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How to Roast a Turkey (Christmas Dinner)

How to Roast a Turkey ( Christmas Dinner)

Roasted Turkey is one of the favorite food items on Christmas Eve, and is preferred by many families as centerpiece on Christmas Dinner Table. So, while serving a roasted Turkey it is important to get it correctly roasted, since the taste of it lies on the process in which it is being roasted.

Roasting a Turkey:

First: on getting the Turkey you should first remove its giblets, in the body cavity, and then place it on a plate. Put the Turkey containing dish on the coolest part of the refrigerator. The weight of the Turkey should be well known, since this helps in calculating the cooking time.

The night before take it out of the fridge so that it is adjusted with it room temperature, before being roasted. It is good if you can get a fresh Turkey, if not then allow the frozen Turkey to be completely defrosted before it is cooked.

Second: the next important step is the stuffing of Turkey. You can stuff the Turkey with a stuffing of your choice. The quantity required for stuffing will the same as that of the Turkey. Two-third of the stuffing must be place between the flesh and the skin in the neck end. And then the rest of the stuffing must be placed inside the body cavity. An important thing to be noted, the Turkey must be properly deforested before being stuffed. It is so required because if the deforestation does not takes place properly then the heat will not reach evenly to every part of the Turkey, making it remain uncooked. Only if the Turkey and the stuffing are in room temperature, the preparation will perfect. It is also necessary to spread butter all over the bird.

Third: put bacon rashers on the breast of the Turkey, then apply freshly milled black pepper and salt to taste.

Forth: two large foil sheets are required to place the Turkey and wrap it loosely. The Turkey parcel must be firmly tied, and put inside a pre-heated oven in 220 degree C, for 40 minutes. This blast is required to allow the heat to go into the Turkey and its stuffing. Then you must reduce the temperature to 170 degree C for 3 and a half hour.

Fifth: after this you must remove the Turkey from the oven and uncover it. The uncovered Turkey must then be cooked for 40 minutes at 200 degree C. The browning of the beacon on the bird’s breast is an indication to allow the final browning of the breast.

Sixth: the final cooking for 40 minutes is suppose to give you a completely roasted Turkey. Thrust a thick part of the leg with a skewer, on pressing the skewer check if the juice is clear without any pink trace in it. If there is no such trace then your Turkey is completely prepared, but if there are pink traces the dish requires a little more cooking. Before you can serve the Turkey you need to keep it wrapped up loosely in a foil for about 40 minutes, the normal room temperature would be perfect.

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Christmas Deserts

Christmas Deserts

Christmas time is fun time for all, and the sharing of joy and happiness cannot be complete without deserts. So, while preparing deserts you have to take extra care to receive appreciation and see the smiling face of your dear ones.

Deserts for Christmas:

Fruit cakes – taste is essential, apart from that health becomes another very important issue that should not be neglected. Thus, to keep a balance between both fruit cakes are the best option. Prepare your cake with different varieties of dry fruits, as well as use fresh sliced fruits for garnishing your cake.

This well garnished cake is extremely healthy as well as attractive, especially for the children.

Custards – this is a dessert which can be prepared very quickly yet it is delicious for the taste buds. Custard mix powders are easily available in the market, and these are available in various flavors. Another advantage of this dessert is that, it not extremely sweet so it can be consumed by all. If you are preparing chocolate custard then you can easily use dark chocolate for garnishing the dish. In case of any other custard flavors, fresh cream and sliced fruits can be used of presenting the desert.

Cookies – this is one of the deserts most liked by children. So, to make your children you can of course choose to prepare this desert. Cookies are also considered to be healthy and low fat containing, and if it contains dark chocolate then it would also act as an anti-oxidant.

Fruit salad – fruit salad is a very good option to opt during Christmas. Winter brings many different kinds of fruits, which are often not consumed or liked by children. So, if you are thinking of preparing a desert which is tasty yet very healthy, then this is the best you have. Prepare a salad with the seasonal fruits that are available, and present it well. For garnishing your desert you could use fresh cream, and chocolate chips, this will make the dish look very catchy.

The fruit salad is a desert that can be consumed by people of every age group, since it is an absolute healthy dish, causing no health problems.

Peppermint cream cup-cake – this is a delicious desert that pleases the taste bud well. Peppermint cakes are prepared in the usual way, in which cakes are made. Some of the main ingredients required for making it are coffee, buttermilk, fresh cream. For presentation you will require sponge chocolate. This sponge chocolate will enhance the flavor of your cupcake, making it more delicious.

Cranberry snow cake – if you are looking for an extra-ordinarily delicious cake for Christmas, then your search ends here. The cranberry snow cake gives you the perfect feel of Christmas and its joys.

To prepare this desert you do not require to be an expert. Bake the cake you usually bake cakes, only add a layer of cranberry to your cake. The topping of it can be done by chocolate sauce or vanilla flavored cream. You can even present your cake by using a nutty and sliced fruit topping.

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Christmas Breakfast – The Food for the Yuletide Man

Christmas Breakfast – The Food for the Yuletide Man

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. Jingle all the way.”

Once again it is that time of the year, when our hearts start fluttering gaily to the little snow flakes. It is the Christmas season. The Yuletide spirit has gloriously set amongst us all. Christmas, perhaps, is just a one day festival. But the festivities start way before. And continue even longer.

The word Christmas brings a lot of images to our minds. The shiny papers wrapped around tempting gifts, the lush green Christmas tree with all the glittering decors, the merry parties and of course, the food. While the Christmas dinner is unparallel to any delicacy, it is the specialChristmas breakfast that sets in the mood.

Since Christmas Day is a much awaited holiday and a break from the daily monotonous routine, most of the times what we celebrate is a Christmas brunch.

The drowsy tone of the wintry morning can be interrupted with a delicious cup of chocolate-y café au lait. The chocolates and the cream can be generously added to the cuppa. After all, is it not sinful to feel guilty about the extra calories on Christmas Day?

Cakes. How can a Christmas breakfast ever be complete without cakes? Let your imagination run wild with this dish. Mix up the flavors. Let the strawberry flavor run wild with the chocolate. And vanilla does complement the flavor of coffee a lot. You can also try out apple with honey.

In the main course of the Christmas breakfast, you can treat yourself to a plethora of pancakes. They are easy to make and they take your taste buds for a joyride. You can try out a parmesan mashed potato pan cake or a simple parmesan potato pancake. Or you can even have a sweet potato pancake. Make the pancakes laden with dollops of cheese for that yummy creamy taste. Or you can replace the pancake in the main course with some delicious frittata.

Eggs are a healthy addition to a delightful Christmas breakfast. But the boring boiled egg can afford to stay away. A plate of Huevos ‘Ranch’ eros or a Western Skillet Eggs or maybe a sweet omelet or the classic poached eggs, can be good choices. Another dish that can add the oomph needed to your breakfast table is scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

Take in a light easy to digest food item, to end your delicious Christmas breakfast. For example, a broiled brown sugar grapefruit. Or perhaps, some brown sugar shortbread. Wheat scones are not a bad idea either. Holiday cookies in different cute shapes and sizes not only add a festive spirit to the breakfast table, it also makes the taste buds want a little bit more.

The important motive for the Christmas breakfast is to enjoy the liveliness of the season in an unbridled fashion. Hence, the more sinful the platter, the better. For an added zing, the table can be decorated with colorful napkins, miniature Santa Clauses and little shiny bells. Let the merry makings begin!

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Black & White – The Perfect Wedding Theme

Black & White –  The Perfect Wedding Theme

Are you planning a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate event? Perhaps you are throwing a surprise birthday party, an engagement party, or an anniversary party? Whatever the occasion, we’re here to help you with your entire event decorating needs. Having trouble coming up with a theme? Trying to come up with something stylish and sophisticated? Want to avoid trendy themes that are bound to go out of fashion? A black-and-white colour scheme is perfect for any event. It is classy, clean, crisp, and classic. Black-and-white themed events will always be in style; the colour combination is simply timeless. This versatile colour scheme will have the impact you’re looking for. It’s so dramatic! Plus, black-and-white décor will work with any budget!

You can kick everything off with elegant black-and-white invitations. Personalized invitations are a nice gesture, and remember, the invitation is the first thing each of your guests will see. You want to make a good first impression. These invites are meant to convince people to attend your event. They should be representative of the upcoming event. If you’re having trouble with invitations, there is no need to worry; we will be by your side throughout the entire process, starting with those invitations. Next, get creative with your décor. Decorating and planning doesn’t have to be a hassle and come with a headache, but if you’re just not up for it, or if you’re having trouble bringing your ideas to life, we will be there every step of the way to help you throw an absolutely stunning event. There is so much you can do with a black-and-white theme! Have fun with it! Linens, centerpieces, carpets, candles, flowers, balloons, statues, chandeliers, candelabras, curtains, signage, even the food could tie in with your theme. Imagine – a glamorous dessert table exhibiting exquisite black-and-white cakes, tarts, candies, and sweets. I can’t stress it enough – there is so much you can do with this versatile theme! Leave out a black-and-white guest book for all of your guests to sign. Create personalized, black-and-white name and place cards. If you’re planning a wedding, anniversary, engagement party, or birthday, leave out black-and-white photo albums filled with black-and-white photographs for guests to flip through during the event. Why stop there? If you want to go the extra mile, ask your guests to wear black and white to the event.

So when you’re planning your next event, whatever the occasion may be, think black-and-white. Give us a call. We’re here to help you with all of your decorating needs.


Las Vegas Themed Wedding

 Las Vegas Themed Wedding

Who doesn’t like a lil’ gambling and some fun, especially when all this happens in the City of Sin aka Las Vegas? Las Vegas is envied by many and if a wedding is planned keeping the sinful spirit of the place alive then it’s obvious that fun will flow from all corners. Themed weddings have been soaring high on the popularity charts and Vegas wedding themes are something to drool over. No other theme will give you such an array of choices like a Las Vegas themed wedding will and for it you don’t have to be present in Vegas at all. Let your guests indulge in some shuffling of the cards, spin a roulette wheel and get intoxicated by the rolling of the dice, all while you exchange vows and get into a holy bond of matrimony.


The invitations that you send should speak tons about the chosen wedding theme. Draw some inspiration from slot machines and casinos to come up with a unique invitation. How about a design that imitates a playing card or a dice?


Las Vegas is all about a lot of glamour. You wedding will be one great part and the décor should have a very carefree feel. The wedding venue can be made to look like a casino clubbed with great Elvis, Tom Jones and Celine Dion music that is bound to give guests hours of fun. It should have those traditional colors of Vegas (black, white and red). Table liners, centerpieces, napkins and all other accessories can be designed like playing cards, while the table can be made to look like a game table. You can also rent slot machines and game table, while handing out play money to guests to gamble with, giving everyone at the wedding a real experience.


Give your guests an opportunity to relish a true Vegan style dining experience, with a handful of options by narrowing down on a buffet. And, it goes without saying that cocktails are a must to keep up with the spirit of Vegas!

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Sit Down Dinner v/s Casual Canapés for Wedding Reception

 Sit Down Dinner v/s Casual Canapés for Wedding Reception

What is a wedding without great food? One thing that guests look forward to, more than an eye appealing décor and foot tapping music, is the food that is served at the occasion. People forget just everything about a wedding, but one thing that stays in their memory for years to come is great food that was served. Planning a great menu for your wedding reception can be quite taxing and adding to it is the way the lip-smacking food should be served.



Now, should you opt for casual canapés or narrow down on a sit down dinner? If you are also trapped in this dilemma, then read ahead to erase the confusions that you are surrounded with.

Sit Down Dinner for a Wedding Reception

Pros: A sit down dinner not only looks elegant and classy, but will blend perfectly with a formal wedding reception. Each of your guests will be assigned tables for a sit down dinner and the waiting staff will serve food to everyone. This will kill the time spent while waiting uneasily in a line to get food, which can annoy guests. But, it gives more control in terms of timing of your reception for various events.

Cons: It is comparatively more expensive as a larger number of servers are required to make sure that every table gets served relatively at the same time. In this case, the guests get a limited food choice.

Casual Canapés for a Wedding Reception

Pros: Casual Canapés will be a hit in case your wedding reception is not-so-formal and is more like a fun event. A variety of canapés can be served which if prepared well can be both decorative and delicious along with cocktails. It will undoubtedly be a modern and causal affair, with fun flowing from everywhere.

Cons: It will be a stand-up affair, which will be loved by youngsters, but maybe the old brigade doesn’t like it much.

You should always discuss every detail in length with your wedding reception caterer to ensure everything falls in your set budget. But, at the end, your prime focus should be on hi quality and mouth watering food.


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Do You Have it in You To Become a Wedding Planner ???

Do you have it in you to become a wedding planner?

Maybe, you just planned your own wedding or managed everything at one of your loved one’s D-day, which made you think that the wedding planning business was just the right thing for you. Planning a wedding sure feels like a lot of fun, but do you really have it in you to climb the ladder of success in this business? Here is a reality check!

  • To be a success, you have to be very convincing. After all, it’s all about making a couple’s dreams come true. Right from the time when a bride walks down the aisle to dancing arm in arm with her loved one, everything has to go as planned. You have to convince them completely that their vision will be brought to life at any cost.
  • Always keep in mind that hard work is the key to success and it applies in the wedding planning business as well.
  • You will have to act responsible for even the smallest of blunders. No excuses work in this business.
  • You need to be highly organized in order to pull the whole occasion. In case, you want to become a full time wedding planner, then handling more than one event on a single day with full conviction can only be done with a structured plan.
  • Relationship building or connections with various vendors is of utmost importance. Do you have this trait in you?
  • Last but not the least, a certification as a professional wedding consultant will serve as a cherry on the cake.

A lot of work and detailing goes into planning a wedding. Don’t forget, enjoying a wedding as a guest and planning one are two very different things. So, you should be ready to work all through the year and at odd hours of the day to make the event at hand a real success.


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Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

 Your Fabulous Small Budget Wedding

Thinking of a fairy tale wedding automatically makes people imagine thousands of dollars slipping out of their bank accounts. For most, a small budget wedding means nothing close to a lavish affair. But, if you have a limited budget and still want the most special day of your life to be filled with sumptuousness, then a little planning is all you need to make your D-day memorable.

1.     Stick to your budget – One mantra is to set a budget and stick to it at any cost.

2.     Involve friends and family – Friends and family members always feel special when they are assigned tasks for a special day. So, why not rope them for various tasks! Ask someone to click pictures, while a few others can help with decorations/food preparations. Make small teams to make sure that everything comes out as planned.

3.     Consider an off season wedding – An off season wedding will automatically cut down your wedding costs. This is the time when most of things are offered at a discounted rate. If you wish to cut costs further, then a wedding scheduled before lunch will be a perfect idea.

4.     Prepare wedding invitations and favors at home – Why not get creative and make wedding invitations and wedding favors at home rather than spending a huge amount on them? There are endless ideas available on the internet, which will help you come up with a customized invitation and eye-appealing favors.

5.     Invite limited people – A long list of guests means a heavy budget. Come up with a list and send invitations to only close friends and family members.

6.      Cut down on that designer wedding gown – Buying a designer wedding dress can be any bride’s dream, but is definitely an unnecessary wedding cost. Instead of designer houses, exploit sources like eBay where you can find hundreds of stylish yet cheaper options. Renting a wedding dress is another option, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

7.     Cut out on alcohol – Serve sparkling wine or non-alcoholic drinks, instead of expensive liquor or wine.

A small budget wedding can be equally special, mesmerizing and impressive. After all, money is not the only thing that can buy happiness!


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Fun Food for Wedding

Fun Food for Wedding

 One of the major highlights of any wedding is the reception menu. If you serve great food, all your guests will remember your wedding for years to come. And an easy way to get complements is by going a little creative when it comes to working on the menu. From appetizers to full-course meals and mid-night snacks, each item on the menu must be unique so that your guests enjoy their food even more.

The wedding menu must add some extra spices so that your guests to have a range of choices of their favorite delicacies. Fun food is certainly the latest choice of 2013 wedding. Here is a list of items you can choose from:

Finger Foods: Finger foods are favorite of people of all age group from kids to adults. Even your pickiest guests will enjoy munching food like tea sandwiches, trail mix and crackers. These foods might be common, yet they never become cliché. You can also go for other snacks as suggested to you by your wedding planner or the person in charge for catering. Finger foods will allow you to serve drinks with the starters. Make sure you keep enough disposable plates and napkins on the table while serving finger foods.

Food Stations: If you are not happy with food stations, call them food corners or food hubs but you must have them at your wedding. Most of the weddings serve one lavish meal to the guests. A food station can serve this in a better managed way if you have a buffet style dinner. This will allow your guests to pick and choose their favorite delicacies and enjoy the meal more. You can have multiple food stations for salads, desserts, cheese, starters, frozen yogurt and ice creams. The kids are fond of such food. Hence, this will make them happier and make it less messy for you.

Cultural Foods: Guests attending your wedding will keep talking about the food you serve. But don’t expect each and every guest to have a full course meal. There would be people who might not be very hungry and might only want to have some dessert like a small piece of cake. Some night be fond of non vegetarian items and would only gorge on fish and chicken. Keep arrays of delicacies keeping in mind the fact that taste buds of your guests will differ from one another. Asian and Mediterranean food items are loved by many guests during a wedding. Their spicy delicacies would keep lingering in the mouth longer after the food is consumed.

Mini Meal: Have you thought of serving a mini meal before serving the main meal. Stuffs like dumplings, cupcakes and sliders are popular among guests of all age group starting from kids to adults. A small bite before the meal is served would be loved by all. A recent study has shown that more and more wedding planners are getting orders for caterers who can serve hors d’oeuvres instead of large meals.


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Touch of Romance – Lavish Dulhan Magazine

Touch of Romance – Lavish Dulhan Magazine

The concept of the photo shoot was derived from the idea that love is purely innocent. It’s all too common to see the same floral bouquets, the same colour schemes, and the same decorations set out. We wanted to demonstrate the class and beauty every wedding should have through the designing and styling of elements like the flowers, décor, cake, makeup, and accessories. All the colours used were light and muted, to keep everything looking natural and organic. The softness was maintained in the use.

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Aamer Kapadia Photography
Curly Girl Flowers

Classic Country Theme – Kismet Magazine

Classic Country 

This Look Combines lemons and lace for a Charming country Wedding design. There’s no need to say “I-do” on a farm ,When you can bring the brightness and charm straight to the table with this look.

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