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“Crushed velvet, glam florals and signature blue monolos

“Crushed velvet, glam florals and signature blue monolos- converge to create a SJP worthy wedding Wonderland”. Creative Team – PHOTOGRAPHY AND CINEMATOGRAPHY • @mpsginc MPSG Weddings, PRODUCER AND PLANNER • Biji Planners @bijiplanners CREATIVE DIRECTOR, DECOR AND FLORAL DESIGN, LINENS, DRAPING, BACKDROP, WHITE PILLARS, CANDLES, AND CANDLEHOLDERS • G.P.S. Décors @gpsdecors WARDROBE STYLIST • Michelle De Sousa, STATIONERY DESIGN • The Paper Boutique By Your Occasion @thepaperboutiqueinvitations VENUE • Universal EventSpace @universal1982 , HAIR AND MAKEUP • Jen Evoy Makeup Studio @jenevoymakeupstudio GOWN AND CROWN • Ines Di Santo, @inesdisantoNUDE SHOES • Gianvito Rossi from The Room at Hudson’s Bay, BLUE SHOES • Manolo Blahnik from Holt Renfrew, ROSE GOLD SHOES • Sophia Webster from The Room at Hudson’s Bay, JEWELLERY • Made You Look, EARRINGS • Jenna Ianelli for Valentine Rouge, DRESSER, MANNEQUINS, WHITE BOXES, BENCHES, SOFAS, AND TABLE • Chairs & Thrones @chairsandthrones , TABLEWARE • Tableauscapes @tableauscapes , VINYL FLOORING • Designer Dance Floors @designerdancefloors CAKE DESIGN • Fine Cakes By Zehra @finecakesbyzehraofficial , RIGGING • S4 Entertainment Audio/Visual @s4ent1982



Creative Partners:
Concept and Art Director: @jararkazmiPhotography and Cinematography by @latelierlumiere
Co-Producer, Creative Director, Decor and Floral Design: @gpsdecors
Co-Producer, Planner and Stylist: @bijiplanners
Cake and Dessert Design: @finecakesbyzehra
Floral Wall and Candleholders: @chairandthrones
Chairs, Sofa and End Tables: @luxemodernrentals
Vinyl Design and Production: @designerdancefloors
Plate and Flatware: @plateoccasions
Hair and Makeup: @fancyfaceinc
Gown: @inesdisanto
Venue: @universal1982

Pretty Bridal Shower

Pretty Bridal Shower at Universal EventSpace – byPeterandPauls.com with Biji Planners Cultural Wedding Planner Fine Cakes By Zehra Chairs & Thrones

Event Decor, Design & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

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Chic & Elegant Wedding Reception Setup

Chic & Elegant Wedding Reception Setup at Embassy Grand Convention Centre

Event Design,decor & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Chic & Elegant Wedding Reception Setup

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Wedding Reception Setup

Wedding Reception Setup at Lakeshore Convention Centre
with Cineverse Sukhi Essence Singh Marquee.Design Empire Entertainment Randy Hansra Sheena Sodhi
Event Design,decor & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Wedding Reception Setup

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Opulence in design, Beautiful wisteria arches

Opulence in design, Beautiful wisteria arches – A cake table taking the center stage for Riya’s 1st Birthday with Fine Cakes By Zehra , Custom Cake Table by Chairs & Thrones , Dance floor by Designer Dance Floors: Printed Decor with L’Atelier Lumière International Photographie , Biji Planners Cultural Wedding Planner, Shirley Wu
Event Design,decor & Florals – www.gpsdecors.com

Beautiful Wisteria Arches

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Creating a Functional Wedding Reception Floor Plan


“We only had 50 guests,” explains Nicole, a Toronto HR manager for a large firm downtown who decided to buck the trend and have the most intimate of weddings. “I had thrown parties bigger than that at my place, back when Frank and I were dating. But we decided to keep the reception super small, and I asked Frank what we should do for the seating. He just shrugged,” she recalls. “Most of the guests had known each other for a long, long time, and it didn’t make sense to force them into pre-arranged seating. We did round tables of 8, and let the guests work it out. Everyone was happy and socialized constantly throughout the entire reception!”

While the un-traditional seating plan format worked well for Nicole and Frank – as it might for any couple throwing a very small reception – for brides and grooms that have larger families, and/or plan to invite a diverse guest list of friends and colleagues who have never met, it probably wouldn’t work so well. The last thing you want at your wedding is people wandering around aimlessly, not committing to a particular seat and not knowing where they fit in (unless you’re doing an hors d’oeuvres-only party with very limited seating, in which case, that is kind of the point). And if you don’t put any thought into who will be seated with whom, or how the room will be arranged, you risk a Seinfeld-like ‘when two worlds collide’ scenario where people who should not be mixing, are seated together or bumping into one another as they try to get their food and drinks.

Wedding reception floor plan – do’s and don’ts

When you’re planning the seating and the floor plan for your wedding reception, it’s important to take into account the many different elements of your reception:

  • Ballroom/reception hall size
  • Table size (Round? Square? How many does each table accommodate?)
  • Cake table
  • Head table
  • DJ
  • Dance floor
  • Buffeta
  • Bar(s)

Wedding Reception Floor Plan..

Now for some do’s and don’ts of planning your floor plan.


-Leave at least 2 feet around each table so guests can easily slide their chairs in and out.

-Make sure every guest is close to something important. For example, a guest should have easy access to the buffet OR be close to the head table OR have an excellent view of the band.

-Choose long tables, rather than round, if you’re having a small, intimate reception like Nicole’s. This style brings everyone closer together rather than having a very empty-looking room with scattered clusters of people.

-Have a kids’ table if your child guests are 5 and up; they will feel delightfully grown-up eating together and their table can also double as a craft table to keep them occupied during and after the various courses.

-Seat lone guests with other singles, not just couples.


-Try to cram too many people into a table. If a table seats a maximum of 10 people, take that very seriously – and try to put just 8 people there, if you can.

-Put the cake table right in front of the head table, or your guests won’t be able to see the happy couple making toasts or kissing!

-Put the cake table too near the dance floor; there is always the risk of it getting accidentally knocked over.

-Place elderly relatives too close to the music.

Still stumped as to how to achieve the perfect layout? GPS Decors can help you plan a functional wedding reception floor plan that includes everyone and optimizes your space and resources, without the hassle of planning it all yourself.

For Ideas & Inspiration – www.gpsdecors.com


Reception Lounges and Guest Entertainment

Reception Lounges and Guest EntertainmentWedding Decorators Toronto

Formal might be the name of the game for your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean your ceremony and reception can’t be warm and inviting for all those you bring along for the ride. When you prepare the big day and you’re dancing on clouds and caught up in that moment where it’s all come together, often the guests are only dancing on a normal dance-floor and thinking about their aching feet. Give them a place to kick back a while before they head back out there. Or make your ceremony more friendly to those awaiting the wedding march with small groups of couches in tent covered areas to get them out of the sun and allow them to relax beforehand.

Wedding decor Toronto

The choices in reception lounges are endless and every little detail can add a whole new level of comfort and luxury to the space. Thick pile shag rugs to match the bridal accents and deep comfy chairs to just fall into after one too many dances after one too many trips to the bar might just be the highlight of your maid of honor or father-in-law’s evening. A stocked cooler at each station with bottled water and snacks to replenish much needed energy will always be appreciated.

There is something personal about a space with low-candles and comfortable seating for smaller groups that really makes the romance of the day extend beyond yourselves and give others a chance finding someone special and lets you take all the credit. When people are allowed to sit in a more natural setting they loosen up and get chatting more easily and have a better time overall which means that the memories will be clearer and sharper because they will have really enjoyed themselves as much as possible.

Something that can really show off your style and make the night sparkle is the right type of entertainment for the wedding and reception style you’ve chosen. Whether live-music or a great DJ, dancing is prerequisite and non-negotiable for many wedding guests, it’s the only place they’re sure to find someone who dances as badly as them so they can feel comfortable to show off all of their repertoire of “moves”.

If you choose live music, there are some basic rules to follow that will make sure the night is exactly what you want it to be: Choose a band that suits the look and feel of the event while having the experience and skill to play to your guests and not just stand there like robots. See them beforehand and spend a day interviewing each prospective group and hear them live so you know what you’re getting for your investment. Make sure they are professional and have a standard contract which defines their commitment and yours so nothing gets in the way of everyone having the time of their lives.

Not into live-music, but want to “wow em” and have a reception that is dedicated to fun or spectacle. There are no shortage of troupes and companies who specialize in everything from fire breathing or fireworks to cabaret dancing and magicians. Comedians or circus acts can keep your guests laughing through the night and amaze the younger guests.

Whatever your choice book early and makes sure the entertainment you engage the services of is comfortable with your being directly involved in deciding what happens throughout the performance because after all, it is your day.

In Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, G.P.S. Decors is dedicated to creating and customizing the wedding decorations and details for you and yours that will make your event stand out from the crowd and give you years of memories to cherish. Make your wedding, “The Wedding” and choose us to take care of it all, for you.

How to Roast a Turkey (Christmas Dinner)

How to Roast a Turkey ( Christmas Dinner)

Roasted Turkey is one of the favorite food items on Christmas Eve, and is preferred by many families as centerpiece on Christmas Dinner Table. So, while serving a roasted Turkey it is important to get it correctly roasted, since the taste of it lies on the process in which it is being roasted.

Roasting a Turkey:

First: on getting the Turkey you should first remove its giblets, in the body cavity, and then place it on a plate. Put the Turkey containing dish on the coolest part of the refrigerator. The weight of the Turkey should be well known, since this helps in calculating the cooking time.

The night before take it out of the fridge so that it is adjusted with it room temperature, before being roasted. It is good if you can get a fresh Turkey, if not then allow the frozen Turkey to be completely defrosted before it is cooked.

Second: the next important step is the stuffing of Turkey. You can stuff the Turkey with a stuffing of your choice. The quantity required for stuffing will the same as that of the Turkey. Two-third of the stuffing must be place between the flesh and the skin in the neck end. And then the rest of the stuffing must be placed inside the body cavity. An important thing to be noted, the Turkey must be properly deforested before being stuffed. It is so required because if the deforestation does not takes place properly then the heat will not reach evenly to every part of the Turkey, making it remain uncooked. Only if the Turkey and the stuffing are in room temperature, the preparation will perfect. It is also necessary to spread butter all over the bird.

Third: put bacon rashers on the breast of the Turkey, then apply freshly milled black pepper and salt to taste.

Forth: two large foil sheets are required to place the Turkey and wrap it loosely. The Turkey parcel must be firmly tied, and put inside a pre-heated oven in 220 degree C, for 40 minutes. This blast is required to allow the heat to go into the Turkey and its stuffing. Then you must reduce the temperature to 170 degree C for 3 and a half hour.

Fifth: after this you must remove the Turkey from the oven and uncover it. The uncovered Turkey must then be cooked for 40 minutes at 200 degree C. The browning of the beacon on the bird’s breast is an indication to allow the final browning of the breast.

Sixth: the final cooking for 40 minutes is suppose to give you a completely roasted Turkey. Thrust a thick part of the leg with a skewer, on pressing the skewer check if the juice is clear without any pink trace in it. If there is no such trace then your Turkey is completely prepared, but if there are pink traces the dish requires a little more cooking. Before you can serve the Turkey you need to keep it wrapped up loosely in a foil for about 40 minutes, the normal room temperature would be perfect.

For More Ideas – www.gpsdecors.com

Christmas Deserts

Christmas Deserts

Christmas time is fun time for all, and the sharing of joy and happiness cannot be complete without deserts. So, while preparing deserts you have to take extra care to receive appreciation and see the smiling face of your dear ones.

Deserts for Christmas:

Fruit cakes – taste is essential, apart from that health becomes another very important issue that should not be neglected. Thus, to keep a balance between both fruit cakes are the best option. Prepare your cake with different varieties of dry fruits, as well as use fresh sliced fruits for garnishing your cake.

This well garnished cake is extremely healthy as well as attractive, especially for the children.

Custards – this is a dessert which can be prepared very quickly yet it is delicious for the taste buds. Custard mix powders are easily available in the market, and these are available in various flavors. Another advantage of this dessert is that, it not extremely sweet so it can be consumed by all. If you are preparing chocolate custard then you can easily use dark chocolate for garnishing the dish. In case of any other custard flavors, fresh cream and sliced fruits can be used of presenting the desert.

Cookies – this is one of the deserts most liked by children. So, to make your children you can of course choose to prepare this desert. Cookies are also considered to be healthy and low fat containing, and if it contains dark chocolate then it would also act as an anti-oxidant.

Fruit salad – fruit salad is a very good option to opt during Christmas. Winter brings many different kinds of fruits, which are often not consumed or liked by children. So, if you are thinking of preparing a desert which is tasty yet very healthy, then this is the best you have. Prepare a salad with the seasonal fruits that are available, and present it well. For garnishing your desert you could use fresh cream, and chocolate chips, this will make the dish look very catchy.

The fruit salad is a desert that can be consumed by people of every age group, since it is an absolute healthy dish, causing no health problems.

Peppermint cream cup-cake – this is a delicious desert that pleases the taste bud well. Peppermint cakes are prepared in the usual way, in which cakes are made. Some of the main ingredients required for making it are coffee, buttermilk, fresh cream. For presentation you will require sponge chocolate. This sponge chocolate will enhance the flavor of your cupcake, making it more delicious.

Cranberry snow cake – if you are looking for an extra-ordinarily delicious cake for Christmas, then your search ends here. The cranberry snow cake gives you the perfect feel of Christmas and its joys.

To prepare this desert you do not require to be an expert. Bake the cake you usually bake cakes, only add a layer of cranberry to your cake. The topping of it can be done by chocolate sauce or vanilla flavored cream. You can even present your cake by using a nutty and sliced fruit topping.

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