Bright and Colorful Wedding

Bright and Colorful Wedding

Color is the new buzzword for wedding in 2012. Everything from red cherry and lime, coral and grey, hot pink and black or white, mocha with soft pinks, light blue and aqua, and a mixture of oranges – brides and grooms all over Canada are demanding colors in their wedding. And the fun part is that you can never go wrong with colors. It adds life to your wedding. I suggest don’t get too much into the planning part of it. Hire a wedding planner, brief him about what you want and take a back seat.

From lights, flowers, table tops, and even the wedding dresses – if you make it colorful, it would look exceptionally unusual. How about a 1940′s Stork Club theme with basic colors as black and white and a combination of splashes of orange, red, blue, yellow, purple, green etc? One of the most important parts of a wedding venue decoration is choosing the right colors that would match with the season, wedding theme and would not exceed your budget.

When it comes to wedding one simply can’t do without colors. The combination of colors reflects your creativity and imagination. Therefore the planning needs to begin from an early stage. Every aspect, every corner of your wedding venue needs to be decorated will and must reflect colors. From flowers to wedding gown, from table tops to streamers, from invitation to accents – make sure all elements are properly aligned.

For the past few years the bridesmaids’ gowns have either been white or black or a simple combination of both. But recently in 2012 the trend has majorly changed moving into more colorful fabrics. Tiffany blue has been opted by many who got wedded in early 2012. Even shaded of orange has been immensely popular this year.

Here are some of the color combinations that would dominate wedding decorations in 2012:

  • Pink and Green: Many consider pink to be a girlish color. But the best part of this color is that it can turn your wedding venue into really glamorous one. Add some splashes of green to it and it can turn into a more elegant and soothing yet flirty look. If you are planning to tie your knots this summer, then go for lime green and a bright pink combination. Make use of the mother nature’s greenery with hanging laces and streamers in pink.
  • Yellow and Blue: A perfect combination for the summer. Make the base color blue so that it gives a much soothing ambience with combination of yellow roses and other decorative.