with its timeless beauty. Peonies and garden roses for a wedding are a classic and elegant choice, which will leave everyone awestruck.

The magnificence of these flowers stands out, which can mesmerize anyone with its luxurious appearance and intoxicating smell. Peonies exude grace and can create a stupendous aura in no time at all, while garden roses can unfurl an implausible aura that will make guests slip into a state of awe. Lush pink garden roses and pale pink peonies when placed together account for one of the most classic peony bouquets, which will mystically inject a sense of exquisiteness to the wedding party.

While garden rose looks delicate and pristine along with a sweet perfume, a peony looks luxurious because of its large, full heads. Peonies are easily available in various hues of pink, coral, white and red, but are a little on the expensive side. On the other hand, garden rose is pretty affordable and can be picked from various shades of yellow, cream, pink, green, red and white. Flowers have their own way to make a day special, especially for a bride, as these can be weaved into a charming tiara and a beautiful bouquet that she will carry while walking down the aisle.

If you want your wedding flower to come smothered with grace and endless charm, then look no further than the captivating peonies or garden roses.

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Beach Themed Wedding

Beach Themed Wedding

Sun kissed beaches have the power to woe just anyone. Imagine a palm dotted background with blue waters and sand beneath your feet as you walk hand in hand with the love of your life. If you have dreamt of a wedding, with nature playing as a perfect host, then a beach themed wedding will account for a perfect wedding ceremony, with romance flowing all around you. A destination wedding can cost a bomb and the budget will force you to sieve your guest list. But, fret no more! You can bring the beach to your hometown and add the magical charm of the sun and sand, with just a little planning.

  • The invitations that you send should be a lot of fun, just like the beach itself. Narrow down on colors that resemble the sky, sand, sun and palm trees.
  • Ask your guests to dress up like they would when going to a beach. From flip flops to straw hats, let your wedding party brim with a lot of life and enjoyment.
  • Crisp white linens along with colors of the ocean, like emerald green and sea blue, will undoubtedly brighten up the wedding venue and give it a distinctive charm.
  • Everyone must have collected shells while walking along a beach. Use decorative shells to let your guests relive the happy memories that they would have collected along with the shells at a beach.
  • Cleverly use centerpieces that can be filled with sea shells and sand. Alternatively, crystal bowls filled with turquoise blue water and a scented floating candle are bound to leave guests mesmerized.
  • How about some signature drinks at the bar that one finds at the beach? Mojito, Pina Colada, Margaritas and other kind of tropical drinks will be a sure shot hit at a beach themed wedding.
  • Design a menu that reminds guests of the beach, with sea food, like sushi and shrimp, being an important part of the food served.
  • No celebration is complete without good music. Make sure the DJ plays intoxicating island music that forces guests to hit the dance floor and let themselves loose.

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Fairy-Tale Theme for Wedding

How to plan a Fairy tale Themed Wedding ?

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, where she is marrying her prince charming and later elopes with him on a white horse. There is something very enchanting about fairy tales where everything ends with, ‘and they lived happily ever after.’ Such storybook romances have everyone smitten and many bring such fantasies to life by opting for a fairy tale themed wedding.

  • The most important thing you have to do is choose a theme for your fairytale wedding. It can be based on any of your favorite characters, like Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. All it will take is a little imagination and lots of creativity to make the wedding truly memorable.
  • How about an old castle as the venue of your wedding? Wow! But, in case, this sounds far-fetched, then drape the wedding hall you opt for in a way that does justice to the fairytale theme. It should spell gorgeousness and should be nothing less than awesome that leaves guests wheezing!
  • The decoration should make eyes do a cartwheel in wonderment. Make the space at hand look right out of a fairytale book by making Disney characters and fairies a part of the décor. The hall should be very dreamy and should trigger the effect of fantasy and enchantment. Let the wedding venue glitter like a star by purposely using a lot of glitter.
  • The food served at a fairytale themed wedding has to be splendid and scrumptious. It should overpower senses with an opulent feel. Make sure the waiters are dressed in an appropriate manner, while the cutlery glistens in the shades of silver and gold.

A fairytale themed wedding is bound to enchant guests and transport the couple into a world of romance, where the magic love potion will ignite the unending flame of love.

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Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

 Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

Thinking of a fairy tale wedding automatically makes people imagine thousands of dollars slipping out of their bank accounts. For most, a small budget wedding means nothing close to a lavish affair. But, if you have a limited budget and still want the most special day of your life to be filled with sumptuousness, then a little planning is all you need to make your D-day memorable.

1.     Stick to your budget – One mantra is to set a budget and stick to it at any cost.

2.     Involve friends and family – Friends and family members always feel special when they are assigned tasks for a special day. So, why not rope them for various tasks! Ask someone to click pictures, while a few others can help with decorations/food preparations. Make small teams to make sure that everything comes out as planned.

3.     Consider an off season wedding – An off season wedding will automatically cut down your wedding costs. This is the time when most of things are offered at a discounted rate. If you wish to cut costs further, then a wedding scheduled before lunch will be a perfect idea.

4.     Prepare wedding invitations and favors at home – Why not get creative and make wedding invitations and wedding favors at home rather than spending a huge amount on them? There are endless ideas available on the internet, which will help you come up with a customized invitation and eye-appealing favors.

5.     Invite limited people – A long list of guests means a heavy budget. Come up with a list and send invitations to only close friends and family members.

6.      Cut down on that designer wedding gown – Buying a designer wedding dress can be any bride’s dream, but is definitely an unnecessary wedding cost. Instead of designer houses, exploit sources like eBay where you can find hundreds of stylish yet cheaper options. Renting a wedding dress is another option, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

7.     Cut out on alcohol – Serve sparkling wine or non-alcoholic drinks, instead of expensive liquor or wine.

A small budget wedding can be equally special, mesmerizing and impressive. After all, money is not the only thing that can buy happiness!


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Classic Country Theme – Kismet Magazine

Classic Country 

This Look Combines lemons and lace for a Charming country Wedding design. There’s no need to say “I-do” on a farm ,When you can bring the brightness and charm straight to the table with this look.

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Sometimes you have to give up on Grumpy Guests

Sometimes you have to give up on grumpy guests

If you’re faced with a rude guest, try not to take it personally. There are a number of reasons why they may be attacking you and/or your designs. As long as your clients are pleased with your work, don’t let the temperamental guest throw you off your game.

Always take the time to listen to the guest’s complaint, and then do your best to find a solution. If you’ve come prepared with additional fresh flowers, you’ll be prepared to fix the problem if a guest is complaining about wilting flowers. Make it known to the guest that you are prepared to fix it. If they’re not willing to accept a solution and choose to continue criticizing you and your work, they’re just trying to make a scene. Don’t let it get to you.

A rude guest may have his or her own issues and end up taking it out on you. At this point, you just have to give up and walk away. Once, I had the misfortune of encountering a rude bridesmaid who would not stop complaining about my flowers, even after I had replaced a wilting flower with some fresh ones. It turns out she was jealous of her friend who was getting married.

You may be tempted to voice your true feelings about a rude guest who is criticizing you and your work, but that may not be the best idea in the midst of your clients’ celebration. Remember, you want to deliver optimal service to your clients and their guests.

How would you handle rude guests?


Chair Covers or NO Chair Covers….

Chair Covers or NO Chair Covers….

Are you having trouble deciding whether to cover your chairs , or to leave them bare? If you’re considering covering your chairs , will you opt for neutral colours or bold, vibrant colours? Do you prefer patterns? Have you considered texture? Some may think white chair covers are boring, but have you considered adding texture by experimenting with fabrics? Or have you thought about different shades of white? Other details can also add personality to an otherwise plain white chair cover. You can create a unique look with the right chair covers.

You may think of these as added expenses, but keep reading to find out some great ways to save when shopping for chair covers !

Have you thought about checking out rental options? You may be able to cut costs by renting your  chair covers.

Another way to save is to use the venue’s basic chair covers and personalize them by adding a fun chair Sashes, which you can rent or purchase. This way you only need to pay for the chair sashes, which tend to be less expensive than full tablecloths. Alternatively, you can create your own, truly personalized runners using fabric or flowers.

If you’re considering full chair covers, you can always save by going with a chair cap instead. They will create the same visual impact and desired effect in the overall look of the venue, but at a fraction of the cost. Or, skip the chair covers all together and go for a decorated chair look using ribbons or flowers.

Covering tables and chairs doesn’t necessarily mean spending more! Cut costs and get creative with covers!

The Top 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

The Top 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Everyone can make mistakes when trying to plan the perfect wedding. Follow these foolproof tips to avoid unnecessary fumbles during the wedding planning process.

1. The first impression you make on your guests will set the tone for the entire wedding. That’s why it’s so important to perfect your wedding invitations! As quick and convenient email may be, do you really want to send your wedding invitations by email? Dedicate some time to creating beautiful wedding invitations to announce the magical day that awaits your guests. Plus, a lot of people save invitations as a reminder with all of the event details, and an email can easily get lost in an overflowing inbox by the time the big day arrives.

2. As you can imagine, no one wants to be rushing around during the last hour leading up to the wedding. The last thing you want to be doing when guests start to arrive is finishing up the wedding installation. Leave yourself extra time to ensure sufficient time to complete the installation. Some guests are bound to arrive early, and you wouldn’t want to be seen rushing and cleaning up as guests filter in.

3. The wedding ceremony should begin on time. What will your guests think when they have gone to the trouble of arriving on time, and the ceremony begins significantly later than the time you had listed on the invitation?

4. Of course wedding flowers are an important aspect of the wedding decor, but it is also important to keep in mind that they should be in full bloom on the day of the big event. This can easily be overlooked, so be sure to take the time and make the effort to ensure your flowers are nurtured properly and are ready to be in the spotlight.

5. It’s one thing if your flowers aren’t quite in full bloom yet, but it’s a completely different story if the flowers are already beginning to wilt or turn brown. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario and order some additional fresh flowers for back up. Remember, your guests will be sitting around the centerpiece at their table all night. What would you think if you were staring at a wilting, brown centerpiece? Don’t think of this tip as obsessive compulsive, but it wouldn’t hurt to check each centerpiece and arrangement for flowers that need to be replaced before the event gets started. Replace any sad looking flowers with the fresh back up flowers you remembered to order.

6. You want your guests to enjoy the food and catering at any event. You already know you’ll need to do your homework and serve the best food possible. However, another thing you should keep in mind is the actual serving of each dish. Never serve plated food before guests are seated. They’ll be wondering how long it’s been sitting out. You should always have food servced once guests are seated, and try to have everyone served in a timely manner so everyone can dig in sooner. If you’re going for the buffet approach, try to do what you can to prevent long lines.

7. You may have managed to get your favourite band/DJ to play at your event, but be sure to continue to manage the music during the event. If the music is too loud, your guests won’t be able to enjoy the music or hear eachother speak. Be concious of the volume, otherwise you may lose a few guests as the evening of unbearably loud music progresses.

8. Event lighting shouldn’t be too bright. It should be intimate and romantic. You don’t want to find out that a spotlight was blinding half of your guests the entire evening. On the other hand, some people opt to use candles instead of bright lights, but beware: the heat may become overwhelming.

9. Timing is everything. Every step of the wedding should be timed in order to maintain organization and an appropriate flow of events. Things may not always fall exactly into place, but having a realistic plan going in will make a big difference. If something changes last minute, don’t sweat it! You’ll need to stay calm and make sure things get back on schedule and go smoothly moving forward.

10. Be sure to check in with your clients throughout the evening. It is up to you to diffuse feelings of anxiety and nervousness and remind them to enjoy their party. If they’re too preoccupied with worry, they’ll forget to enjoy themselves.

Remember, there’s no such thing as perfection, but if you follow these 10 tips to ensure an optimal event experience for everyone involved, the rest will be a piece of cake!