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Cake table decorations for Wedding

Cake Table Decor

Wedding is one of the most special celebrations in every one’s life. So you would absolutely want it to be absolutely extraordinary. Nothing less than perfection is exactly what you desire, on your wedding day. And when it comes to wedding, wedding cakes are the most important element of the day. Hence, comes the cake table decoration for wedding that needs to be taken extra care of.

An essential part of this occasion is the decoration of the cake table. Mostly every bride dream of three things when it comes to their wedding – a beautiful gown, a diamond ring from him and a sinful cake. It is quite expected that you too wanted to have a very matchlessly and stunningly decorated cake table on your most special day. While getting the table decorated, a very important factor that must be remembered is that the decoration of the table should highlight the cake and never overpower it.

On your wedding day the cake will remain one of the most important centers of attraction for all your guests. . Whether they are a bunch of kids, your office mates or the older ones – all eyes are stuck on the cake until you and your cut it lovingly. So naturally, you must decorate it so well, that it easily catches everyone’s attention.

If you are following any theme for your wedding, it is ideal to decorate a cake table keeping the theme in mind. You can either follow the combination of colors you have used for the venue decoration, or may follow the theme through some other element for your wedding cake table decoration. Ranging from simple look to heavy ornamental decoration, your wedding decorator will assist you with the best possible options.

Floral Decoration – This is one of the most widespread style of cake table decoration chosen and preferred in most weddings. The cake table can be decorated with fresh flowers, keeping a relevance with the theme of your wedding. This will not only give your cake table an elegant look, but with the use of exotic flowers this will also enhance the grace of it.

Putting tulles into use – You can use tulle for decoration; the most attractive way in which you can use is by hanging it from the ceiling and draping it around the table. The tulle can be used in different colors, to make the decoration look colorful.

Usage of floral decorative in adorning the cake table – While using flowers for wedding decoration, another very innovative way, to make your cake table look gorgeous is by using floral decorative rather than just fresh flowers on it. Artificial flowers are best used to make these decorative pieces. Often these artificial floral artifacts can be used as cake top decorations.

Decking with fountain  – Usage of fountains has gained popularity in recent years. You can include a small fountain while decorating your table or even your cake. Along with this if there is an addition of exotic flowers and light in the décor, it will look beautiful.

Innovating with candles and modern lights – A wedding decoration is not complete without candles and lights. And when it comes to the wedding cake, candles are a must. It is a very gorgeous way to decorate your cake table, especially if it is an evening wedding. You can put candles all around the table in various decorative forms like, using floating candles or florist style candles. Lights can also be put to use to decorate the sides of your table making it a special attraction during the evening.

Using beads and flower garlands – The usage of beads in decorating your cake and cake table will make it look extraordinary. Appling the flower garland around your table will actually add to the beauty of the already decorated cake.

With the decoration of the cake table you should also have a well decorated backdrop. This will add charm to your beautifully decked cake table.

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Wedding Cakes you can’t do without…

Wedding Cakes you can’t do without

Sweets make any occasion special. Be it a birthday party or an engagement, the day is not over until sweets are served. And if it’s your wedding, it is just not complete without your special wedding cake.

Choosing from an array of delicious wedding cakes it often gets really confusing to decide which one would be perfect for your day. Let a wedding cake decorator help you with finding the one that is just perfect for you.

Whether you are throwing an elaborate reception or a small formal one with your close ones, your wedding cake form an integral part of the ceremony. The cake design and size should be chosen to match the theme of the venue decoration, taste and style of the bride and groom, number of guests and most importantly your budget.

Hottest Wedding Cakes Trends of 2013

The wedding cakes are at focal attraction of your wedding. It takes the centre stage and draws the attention of all the guests present as you and your partner cut the cake with all romanticism. 2013 has seen a rise in newer trends when it comes to wedding cakes:

pageHeight Shows Long Lasting Togetherness
The taller cake you choose the longer life you would live together. This is a new trend that many couples are opting for. Multi-tiered cakes are in this wedding season.

Rustic and Vintage Look Goes Contemporary
The rustic & vintage style wedding is back with a bang in 2013. This style is not just about the venue decoration but also about the wedding cakes. Wooden stands, messages written on dried leaf are loved by all. Rustic color such has brown, pastel shades of green, orange, and blue are back again.

page1Metallic Wedding Cakes Add a Little More Glamour
Metallic wedding cakes popped into popularity in 2012 and it continues the trend in 2013. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your wedding misses that Midas touch. To add a little glitz and glam you need the touch of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper or any other metallic shade. The center table would shimmer and shine with your cake.


Mini Wedding Cakes to Surprise Your Guests
This crazy idea is new and is loved by many couples. Instead of one large cake, you can keep mini wedding cakes of multiple colors and designs on the centre table. Your guests will have an option to choose as per their taste.

Wedding Cake Toppers
Some of the best things in life come in small packages. One such small yet very important part is the wedding cake. With wedding cake topping you can give a personal touch to your wedding cake. Starting from fresh fruits to Figurines, Candies, or laces – the cake toppings are used to decorate the wedding cake as per your choice.

The highlight of your wedding is the ceremonial cake cutting moment. You must capture these moments by hiring a professional to take wedding cake pictures.

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